Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Snow

Well guess what?  It snowed..and it is no joke either.  I woke up to the non sound..the non sound of no TV.  Instantly I know it is either raining heavily or it is a heavy wet snow.  I cannot hear it raining.  I hate the dancing Direct TV logo that casts an eerie shadow on the floor…and the quiet..who can sleep when it is so quiet..I like noise while I am sleeping…I do not want to listen to Far Guy mumble about things that are on his mind that he chooses only to share whilst he is sound asleep..even if they sound important and urgent, they are not. I do not want to hear the dog sigh. I do not want to listen to the house noises..the refrigerator humming..or a computer doing something..or the furnace fan coming on.  I know I can go back to sleep if I throw a CD into the machine.  Chance saunters by and says “ are awake..lets go out!”   He and I shared the quiet of the early morning was too dark to take any photos.  We come back in and decide to stay up so we can get photos at first light before the wind comes up.

April 01 snow“ Chance is it just an April Fools joke or did it really snow again?”

“I think it might be more snow Far Side..yup I am pretty sure..

Chance April 01 snow

If it looks like snow, tastes like snow, feels like cold icky snow..then it is most likely snow.”  Chance..April 01 2011

Here is the snow stick..instead of going down it is in reverse.

April 01 2011 snow stick

I am sorry are not the winner.  Ann from Area Voices, who lives just down the road a piece more than likely got this April Fools Snow too so she knows she is not the winner either.

I am not sure how much more of this white crap I can take..I am tired of taking snow photos. This is our 129th day of snow on the ground..our snow started collecting on November 23, 2010.


We are headed to town today to get groceries, because a Winter Storm is forecast for the weekend.  Old Man Winter is not ready to give up and that is no April Fools joke either.

Finally it is 9AM and my TV is back on and I am yawning. I have been up since 5AM.. it is time for my morning nap:)

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  1. I think a lot of places are having a late Spring this year, and you in particular are getting the worst end of the (snow) stick:(
    I looked at photos of last year and 'yesterday' the pear tree was starting to bloom and Larry was pushing the lawn mower around.
    On the bright side, if there is one, well yeah the snow makes more light for picture taking:), Chance stays much cleaner with all the snow.

  2. oh no not more snow, you know when I lived in Rhode Island one year we didn't see the ground until late May and it started in Nov. We are getting spring rain here in Arkansas and not much sun.
    Well any way Happy April First.

  3. Feel bad for you with more snow...long winter this year...comes with the territory I suppose, but doesn't make it any easier...we've been cold without the snow...would have been nice to have snow with all this cold...don't want to wear cold weather gear when there's no snow...and can't really go out to play without the snow...just walk, which we for spring though now since we have no more snow...come on spring!!

  4. Keep it there mother nature!

    I don't like noise at all. Any little odd noise is annoying and keeps me from falling asleep. Never had that problem when I was young

  5. Oh girl, I feel for ya! Although we've had more than our fair share of snows in southern MO. this year at least it melts and doesn't just lay there beggin' for more!!!

    ...but only in our great state does the weather forecast give 80 one day and have freezin' rain and snow for three days later. What a variety!!! I'm just achin' for spring to stick!!!

    God bless ya and have a great day!!! :o)

  6. That April fool's snow really gets me, too! Here's to a warm and joyful spring!

  7. I get up at 5:00 every morning...have for years and years and years. Makes me wonder if I will sleep in once I get retired!


  8. It snowed here too, in Valley Forge, PA. I can really feel your pain - 129 straight days of the stuff?!? UGH!!!!

    I love that quote "by" Chance. :)

  9. Oh goodness me! Not more snow... we had a fresh snowfall too, but not as much as you guys!

    Lovely pics...

  10. Isn't digital TV wonderful?


    Well, it's April so spring has to show up soon. Stay warm and have a blessed weekend!

  11. I'm not sure how much more of this white stuff I can take's in our forecast again too:(

  12. I hate to admit it...but you've got more sanity that I do. This past winter was the darkest on record for Indiana. Within days I had hightailed it 800 miles to Florida and pitched my tent. I'm not going back. Never, ever....I hope.

  13. I am so sorry for you all. Even though it's beautiful, so much beauty for so many days makes beauty lose its splendor. We are thankful to be able to share your view though and are glad that you have Chance who gets excited whatever the weather.

  14. That snowfall is not much of a joke. It is cruel of old man winter to keep piling it on. Who knows, maybe your Spring was cancelled this year. It probably says somewhere on the Minnesota calendar that you are going directly from winter to summer.
    I was wondering about you commenting on my blog so early this morning. This is explains it. Hope you get a long nap today.

  15. Here's hoping real spring weather is in your forecast for next week.

  16. Connie, so glad that I didn't post a wintery snow photo as an April 1 post - thought of it, but figured some folks really are getting an April 1 snowfall - like you did. I know you are tired of it, but the photos were beautiful first thing in the a.m. Hope you got some a nap.

  17. Your weather sounds like ours. I am in Alaska and we just got six inches yesterday.

  18. we were supposed to get snow, too, and didn't. but maybe tonight and maybe sunday. hang in there. SPRING WILL COME. THOSE INCHES WILL VANISH. i swear.

  19. Oh my I bet you are tired of this white stuff, I know I sure would be, it will be 90 in Georgia Monday, going fishing, and will think of you there knee deep in snow, wow unbelievable.

  20. I am far far sadder for you than for me! I was hopin' all the last part of last week that you would have a big huge warm rain storm and put that snow to er uh rest! It would have been the one time that I would have been happy to hear about rain and lots of it. I finally got tired of soaked clothes, unearthed my rain pants (they've been buried because of the porch project) only to have the water, nay, lake, in the Market Garden go up my pant legs and down into my boots, my newly dried and toasy boots. Then and there I swore I would where chest waders.

    Weather can make us a tad crabby can't it. If another coffee shop owner/manager says how much they love these dark cloudy wet spring days I might be inclined to sock 'er in the chops! Trust me, I'll have better than the twinkie defense on my side! I sure as heck hope you don't go much longer with the snow. Is everyone colder this spring? Along with wetter I know we're colder - is it more than just a local trend? - I don' get out much.


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