Monday, April 25, 2011

Time for a bath!

On Saturday afternoon we had a puddle in the driveway.

Junco in a mud puddle

This little Junco must have been having a Saturday bath.  Maybe his first bath in a very long time.

Junco bathing alone

Far Guy, Chance and I  watched as the water flew.

junco and Purple Finch

Wanna share your puddle?

Junco splashing

I suppose is a little shower for ya!

This little guy put on a show, we laughed..what great entertainment on a Saturday afternoon! The little Junco had quite a bath..and he did not relinquish his spot until he was good and ready.

Stand firm..even when other birds want to join you in your water hole.

Sunday morning the puddle had dried take advantage of every puddle in your path:)

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  1. Wonderful photos ! Isn't nature wonderful and funny ! Awesome post. Have a great day !

  2. What a great post - so delightful! Hope this means you've had some sun.

  3. It was a long hard winter and no bathing facilities. That junco really did a good job to get the feathers clean.

  4. Lovely photos - and you don't share your bath with Just Anyone :-) Jo

  5. You sure captured that one! Great shots!

  6. Great Post and Great Photos! Just imagine waiting all winter for a bath...I would NOT share either!


  7. Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing. We have been having tons of birds at our feeder lately. More than we had all winter, I think.

  8. After all that snow and ice I bet it was having fun in the warm puddle.

  9. Love your comment about taking advantage of every puddle!
    We used to have a sprinkler system that sprayed fine bits of water. When it was dry out the birds would all come gather in the spray. We'd actually sit at the window and watch them for quite a while.
    Love your pictures!

  10. What great photos, Far Side. Thanks so much for sharing the story with us. :)

  11. I just love the pictures, and that junco did have quite a nice bath, Connie. Redhead just had to wait his turn!

  12. Great photos and a great story. Loved it!! Reminds me I could fill my birdbath, I'm sure my feathered friends would enjoy it.

  13. Thank you for following my blog on Ben and for your thoughts and prayers.


  14. I like the moral of the story. I bet you did indeed enjoy watching the fun.

  15. I love that you had your camera ready and were able to capture them before they took any flight. You can tell they are loving springtime, too!


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