Saturday, April 30, 2011

All for the birds

Far Guy has been hearing the Loons since Wednesday the 27th of April. I have not heard them was way too windy to hear anything yesterday except for the wind rushing through the barren trees.

Our acquaintance Larry has the Loon Cam up and running again. I put up a link off to the left of my blog. The Loons are building a nest in preparation for laying the eggs!

Here are a few birds that are in our yard this week.

Downey Woodpecker

A Downey Woodpecker

A Female Cardinal

A female Cardinal!!  We were both very excited to see her, our neighbors have been reporting that they have Cardinals..we have never had one in our yard it was quite an event! 


This is one of our new feeders..the Downey Woodpecker likes to hang on it upside down.


We fill this feeder almost everyday, some of the seeds end up on the ground for the Juncos and the fat squirrel. I have been noticing some fresh rabbit we are feeding the entire neighborhood.

Pine Siskin

This is a very happy Pine Siskin. They arrived last weekend along with the Purple Finches.

Far Guy put up another bird bath so that the birds would have more fresh water..they like to drink water out of Chances Coffee Can..and of course Chance shares.

We enjoy watching the birds especially this time of year when the bird populations change so much.  We still have Juncos, Nuthatches and Chickadees visiting the feeders:)

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Thinking about May Day

Are you thinking about May Day?  Are you thinking about making a small basket to deliver to a small child or an elderly neighbor?  You still have time..May Day is Sunday.

This is how I made mine this year.IMG_2622

I cut some fancy strips on my 12 inch wavy pattern, that is the red round cutter in the background.


Then you flip flop one over the other so it looks like a braided handle…sometimes they curl up on you are are hard to photograph.


This one didn’t curl..and looky that I have half of a circle…to make a cone!!


I stapled my cone on the seam.

IMG_2638 Then added my braided handles and stapled them again..and then I filled them with half price Easter Candy!

IMG_2646 There I am all ready for May Day are you?  It’s ok you still have time..cups and pipe cleaners make May Baskets too..or just plain old plastic is the thought that counts. My old cake pan is full and waiting for the deliveries on Sunday. I have 8 small children that might be waiting for their baskets.

I have been celebrating May Day since I was just a little girl. It is almost a forgotten tradition. I hope it gains in popularity.

Make a basket, hang it on the door knob or set it near the door, knock on the door or ring the bell..and run away so you are not caught and kissed:)

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

April 29th on the 28th

Thirty-one years ago tomorrow my first nephew, Josh was born. I was so excited to be an Aunt for the very first time. He still calls me Auntie and freely gives hugs, he lives next door.
Cindy and Josh
“She who sees robins first” and Josh
It was “she who sees robins” birthday yesterday..I won’t divulge how old she is..but she was nineteen when she birthed Josh.  I took this photo earlier in the month at an open house at Station Number Two..Josh was walking around talking to little kids..showing them what a fireman looks and sounds like in an self-contained breathing apparatus. He did scare a few children.  Small children have been known to hide from firemen during a fire, because they were afraid..and firemen look and sound scary.
Mason I snagged this photo of Mason( Josh's son) that day was one day after he turned six.  He invited us to his birthday party.  I asked him what he would like for a gift..truly a gentleman he replied “I will like what ever you pick out.”  I asked again and he replied “A Transformers Movie” ..well ok what if I cannot find it what other movies would he ..yes. We found a Transformers Movie and just for good measure Where The Red Fern Grows one of my favorites.  The best present he got at his party was a giant gallon jar of pickles..he was just thrilled! He kept all of his requests straight and never asked for the same gift twice..impressive for a six year old. He got some water guns that Far Guy and I were both coveting..super blasters…we were both thinking what a fun thing to use with Chance!

I am not sure if I reminded you to change the batteries in your smoke alarm when we went to daylight saving time.  If you didn’t replace them..put it on your list of things to do.  I made Far Guy do it..he would like to eek out every little bit of juice from a battery and wait for the smoke alarm to start going beep-beep..not me..replace them:)
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wistful Wednesday: 1884

In 1884 my Great Grandfather was Confirmed.

Christian Drewes Confirmation

This beautiful old document is dated April 06, 1884 in Walcottsville, NY.  My Great Grandpa was born in Germany on March 20, 1870 his birth name was Christian Higher.  He did not stay with his birth parents.  He became part of the Drewes family sometime before 1884, from then on he was known as Christian Friedrich Drewes. Was he adopted or just taken in..I am not sure.

He came from Germany when he was twelve years old (1882).  He told my Mother that he was on a ship for a really long time and he saw lots of rats.

I always knew he was in New York for awhile..I always assumed he must have been in New York City or that area.  What a surprise for me to find out that on his Confirmation Certificate it says Walcottsville, NY which is near Buffalo NY.

He was a logger and also worked in the CCC camps. He was crippled with rheumatoid arthritis.

Christian Drewes

He used a chair with wheels on it to scoot around. He died before I was born. I do know that my Great Grandmother was devoted to him, she took care of his every need for many years.

