Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What’s on my desk?

This may be a new feature. I will be heading off to work exactly one week from today. Trading desks so to speak.

I have had a tour, I have been called on several occasions to “handle” some things. I now have my very own key and code to the alarm system. ( I practically had to sign away my first born child..but it was accomplished.)

Far Guy was so impressed he said he would like to work at the Historical Society Museum too.  I think he may just be my newest volunteer. I have no idea how I am going to recruit more volunteers and members. I am supposed to be thinking about that as many of the members and volunteers are silver hairs and just a few are kicking the bucket.

As with any non profit organization, they are always seeking ways to raise funds. Other than having an old fashioned Lunch Box auction, I am not sure of what I should suggest. I have thought about an old fashioned “Homemade Ice Cream Social.” I have lots of ideas running through my head. It should be something that conjures up a memory or a discussion about simpler times long ago.  Any ideas for me?

There is a fundraising dinner and silent auction scheduled for mid June..I will be “working” the room trying to drum up some new volunteers.  I am not cooking..I already told them I don’t write Grants and I don’t bake or cook.

I have not fundraised for many years..not since I made the rounds to many local organizations seeking funds for the local volunteer fire department to buy equipment. 

Next week I will be working on an advertizing brochure and a self tour pamphlet (for people who don’t want me to escort them around talking their ears off) and thinking about the newsletter I am supposed to be writing..and most likely wondering what in the world I have gotten myself into. Oh ya, and being interviewed, I would like to pass that one up..but I do want to have the Historical Society Museums blog up and running by then..and perhaps that is a great way to reach people…IF I can get them to feature it as a link in the local online Newspaper.

Now what is on my desk at home..

IMG_2535  I finished a few Cottonwood Bark Carvings.  Hopefully I will be mailing two of them off to the snow stick winners today.  The rest are all set to go..well they still need a display board.  The North Country Museum of the Arts is featuring Wood Carvers for an entire month this summer. Some of my bark carvings will be on display there.

IMG_2531 Each one is a little different..no two pieces of bark speak the same to me:)

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CiCi said...

You are busy in a wonderful way. Your carvings are so very good. You really do have a natural talent for carving. There will so much you will find to do for the Historical Society Museum. If I lived close I would be a volunteer.

Intense Guy said...

As it is a historical society, perhaps a reproduction of a painting or photograph of a familiar landmark could be sold as a "fund raiser"? If the image is popular - you might create an entire line (notecards and so on) to sell (err... "reward" donations - not sell! there are tax repercusions there...)

In New York City, I've heard of them rasing funds by sponsoring sleepovers (spend the night at the museum) events - crazy huh? :)

LindaG said...

Sometimes organizations here (like churches and wildlife care centers, etc) take donations for a 'yard' sale to raise funds.
In the summer, many places have fish frys and bbq plates. Maybe you can find an organization (or another member) to do the cooking for you. (These places sell at $5-$10 a plate, depending on what they are cooking.
Maybe the artists doing exhibits would be willing to sell their creations and donate a percentage for using the museum to show their work?
Sorry none of these are 'old fashioned'. Not good at this stuff.

Good luck though. I hope something will work out for you!

Country Gal said...

Your carvings are beautiful !
Have an art exhibit with the local artists in your area, hold penny sales, craft shows this is how they used to make money back in the day , like local markets of farmers products and the ladies of the house would either have bake sales, craft shows art shows it all dirived from the olden days for them to make money and get the communitys together ! Have a great day and good luck with the job I'm sure it will go wonderfully for you !

Country Gal said...

It also was how volenteering was created at these events.

West Side of Straight said...

These carvings are so cute! It is thundering here, possible rain! They need it again. On the plane tomorrow. See you soon ! Boy, you're going to be busy now! Good Luck, jo

DJan said...

Your carvings are so interesting, Connie! And yes, you are one of the busiest people I know. Reminds me of that old saying that if you want something done, find a busy person!

Anonymous said...

Hi really nice carvings. Thinking about the volunteering will call to find out the details

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

I love your bark cottages. How did you learn to do them?

Another money idea are raffles.

My mother was one of the founding members of their town's historical association. The quarterly newsletter highligts a new person each printing. (The Memory Lane Gazette) There are always relatives of that person to interview. They had other volunteers that write of other memories as well ads to sell. It is part of the membership dues and does sell to non-members too.

I've also seen members plant a herb garden on the property and a Master Gardener offer herb classes for a fee to raise $ too.

I'm sure you will love it doing this.

Intense Guy said...

