Friday, April 22, 2011

Chance: Birds and Squirrels

It is I,  Chance the handsome blogging Border Collie.  I had to chase Far Side away from the keyboard again..

This is part of my yard.  It is my area to patrol.  I keep one very chunky squirrel on the move.  He likes to eat the birds seed.

April 20 Snow in the air Far Sides stupid Day Lilies are up.  Now she hollers stay out of the “garden” ..huh.. I forget all about gardens when I am hot on the trail of a squirrel.

Chance and the snow April 20 

I am the perfect backdrop for snowflakes. There has been snow in the air everyday this week.  There is an old wives tale that says “It must snow three times on the tail of the robins before spring truly arrives.”  That old wife is in big trouble with Far Side.

Far Side ran onto another legend about the Robin:

Legend has it that it got its distinctive red breast when it tried to pull the bloody thorns from Christ's head as he hung on the cross.


I don’t chase birds..especially legendary birds..Border Collies are not bird dogs.  Right now I am sharing my yard with Juncos, Purple Finches, Chickadees, Nuthatches, an occasional Robin and a Downey Woodpecker.  Far Side calls the Juncos snowbirds..soon they will be out of here.  I watch the birds come and go..and keep one eye out for that bird seed stealing squirrel:)


  1. Lovely photos.
    Today Miggy was able to be free in the yard I will post photos later.
    Our Juncos stay all year long here and we have tons of Robins around this year more then I have ever seen. Miggy and Chance both seem to be good at squirrel chasing lol. Have a wonderful day !

  2. ....and here I thought I'd heard every old wives tail. I hadn't hear the three times on a Robin's tale before.

    Tiger the Wonder Dog is obvious to the birds. The love to steal his kibbles. I but you wouldn't put up with that one second!

    Heck, I've seen Rocky the Squirrel run right by him and he didn't even bat an eye.

    Hope the Easter Bunny brings you a basket filled with new spring pastel balls and yummy doggie treats!

    Tell Far Side to have a splendid Easter weekend! :o)

  3. ah, don't feel badly, the farm tails dogs all get yelled "get out of the garden!" no matter what time of year it is! :)

  4. Nice to see a little bit of green!
    Hopefully you and the chunky squirrel are working together to get both of you fit and trim:), and you have to remember to leap those daylilies if you are chasing the squirrel that way.
    Happy Easter to you all!

  5. The old wife is in big trouble with ME too! You ought to come and help Notshy herd mice in the hay field.

  6. Those juncos usually head to my neck of the woods as soon as spring gets going. We've had them around for a couple of months now, but spring still hasn't warmed the air up much. We don't have as many snowflakes as you do, Chance. I must say you make them look good. :-)

  7. Good luck keeping those squirrels out of the bird feeders !!!
    Hope you all have a blessed Easter weekend

  8. I enjoy all the posts here. But I can't help be partial to hearing from Chance. He reminds me so much of a very favorite friend named Bingo. By the way, Bingo thought it was his charge to chase the barn swallows off the power lines that crossed the driveway. He ignored all other birds but for some reason the swallows annoyed him. Maybe because they came after him when they had babies in their nests.

  9. Hey there, Chance, Tucker here. I know what you mean about the day lilies and the garden thing. Stupid humans for planting stuff like that in our way, huh? I'm not sure what you mean by squirrels... I haven't seen one. Guess they don't live here. I like chasing the neighbor's cats. Cant' catch them, though. They are faster than me - which means they are really, really, really fast!
    Thanks for taking over the computer and sharing such great information. I love the part about the Robin. We do have those. And, it's supposed to snow tomorrow. Did I tell you that I love snow? Almost as much as tromping through gardens!

  10. Chance: I hope you get lots of doggie treats in your Easter Basket. WARNING: Don't chase the bunny away. Happy Easter to Far Side and Far Guy.

  11. Yes, those squirrels can be a real pain! Love your bird feeders! Your such a good dog Chance!

  12. Chance, you have a full time job chasing that chubby squirrel! Happy Easter to each of you!

  13. Take the next plane here. We have heaps of flowers. I went for a walk today and got more photos.

  14. Sorry to see the snow... but you do look lovely in it!

  15. Yes, Barney gets really upset when he gets yelled at for standing and tromping around in the flower bed.

  16. Chance, since you were already playing chase with squirrels, it made sense to transfer that idea to Far Side and her keyboard. Plus she needed a break from blogging to look at the flowers and count the snow storms. My brother said they had snow in mid-state NY on Thursday.

  17. Chance - only you could brighten a day with snow in it. The snow on your black coat looks nice. Riley's breeder called me yesterday and she has a Bi-black sheltie puppy. It's black and white markings make it look like a mini border collie and so handsome like you. I'm really mulling over the idea to get him.


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