Saturday, July 28, 2012


I have had a few.  When I have a goal in mind and set my sights on it..and then to face one interruption after another makes for a day when I don’t get much done..let’s just say I will ignore the phone at home and let the machine get it..but at work it must be answered.

What kind of cooking and heating stoves did the CCC use?  Who built the big house on the north side of the road on the west side of town that had a grand staircase?  When was Long Lake three potholes?  All great questions but I have no answers..but I may after doing some research.

A broken bench (juveniles horsing around).. and a ceiling tile on the floor greeted me at work (normal wear and tear in an old building)..and lost people looking for each other..and a missing board member…and heat.  Far Guy and Chance fixed the bench and repaired the ceiling…luckily they were in town scouting out garage sales and got put to work.

Top it all off with people not reading the informative emails I have sent them..have a the email…want me to read it to you?  I am sick and tired and sweaty..I used to have patience but it is waning fast. 

Nine weeks left..45 days…not that I am counting or anything.

Yesterday I had some squealing girls and boys about 15 years old in the building who knew the Gus the Ghost Story. They wanted to know if the place was really haunted..the girls squealed and the boys just smiled.  I had to remind them not to run in the building. They left a donation of 82 cents.  Oh well 82 cents is 82 cents.

Double Rudbeckia

9PM Friday Night: How about those Olympics..?  I am trying to watch the Opening Ceremony..but the commercials ( talk about interruptions) seem to outnumber the live far I am not impressed…I may turn the channel soon.  :(

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  1. Wow. You are a gem. They will be sorry if you decide to leave.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh Connie, I feel bad your week was so disruptive. I think its the heat, it seems everyone I encounter is out of sorts. Eight-two cents.......really?

  3. I know I get grumpy when it's hot. It seems like just yesterday you were freezing in there. Is there ever a time when it's perfect at the museum? :-)

  4. I remember in the years past when the Central School in Grand Rapids had window air conditioners hanging out of some of their windows. I am trying to politely say, what is the problem with the citizens of Park Rapid? Somehow a couple of units would take the humidity down and I do know the Minnesota has plenty of it. A public building should receive some funding from the public funds for such a thing. I will stop now. Old buildings do require continue work with floors and ceilings. Far Guy will have to keep tools in the truck at all time. Sunday is coming.

  5. Combine the heat, the public, and a 'to do' list that begs completion and it can definitely wear on a person. Your museum board should be thankful you have Far Guy cuz he is a bonus to them - - and you, too. He is probably your best and most reliable volunteer. I pray his face is still doing well since his last injection - - and guess his dry sockets should be about healed. You may have mentioned it but as usual, I am behind in reading again. The Olympics - - - I told my daughter, I turned off the TV at the letter "N" during the Parade of Athletes. I was too tired to continue.

  6. I am sorry this week has been tough on you. I hope things are better this week.

  7. Hmmm. A curious person. Who does't like mundane interruptions. That must be why I've always liked Connies blogs.
    Want some Tiger Lilies? They multiply like crazy here and I've got a zillion... :)

  8. Yeah, how about that opening ceremony? Well...our family did hold on til the bitter end. I got way more than the minimum daily requirement of television commercials--for the whole next year! ;) find out the network censored out a beautiful and meaningful section of the actual ceremony because it was faith based. Must have been for one of those commercials, too....

  9. Interruptions can go both ways. They can drive us crazy or else we plan our day to take the interruptions into account.
    An organization like your museum just needs someone like you who will naturally push to get things done.

  10. Oh, I understand the interruption thing. I think my ability to get back on track has changed with age.
    We are at a campground. The TV connection looks like there is a terrible blizzard between us and the UK - well, I guess it could be. I bet some folks would actually welcome it!

  11. Yes, interruptions are the bane of productivity! I used to feel the same way when I was working. I would love that job though and living where you do surrounded by family and friends....from here it looks great! And I like to stay "in" in the Winter so perfect for me! Maybe I should move there and become your asistant for free!


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