Christian and Hatwig Drewes 1944 Christian and Hatwig Drewes

This photo was taken in April of 1944 more than likely Easter Sunday April 09, 1944.  I looked really closely at the calendar.. I couldn’t figure out the photo on the calendar for the longest is an Empty Tomb.. and the Good Friday and Easter Sunday are highlighted.  Oh ya it was almost 2:30 in the afternoon. This is one of the very few photos of my Great Grandparents Drewes together:)

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What’s on my desk?

This may be a new feature. I will be heading off to work exactly one week from today. Trading desks so to speak.

I have had a tour, I have been called on several occasions to “handle” some things. I now have my very own key and code to the alarm system. ( I practically had to sign away my first born child..but it was accomplished.)

Far Guy was so impressed he said he would like to work at the Historical Society Museum too.  I think he may just be my newest volunteer. I have no idea how I am going to recruit more volunteers and members. I am supposed to be thinking about that as many of the members and volunteers are silver hairs and just a few are kicking the bucket.

As with any non profit organization, they are always seeking ways to raise funds. Other than having an old fashioned Lunch Box auction, I am not sure of what I should suggest. I have thought about an old fashioned “Homemade Ice Cream Social.” I have lots of ideas running through my head. It should be something that conjures up a memory or a discussion about simpler times long ago.  Any ideas for me?

There is a fundraising dinner and silent auction scheduled for mid June..I will be “working” the room trying to drum up some new volunteers.  I am not cooking..I already told them I don’t write Grants and I don’t bake or cook.

I have not fundraised for many years..not since I made the rounds to many local organizations seeking funds for the local volunteer fire department to buy equipment. 

Next week I will be working on an advertizing brochure and a self tour pamphlet (for people who don’t want me to escort them around talking their ears off) and thinking about the newsletter I am supposed to be writing..and most likely wondering what in the world I have gotten myself into. Oh ya, and being interviewed, I would like to pass that one up..but I do want to have the Historical Society Museums blog up and running by then..and perhaps that is a great way to reach people…IF I can get them to feature it as a link in the local online Newspaper.

Now what is on my desk at home..

IMG_2535  I finished a few Cottonwood Bark Carvings.  Hopefully I will be mailing two of them off to the snow stick winners today.  The rest are all set to go..well they still need a display board.  The North Country Museum of the Arts is featuring Wood Carvers for an entire month this summer. Some of my bark carvings will be on display there.

IMG_2531 Each one is a little two pieces of bark speak the same to me:)

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Time for a bath!

On Saturday afternoon we had a puddle in the driveway.

Junco in a mud puddle

This little Junco must have been having a Saturday bath.  Maybe his first bath in a very long time.

Junco bathing alone

Far Guy, Chance and I  watched as the water flew.

junco and Purple Finch

Wanna share your puddle?

Junco splashing

I suppose is a little shower for ya!

This little guy put on a show, we laughed..what great entertainment on a Saturday afternoon! The little Junco had quite a bath..and he did not relinquish his spot until he was good and ready.

Stand firm..even when other birds want to join you in your water hole.

Sunday morning the puddle had dried take advantage of every puddle in your path:)

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday


Far Guy, Chance and I wish you all a wonderful Easter Sunday:)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spirit Lake

Chance and I visited Spirit Lake while we were waiting for Far Guy to get done at the Dentist.  As you can tell it was another sunshiny warm day..awe come on use your imagination.


Spirit Lake is right in town, so Chance stayed on the leash. The lake is only open around the edges.  It is mostly frozen.  It is going to be a late “ice out” this year. Maybe it will be gone for the big fishing opener weekend in May…and maybe not.  


No one is swimming at the sugar sand beach. Not even any ducks.


No one is on the public was way too windy and cold. Here you can see how the ice turns dark during the melting process.

Far Guy and I like the same Dental Hygienist, so we always schedule back to back appointments.  There was very little sunshine that day so Chance went along.  Far Guy walked him down to the bakery and bought some Flat Bread.  Chance loves the smells inside the bakery.  The bakery in Menahga is probably the best little bakery in all of Minnesota!

Our checkups went well and no one has any cavities!

The Antique Shop is not open during the winter, I drove into the parking lot and made sure they were closed..they were. Chance and I drove around aimlessly looking for has not come to Menahga yet.

IMG_2461 While we waited it rained, and it snowed..big huge flakes and the wind blew.  The weather was changing every few minutes. Just another non spring kinda day:(

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Chance: Birds and Squirrels

It is I,  Chance the handsome blogging Border Collie.  I had to chase Far Side away from the keyboard again..

This is part of my yard.  It is my area to patrol.  I keep one very chunky squirrel on the move.  He likes to eat the birds seed.

April 20 Snow in the air Far Sides stupid Day Lilies are up.  Now she hollers stay out of the “garden” ..huh.. I forget all about gardens when I am hot on the trail of a squirrel.

Chance and the snow April 20 

I am the perfect backdrop for snowflakes. There has been snow in the air everyday this week.  There is an old wives tale that says “It must snow three times on the tail of the robins before spring truly arrives.”  That old wife is in big trouble with Far Side.

Far Side ran onto another legend about the Robin:

Legend has it that it got its distinctive red breast when it tried to pull the bloody thorns from Christ's head as he hung on the cross.


