Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Robins and etc…

She Who Sees Robins First is my sister in law, she is married to my other baby brother and they live next door.  She always sees Robins before me…always.

I am kind of a nut about dates..Phenology..keeping track of the the date each year something occurs. 

The Robins:

2008   She April 05….Me April 19 ( I thought about taking remedial Robin sighting classes that year.)

2009 She April 11…Me April 11 ( It was really close ..about an hour apart..she defeated me again..but I held out hope that I was gaining on her.)

2010 She April 02…Me April 05 ( I fell three days behind.)

2011 She ( Oh sometime last week I saw four of them)..Me April 04  at 7 PM.

First Robin April 4 7PM I took a photo out the window.  This one was eating something..the line that carries the hot water from the outdoor wood furnace to the house runs through here..the Daylilies are peeking their noses up and perhaps there are a few worms stirring.  This Robin spent a long time poking around in the yard.

So I am foiled again..maybe next year I will see them first…I don’t have such a good track record..in fact I have no win record. Before I started keeping track of the exact dates..she would stop by and report a sighting well before I ever saw one.

IMG_2171 Yesterday this cloud was full of snow..it was snowing and the sun was shining at the same time. Great big huge flakes. 

IMG_2166 We came along this accident right after it happened yesterday..the truck driver was out and moving around just fine.  It was very windy and his semi left the road went into the ditch and drove over an approach..it must have been a wild ride.  On our way back home the traffic was stopped while a wrecker was maneuvering the semi out of the ditch..you can see it over the Troopers shoulder.  We turned around and took an alternate route.  We were a little closer..but Far Guy didn’t take any photos. 

Now to answer your question..Does Far Guy read my blog?  Most days he does, then I will write something that pisses him off and he will boycott me for awhile.  I have explained to him about “Free Speech” and he agrees..he also agrees that just because I write something ..he does not have to read it. I do not hold him hostage and force him to read it.   The opinions expressed on this blog are mine and only mine..and Far Guy does not always agree with me.  Sometimes he will say “Stop writing about me.”  So I do for awhile till he gets cooled off and I get out of the dog house.  I do use restraint most days..now if it was “the pooping “ comment that made you wonder..well everyone poops.. some people just take their pooping more serious than others:)

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DayPhoto said...

BAHAHAH! I love seeing your snow going. Not coming in with a huge wind storm, but melting off the ground. Robins are always the bringer of spring.


Karen said...

So I'm interested to know if Far Guy has read yesterday's post and if he made any comments:)
Spring is on it's way, well sometime before December anyway! Lot's of robins here, 'singing' away.
I'd love to send you some of our rain to wash the snow away.

Becca's Dirt said...

Connie you are so funny. I had to read yesterday's post to get it but I did. I'm sure they've been to my feeders. Connie we all have to take our pooping serious or else we'd all be full of crap. Hope you are Far Guy have a good day. Are you excited about your new job?

Leenie said...

Hi! I lurk by your blog almost every day and enjoy reading your posts. I like everything border collie and get a kick out of seeing what Chance is up to. Your weather is very similar to ours. We still have a little snow and the robins just arrived. I get a little jealous when I read posts about flowering fruit trees and tulips, but I feel a real solidarity and kinship with MN bloggers. Keep on posting!

LindaG said...

Hope you're both having a great week! ♥ :)

Rae said...

That cloud photo is so unusual. I like it.
Our wind was really strong here too - more like March windy weather than April.
That is funny about Far Guy boycotting your blog when he gets upset with what you write. At least he reads it most of the time. In the two years I've had my blog, my husband nor anyone else in my family has ever been interested enough to read mine.

DJan said...

My husband reads every post I write on both blogs, so I am careful not to mention him in any way that might raise his hackles. So not worth it! I also laughed about yesterday's post, and you're right: everybody poops, so what is unusual about what you wrote? Just that you did, is all! I loved it!

Jeanne Estridge said...

Are you sure she doesn't fib just to mess with you?

Far Side of Fifty said...

Karen..Nope he didn't have even one comment for me after he read it.:)
Becca..I am getting organized..so not too excited yet:)
Rae.. They are missing out on some really good reading:(
Jeanne..no she is way to honest to fib:)

Linda said...

We have the "who gets the garden in first" competition around here. I saw the first Robin around here but that doesn't count.

Liz in PA said...

My Dear Connie~ The POOP POST was the funniest EVERRRRRRR!!! :-) We must all remember:


Love it when adorable CHANCE gets to do his
Blogisphere too!

And I am excited for you about your new job.
That will be quite a change in lifestyle for you. And Chance will truly miss you..he told me!

Hugs: Liz in PA

Changes in the wind said...

The cloud picture is so unusual...glad no one was hurt in the accident.

Country Gal said...

HAHAHA love the post, but the ending no pun intended there lol was great.
My mum and I used to have a little competion going every year as to whom will see or hear the Robin first as they are both our favorites, but she isnt here now so I still do it in her memory.
Awesome photos and post. Have a great day !

Anonymous said...


That huge snow cloud photo is wondrous! Although I do hope that the snow has now melted... time for spring, I think!

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Dang, just what ya'll need...more stinkin' snow!!!

I'm glad the driver of the semi was not hurt.

God bless and have a grand day!!! :o)

Lynda said...

Bummer again on the snow. That is crazy. You might as well live in Alaska.
About the robins - - - plan a vacation south of you the week before you normally see them. You will beat her first sighting.
Tell Far Guy it is an honor that his life spills over into your writing. He is so much a part of your every waking hour that it is only natural to include him in updates. Plus, how many other men does he know that have so many women interested in what happens with him?

Pamela said...

I'm smiling as I just commented on the poop on the previous post. maybe on the days he's upset we should call him 'poor guy' ... in sympathy