Saturday, April 30, 2011

All for the birds

Far Guy has been hearing the Loons since Wednesday the 27th of April. I have not heard them was way too windy to hear anything yesterday except for the wind rushing through the barren trees.

Our acquaintance Larry has the Loon Cam up and running again. I put up a link off to the left of my blog. The Loons are building a nest in preparation for laying the eggs!

Here are a few birds that are in our yard this week.

Downey Woodpecker

A Downey Woodpecker

A Female Cardinal

A female Cardinal!!  We were both very excited to see her, our neighbors have been reporting that they have Cardinals..we have never had one in our yard it was quite an event! 


This is one of our new feeders..the Downey Woodpecker likes to hang on it upside down.


We fill this feeder almost everyday, some of the seeds end up on the ground for the Juncos and the fat squirrel. I have been noticing some fresh rabbit we are feeding the entire neighborhood.

Pine Siskin

This is a very happy Pine Siskin. They arrived last weekend along with the Purple Finches.

Far Guy put up another bird bath so that the birds would have more fresh water..they like to drink water out of Chances Coffee Can..and of course Chance shares.

We enjoy watching the birds especially this time of year when the bird populations change so much.  We still have Juncos, Nuthatches and Chickadees visiting the feeders:)

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Anonymous said...

The loons are so pretty; Shelley in MI also loves to watch the loons. Congrats on the female Cardinal! We don't have as big a variety of birds since we moved to a more congested area but the chickadees and mourning doves are plentiful and guess what? NO SQUIRRELS HERE! yeah!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful shots! It's amazing what fun it can be watching birds at a feeder. Oh, the simple pleasures of life!

Country Gal said...

I love the sound of a Loon echoing on the water. Wonderful photos. Have a great weekend!

DJan said...

I also have all those birds (siskins, chickadees, nuthatches, woodpeckers) along with goldfinch, northern flickers, and sparrows, lots of 'em! Love your shot of the downy. Saw a hairy woodpecker on the Thursday hike.

Linda said...

We're seeing more and more songbirds arriving. I just have too many magpies nesting in my yard though.

Emma Rose said...

It is amazing how different the birds are in different parts of the country. I've never seen a pretty Woodpecker like that. Our Woodpeckers have bright red heads and long pointed beaks. They like to bang on metal gates and make a huge racket!

Emma Rose

Patsy said...

Thanks for doing the web cam so we can check when we come for a visit to your post. I like the new feeder.

Gail said...

Wonderful shots, you have many birds we do not have.

West Side of Straight said...

We've got birds in the bluebird houses. Haven't gotten close enough to tell if they're bluebirds. Hope so.
Odda better today too. Gets up and around, and then rests awhile.

Laura said...

We've still been getting a lot of birds - Downy Woodpecker, Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal, Red-bellied Woodpecker, lots of Chickadees, Titmouses, Juncos, Nuthatches, and Finches. In the spring, I always am anxious for the return of the little House Wren. I love to listen to them singing early in the morning!
We get Loons on the lake in northern Michigan where my husband's family has a cabin. We never get up there in the summer anymore. I miss seeing the babies. A couple of years ago, there were Swans on the lake. They played with our dog and ate out of my hand! Apparently the year-round neighbor had been feeding them. My husband worried that it wasn't good for them. It sure was neat!

Lynda said...

I remember the Loon nest from last year. Someone has a bald-eagle cam at the very NW of the US, too if I remember correctly.
So does Chance just bird-watch, too or does he encourage them to play chase with him?

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

I love that ball feeder. I've never seen anything like it. This winter I had 4 female cardinals and 1 male on the ground getting the sunflowers that had fallen. I ran to get my camera but they flew away. It looked like "Sister Wives"...

Leenie said...

Your bird population sounds very much like the ones that visit here. I like the new bird feeder. Looks like a good one. Excited for you and your cardinal. I've never seen one on this side of the Rockies.

RURAL said...

On my favorite part of the drive up to Armstrong last week, we passed the beautiful little lake,that I always look forward to seeing. Don't know it's name, but it's gorgeous.

And there at the far end of it was a loon, and I thought of you Connie. Believe me if Gar wasn't going so fast, and there was a spot to pull over in, I would have that camera out quickly to get you a shot.

I love the loons, always have, along with the Canada Geese, they make my heart stir.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

L. D. said...

The cardinals will keep coming with the sunflower seeds being their favorite. I hope you get a pair in your area.

Pamela said...

I have pine siskins all winter.
Then in April The Cassin Finch arrive. They don't stay. I think the siskins move to higher elevation (blue mtns) but the Cassin's head north into canada and Alaska I think.

No purple finch around here that I"m aware.