Sunday, April 10, 2011

Canada Goose

"One swallow does not make a summer, but one skein of geese, cleaving the murk of a March thaw, is the spring."
Aldo Leopold

I am not sure if the river in town stayed open enough for the Canada Geese to stay all winter.  I know that they were fed everyday this spring.  If they are feed everyday they then become resident geese and not migratory geese. It is usually lack of open water and lack of a food source that drive them south.  The Canada Goose can be found in all of the lower 48 states at one time or another during the year.


Did you know that a flock of 50 Canada Geese can poop two and a half tons a year?  Now that is a pile of poop.

When we lived at the resort the four dogs (Shelties) kept them off in the water, if not I ended up down there with a rake and a shovel cleaning up after them.

My sister had so many when she and her former husband lived at Seney National Wildlife Refuge in the UP of Michigan that she had a sign on the outside of her door that said “Goose Poop Remove Your Shoes.”


I have always liked the Canada Goose..they mate for life.  They are very loyal to their group and will usually return to the same area where they were born.  Last years young stays to help the parents raise the new is a group effort.

I saw a small flock at the Dead Beaver Area a number of years ago.  When I stopped to watch them they surrounded the chicks. People could learn much from wild creatures if they just took the time to watch.


There is one loud mouth in every group.. the continual honking must drive the neighbors nuts..oh well if you live on the river..then you have to put up with the residents:)


  1. I like the Canada geese myself, but they sure can be pests in some areas. In town here they have dogs working the park to keep the geese off the grass areas, because, as you know they make one heck of a mess.
    I think I like them best when I see them honking and flying overhead:)

  2. I believe they can poop a ton or two. I have seen it in my daughter's yard and I have walked in it too. Her pond is filled with the honkers. In spite of the poop, I really enjoy them. Riley wants to herd them when we visit.

  3. They are pretty to see fly overhead, but you are so right...They are the dirtiest critters. We used to live next to a park with a small lake and those birds were yucky. Beautiful above... though...

  4. The area around Ocean Lake provides nesting sites and plenty of food, so the flocks are pretty consistent. Though they are residents, they are still amazing creatures. Few things stir my heart like hearing and seeing the honkers flying overhead.

    My mother raised geese and occasionally a Canadian would try to lure one or more away, only giving up when he realized none of them could fly.

  5. I'm guessing their poop serves a useful ecological purpose. I like that they mate for life and hang together.

  6. I like geese from a distance....I had a nesting pair chase me and my horse right outta Dodge once.....they're scary AND poopy! We've got some back here crashing through the ice in the mornings.......hilarious to watch.

  7. I like to look at the Canada Geese -- they are pretty BUT I wish they'd keep migrating and not stay here. There's a big lake at my mother's nursing home, where swans lived for years. Then the geese arrived, and what a mess they make! There are now hundreds of them! Each spring we watch the new babies waddling after Mom and Pop, and it's so cute. BUT they don't leave, so each year the population increases and more pooh is added to the grounds! They have diplomatic immunity -- you can't do anything to get rid of them. So, I'm not really a fan...

  8. I've never been close enough to a flock to be inconvenienced by the poop, but that is quite enough to make a mess!

  9. Good looking flock of Canadians there. They are handsome birds and, as you say they're to be admired for their care of family and loyalty.

    But they DO leave much poop in their wake. There was a flock that developed by the waterfall in the next town along the bike path by the river that turned the place into a barnyard. Then one day they were mostly gone. I think the city fathers voted a "relocation."

  10. Very nice pictures. We have a bunch of Canada geese here too. :)

    Thanks for the comment on my biking post. Storm has torn her pad on pavement before but it was because of a sudden stop by accident. I watch for limping, but I didn't even think to check the pads after every run. I'll start doing that. I don't really have any place that isn't paved to take them unfortunately. :( I'll keep a close eye on it and if they seem tender I'll go back to walking only. Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Awesome photos.
    In some parts of Canada they had to many and had to ship them other places to keep the population down as they can be very aggresive and nasty if to many are in the same area, and poop! well us Canadaians here know all about Canadian Goose poop ! Have a great day.

  12. First I love the picture of Chance with the yellow ball - - - looks like summer sunshine - - - and the snow in the background - - - a good contrast and a happy shot.

    I like the geese, too but am glad we don't have them in our neighborhood. We do have them behind our church and this summer might be the year we get aggravated with the droppings.

  13. We don't live on the river, but a few miles away (from the St. Clair River in Michigan). The goose poop is a common complaint to the people who walk and fish along the river. But I do like to watch the geese.

  14. They of course being Canadian, are me favorite goose.

    We have a nesting pair that stops by every spring and hangs out on the roof. They also just happen to be hanging out above the front door, just 3 stories below. Talk about doorbells, every time some one comes or goes we hear them honking, they are territorial. That's the good part, the bad part is they start at 4 am.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  15. Oh gosh, look at my spelling error. I meant to say they are MY favorite goose.



  16. Canada geese are definately a mixed blessing. I like to watch them with their families.

    For Tom and me, the bird that means spring is the red-winged backbird. We went birding at Lake Erie a week ago and we even saw a couple females. They arrive after the males.

    Robins don't mean spring to us. There are a few here all year around.

    In Hinckley, Ohio, the bird that means spring is the buzzard, actually the turkey vulture. Some year I would like to go to the big festival the area has around March 17, the official day when they arrive. I guess people close their eyes if any arrive early. I never heard of them arriving late.

  17. Very glad to hear your snow is gone. Ours has been gone for a while. We still could get a few flurries.

  18. They are THERE! I always miss them after they leave and rejoice when they come back in the fall. Now that you have them Spring is really there for you!


  19. I love it when the geese come back to the lake... for then it is truly spring. (Our lake is still iced over so no sign of them yet...)


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