Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shell Lake and River

The other day the river was still up.  We decided to go over to the lake and see how high it was..

Shell River headwaters It was high..the water was nearly to the top of those posts.  Years ago you could walk over the river here..when there was a walkway. Perhaps it was a heavy spring thaw that took out the walkway..or perhaps the State just removed it because of liability issues.

Shell River headed for the hills This is the view across the road..the river is heading for the hills.  I am sure that the river has flooded the road back there in the hills..we have not ventured back there yet…it is more than likely really muddy.

Corner April 12 2011

Here is where we pick up the river again at the corner just down the road from us.  It is going across the road..this corner always has water in it in the spring..but to have this much water is really something else.

Shell River over the road near the Stearns Farm

The river was too full and crossed the road here..

IMG_2342 Making a mini waterfalls..


I think we should call this part of the river Little Shell Lake in the spring.  We could hear the Ducks having a party back in there, they must have been celebrating their good fortune.

I am just trying to keep my head above water this has been a really busy week:)

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  1. Lots of water. Glad it isn't over here!!!

  2. We did a "water" tour yesterday and saw the same sort of somebody shook the snow globe and it's blizzarding again.

  3. Judging from the flow of water, I think it was up to the top of the posts. Wow. That's a lot of water.
    Hope it makes lots of fertile ground!

  4. Let's hope that's as high as the water gets, and that there's minimal property damage. The blue sky looks nice though:)

  5. We have a dry year and wish for rain. We have a big snow and wish for sun. We get a big runoff and realize all that water has to go SOMEWHERE. We'll probably never be satisfied. Hehe.

    The photo of Chance with the big yellow ball in your header just makes me laugh.

  6. Don't drive through the deep, running water!! It is beautiful though, isn't it??

  7. You live in such a scenic location. Looks like a perfect day for getting out and about. Sending hugs to you, Gene and Chance.

  8. Been busy for me too. Way too busy. Take care of Chance. I bet the snakes will be around the waters too. Take care Connie.

  9. No wonder they call Minnesota the land of 10,000 lakes. Looks like you can add another one to that count.

  10. Boy, the flooding all around has been pretty bad this year so far! I felt bad for the folks in North Dakota.

  11. Wow!!! Water, water everywhere!!! I've been hearin' all the reports on the news about ya'll and the Spring thaws. Your gonna need high~water~wader for the mud before it's all over.

    Take care and be safe sweetie.

    Have a fantastic day! :o)

  12. so that is where all that snow went!

  13. Ouch! On our end of the state we lucked out. No really big floods, so far... Something makes me think Shell Lake must be really good for fishing because I've heard of it. Lots of resorts too I'd guess.

  14. Lovely shot - but a lot of water!

  15. The water looks beautiful but we know it can be very dangerous in the spring! Thanks for venturing out for us.
    Too bad we couldn't save some of the excess water in the spring for the drought at the end of summer!


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