I don’t chase birds..especially legendary birds..Border Collies are not bird dogs.  Right now I am sharing my yard with Juncos, Purple Finches, Chickadees, Nuthatches, an occasional Robin and a Downey Woodpecker.  Far Side calls the Juncos snowbirds..soon they will be out of here.  I watch the birds come and go..and keep one eye out for that bird seed stealing squirrel:)

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I like crocs and the croc knockoffs.  I began to wear them after years in the greenhouse with “swim shoes” that would have to be kept outside because they smelled so bad…no amount of foot powder would help them out. I had three pair of swim shoes that I rotated throughout the day.  Then my daughter Jen gave me a pair of red croc like shoes.  Crocs served a good purpose for me, they were cool, comfortable and I could get them wet a hundred times a day and they never smelled bad. I was sold..out went the rotting swim shoes.

Old Red crocs My most favorite old red croc knock offs, they are MANY years old. I need to spiff them up a bit for summer..they are easily cleaned up and rinsed off.

I have one foot that is not is longer than the other and it has no ankle joint to speak moves bone on bone and has been that way well over thirty years ( long story ..shit happens)  I need comfortable shoes..I cannot tolerate a shoe that pinches my longer toes or touches my big toe.  Crocs give me the freedom to continue spoiling my foot and keep me from getting real cranky. I must have a flat shoe..forget anything with a heel. I am flat footed..I am not sure that I have arches..I do not need to support anything important..I just need comfort..and crocs work for me.  I do have a pair of hiking boots that I have had for years…I wear them if I am out walking on uneven ground.

Pink Crocs

Do I wear socks with my crocs..yes some days I do.  My best friend Susan brought me these the other need for socks with these pretty pink ones! Black Knock offs Basic black to go with almost everything. These were a Christmas Gift from Jen.

newest brown crocs

And these are my new brown crocs..from Cabelas. I think they are so cute..brown is the new black at least that is what my daughters say.

I know, I know..plastic shoes..I am supporting foreign countries.  I am single handedly filling up the landfills..but I have not thrown any of these “plastic” shoes away yet..and if I ever find any just like my favorite red ones at a garage sale you can bet that they will be going home with me.

Until I find a Cobbler to make me a custom pair of shoes I will be wearing crocs and croc knock offs…if my feet could smile they would:)

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wistful Wednesday: Easter 1980

I looked through my old photos searching for a photo of both of the girls with an Easter basket.  I found some very sad dark looking photos. I was not a very good photographer back then.

Easter 1980

There wasn’t much I could do to the photo to make it any better. Jennifer is on the left she would have been 4 1/2 and Trica would have been 8. 

Since Jennifer was brought home to this trailer house ( mobile home) in Moorhead, Minnesota after she was born, I will describe the living room.  You walked in from outside directly into the living had two large windows and one very small coat closet.  The carpeting was several shades of green and white shag.  The furniture was another shade of avocado green…lovely.  Behind Jen is an old rocker that we recovered…it was Grandma H’s ( Far Guys Grandma..the girls Great used to be burgundy and had an oval crochet rug in the seat cushion).  Oh the paneling, dark and oppressive. That “work of art” hanging in the background was a sheet of plywood that had a poster glued to it..a poster of a mountain and a lake in the Fall of the year someplace out west.  The curtains were beige..there is a plant stand off to the left..there was Swedish Ivy, Wandering Jews and Spider Plants in the south window.  There is a huge TV pillow on the floor was Trica’s. The TV is no doubt in the corner..I have no idea why I had a table lamp and a hanging lamp in the corner.  What you cannot a red brick fireplace along the south wall..we ripped out the bar and put in a fireplace..wood burning. Probably not the smartest thing we have ever done in our lives..but it kept the heat bill down.

Jen is wearing the same little blue dress that she wore for her Uncle Jody’s and Auntie Cindy’s wedding the previous December.  Trica has a new Easter dress, white with little blue flowers and green leaves. Back then a new Easter dress was a big deal, sometimes you got a new one, sometimes you had to make do if an old dress fit you and it was not in the budget, sometimes you might even have to wear a hand me down:)

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Oh Spring where are you?

Spring where have you gone?  Are you stuck under a snow bank fast asleep?  Did you drown in the ice covered lakes?


Did you follow that watery path to the center of the lake? Are you just sitting there waiting for the lake to melt around you?


Chance thinks that Spring is stuck under the ice on Height of Land Lake.

Mr. Spring..I just thought that I would let you know you have pissed off some of the shivering snowbirds that have just returned from golfing the entire winter away down south. They are really unhappy with you..if I were you I would keep on hiding until you are ready to come out and stay out:)

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Birthday Girls

April is birthday month at our oldest daughters house.

Paige’s birthday was earlier in the month ..she is twelve now.

Paige April 2011 Paige

Maddie’s birthday was of those milestones..thirteen.

Maddie April 2011 Madison

Trica’s birthday is today..she is 39.  It seems like only last month that she was having colic and kept me awake for six months…and only yesterday that she was a teenager herself.

Now she is the Mother of girls 14, 13 and 12..and I smile…and think about teenage shenanigans..and I smile again:) 

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