Ever see those "engraved" bricks with peoples names on them? Sponsor a brick? Make a walkway or display for them?

:) Just an idea I had on the way to work.

Nancy said...

The best way to obtain and retain volunteers to make them feel appreciated and needed. It doesn't hurt to post a thank you note on the bulletin board or slip a note and small token (a couple of Hersey Kisses) in their locker or on the break table. They'll tell their friends, and you will end up with more helpers. Kindness and Gratitude never fail.

Karen said...

Lovely little carvings.
Most of my ideas for fundraising have already been mentioned.
Another version of the yard sale idea is a 'tailgate sale'. Charge a reasonable fee, and people are allowed to set up on a given date in your parking lot or wherever to sell their own items out of the back of their truck or car.
Good luck, I'm sure you'll make a good job of it all:)

Patsy said...

That's it Far Guy could volunteer and tell people what fun wood carving is , for the whole month.

Linda said...

If you can find a few ladies (and maybe men??) who would be willing to make a quilt, you could auction the quilt.

Chinese auctions are fun.

Bake sale set up at the facility or in front of Walmart.

Car wash.

Good luck.

Jennifer said...

Before school is out you should put a call in for help from the high school. Anyone who worked in study hall for the library would be great help. Many people want to help but they don't know how to go about volunteering or what opportunities are available. I can send a 9 year old or a 12 year old to volunteer for you for the WHOLE summer!

troutbirder said...

My spouse has been a "volunteer" at the local Historical Society. I passed on that one. Assumption being a former high school history teacher should be interested in our small town and county. I told them I was born in St. Paul. :) Ice creams socials are good though on a hot July evening.

lisa said...

They are beautiful and your winners are very lucky!

Lynda said...

Wow - - starting work came up fast! So will your husband prepare supper for you?
The fund-raising ideas will come. Google some ideas. I like what the others have said about a craft fair or even 'garage sale' for a fee to set up.
Does the place take donations? They would be tax-deductible? People could do them in lieu of birthday/Christmas gifts, etc. And thank you notes as often as possible for everything makes people even more willing to do more. I keep a bunch of thank-you note form letters and also honoree notifications in my computer.
You are brilliant and will do well.
P.S. Perhaps you could list donations in the newsletter or on the blog or even on a bulletin board - - try to get it out in the public some way and others will want to see their name in print, too.

Maery Rose said...

Sounds like you are juggling a few balls but if anyone can pull it off, I think you can. It all sounds very interesting to me. Good luck!

Oh, yes, the carvings are beautiful! Love the individuality.

Emma Rose said...

Historical Society??? Oh no!!! I told everyone you were going to work at the Hysterical Society. Oh dear me, I am so embarrassed :)

In any case, I hope you had a blessed Easter. We partied with Lady Laura while the Duke and Duchess went North to see the Grand Children. They took Higgins with them so it was quite peaceful at the castle. :)

Emma Rose

Far Side of Fifty said...

hello Everyone..yes it just may be known as the Hysterical Society Emma Rose..how did you know that Far Guy is already calling it that?
Yes it is a non-profit organization..all donations are tax deductible, yes they take donations and have memberships.
Yes Far Guy will be doing all the cooking..especially since he likes to eat.
Thank you for all your great ideas!! You have given me lots of things to think about! :)

Linda said...

I love the carvings! The western museum in MC has a cowboy poetry gathering and huge trade show every year. Each trade show participant donates something from their table for the auction. Tickets are sold to the banquet and dance and that's when the auction is held.....its been a huge success.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

OOoooh, how darlin' are those??? You my dear, are just amazin'! Your days are gonna even bet busier...take care girl!

God bless you day! :o)

Anonymous said...

How exciting! Can't wait to hear all about your new job!

Rae said...

Your little carvings are so neat. You are a talented carver. I don't know how you manage your busy life. You always have something going on. I know you will do an excellent job at the historical society. You have so much to offer. Once you get their blog up and going, I hope you post a link to it. It will interesting seeing your work.

Connie Peterson said...

OOO! OOOO! I got my package today ... thank you VERY MUCH!!! I think, in the picture, that my cottage is in the middle of the back row. It's so beautiful and so delicate and tiny! And my name and yours on the bottom. I thank you very much. As soon as I can, I will take a picture of it and put it on my blog. I don't recall seeing any of your carvings before and I was wondering what it would be .. never imagined a lovely little wood cottage. SO cute. So, thank you AGAIN.

L. D. said...

The carvings are wonderful. I know you are going to like the new job. It will be an adventure.