Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spirit Lake

Chance and I visited Spirit Lake while we were waiting for Far Guy to get done at the Dentist.  As you can tell it was another sunshiny warm day..awe come on use your imagination.


Spirit Lake is right in town, so Chance stayed on the leash. The lake is only open around the edges.  It is mostly frozen.  It is going to be a late “ice out” this year. Maybe it will be gone for the big fishing opener weekend in May…and maybe not.  


No one is swimming at the sugar sand beach. Not even any ducks.


No one is on the public was way too windy and cold. Here you can see how the ice turns dark during the melting process.

Far Guy and I like the same Dental Hygienist, so we always schedule back to back appointments.  There was very little sunshine that day so Chance went along.  Far Guy walked him down to the bakery and bought some Flat Bread.  Chance loves the smells inside the bakery.  The bakery in Menahga is probably the best little bakery in all of Minnesota!

Our checkups went well and no one has any cavities!

The Antique Shop is not open during the winter, I drove into the parking lot and made sure they were closed..they were. Chance and I drove around aimlessly looking for has not come to Menahga yet.

IMG_2461 While we waited it rained, and it snowed..big huge flakes and the wind blew.  The weather was changing every few minutes. Just another non spring kinda day:(

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Gail said...

Oh, my goodness! Is spring every gonna reach you??

Good news about the check ups even if it was cold and snowy and freezing.

LindaG said...

Think positive, Far Side. It has to show up soon!

Leenie said...

I ache for spring with you. Five or six kinds of weather in one day and none of it sun. Wonderful that you have the best bakery. That is a prize to relish.

Country Gal said...

Will it ever be spring there for you ? I hope so ! Today it was sunny and 70 with cool winds a perfect day !
Love your photos ! Have a wonderful Easter, not to many easter treats or next time the dentist will see a cavity hahaha !

Barbara said...

looks way to cold to be swimming, our Goldie swims all year long, even when it is real cold, she loves the water, hugs Barbara

Linda said...

Just plain depressing ain't it!

Anonymous said...

Oh my - that looks so cold and wintry still! Sounds like us some years... Here's hoping spring comes - and FAST!

L. D. said...

A true antiquer stands at the window with their nose on the glass and wishes they were not opened 24 hours a day and every single day of the year.
The flat bread sounded good.

L. D. said...

Wonders why they are not opened ...........sorry.

Lynda said...

But the best news - - - even with the cold and some ice still on the water - - - it is not snowing! Does the ice get dark because as it gets thinner, it shows some of the water underneath?
Good deal on the checkups! That's one to put in the thankful files for this year!

Becca's Dirt said...

Connie have ya'll done something and pissed off spring. It has to come soon. I mean ya'll have had enough of the white stuff. I know Chance is wanting to go swimming. Have a nice day and I'm sending you some warmer temps. Let me know if/when they arrive. LOL

Lanny said...

I was so excited this year that Easter was going to be late, one day short of the latest day it could be, I was looking forward to a nice warm sunny Easter, or at least warm. Arrgh March Easters are warmer and sunnier! I'm sorry you folks are cold and dreary as well. This Misery does not appreciate company!

Maery Rose said...

I just noticed you have a label "Minnesota weather sucks". Are we a mite frustrated? The wind has picked up and it has an unbelievably icy feeling. Maybe we will actually get that snow tonight that I've been scoffing at.