Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020 in Review

 This is the catch all report of 2020.

Our oldest daughter Trica is still struggling with health issues.  She is still in process of being divorced...possibly one of the most drawn out divorces in history.  She is not employed and at the moment doesn't want much to do with anyone.  If you are inclined to pray...she could sure use prayers.  She was able to visit with her daughters and grandchildren the day after Christmas. 

Savannah is working at a Radio Station and going to Bemidji State University, she has changed her major to Business.   She took a class in the cities and is now an Eyelash Extension Technician part time. She said "I could put some lashes on you Grandma it would give me practice on an older person."  Savannah has a dog named Chewy and her kitty Luna.

Madison is happily married to Brenton and they are the proud parents of Hey Mikey who is three years old and Little Miss or Cee Cee who was born in March.  Madison is a Dental Assistant and really likes the Dentist that she work for.  Brenton works in his Dad's Machine Shop in Michigan.  They measure their snow in feet not inches. They have a kitty named Raina.  Update:Maddie has another cat...not sure what his name is.  His name is Loki.

Maddie and Cee Cee...Photo by Jen
Hey Mikey plays pinball....Photo by Jen

This was his first attempt at playing Pinball.  Jen and Andy recently had this old pinball machine restored.  It was the Pinball machine from our Resort that Jen played for hours.

Paige is waiting to get into a Dental Hygienist program and in the mean time she is working as a CNA in a Nursing Home.  She was bartending at a pub...but with Covid that place is closed down for indoor dining.  Paige has Bailey (a very old cat) for company in her apartment.

A photo of all our Grands  better known as "The Five"

Noah, Maddie, Paige, Savannah, Adam  Christmas Day 2020...Photo by Jen


Our youngest daughter Jen and her husband Andy moved from Fisher Minnesota to East Grand Forks Minnesota in June.  They spent the summer remodeling their new to them home. They are both Instructors at Northland Community and Technical College. Andy custom built oak cabinets and Jen was the Interior Decorator. 

Jen and Andy

Noah graduated from UND with a degree in Chemistry and left Noodles & Company for a full time job with benefits. He and his gal friend share two little dogs, Aphrodite and Aurora.

Noah... Photo by Jen

Adam graduated form High School in May of 2020.  He worked as a line cook all summer and into the Fall until Covid closed the eating establishment. He attends Northland Community and Technical College, he is taking classes to see what he likes. Yesterday he rescued a cat from the Humane Society by the name of Phoebe.

Adam at Drive By Graduation

Miney is 15 and Little Elvis is 10.  Miney has Dog Vestibular Syndrome and has good days and bad days.  Little Elvis has all good days!  Update: Elvis is 11 and thinks his name is Hermione.



Little Miss or  Cee Cee  was born March 10.  She gave us quite a scare in April when she had a bladder infection and went into Septic Shock...luckily she recovered quickly. 

Cee Cee just a few days by Jen

 A photo taken just last week by Jen...her winter headband fits!



My Aunt Anna died in November, she survived and fought Cancer for 35 years.  She was my Dad's only living sibling.  Aunt Anna was 85 years old.  Her funeral was live streamed from the Lutheran Church in town.

My Dad's Cousin Big Elmer died in October of Covid.  He was 84 years old.  His funeral was live streamed from the church where he was a Pastor for many years.

Aunt Helen died in September she was 90 years old.  She was married to Far Guy's Uncle Archie who died in 2019. 


Our happenings:  Far Guy was taken off the Lung Transplant list in September, instead he had a stent placed in his heart and special medication to keep the stent open.  He will be 71 in a few weeks.

We purchased a 1959 Desoto Firesweep in early September it is his project car, it is all original and has only 56,000 miles on it. 

The old folks going for a drive

We still share the woodcarving hobby, although Far Guy carves more than I do. 

I keep busy with blogging, photography, crocheting, killing weeds, mowing lawns,  shoveling snow and keeping one eye on Far Guy.   I am a Find a Grave volunteer and try to do entries at Family Search when time permits.

Covid 19 in 2020...Far Guy is healthier being a hermit.  We go out one day a week for his Infusion at the Infusion Center (the Infusion gives him the protein he lacks to protect his lungs). I pick up groceries curbside and go by the drop off at the Post Office and through the Drive thru at the Bank. If we cannot buy it in town we order online or go without.  We have visitors out on our patio and stay at least six feet apart. Far Guy's Doctors appointments are all Zoom meetings and he does his own physical therapy here at home. Recently he went to the Dentist to repair a tooth that has been bothering him for many months.  We will be more than happy to get the vaccination when it is available to us. 

Most photos by Jen and the last photo was our trailcam.

We wish you a Happy New Years Eve!  Stay home and stay safe! 

Far Side

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

13 years

 My blog is now a teenager.  Ha!  

13 years ...hard to believe I have been blogging that long.   Actually I think the blog anniversary is December 29 ...but I today will do.

As per my custom I give myself flowers on this special day.

Chain Orchids in Hawaii during the winter of 2018-2019. 

Thank you for reading my everyday musings, I appreciate the friendships I have made through the blog from all over the United States and the World.  I  appreciate your comments, I read them all except those by a couple of horrid spammers.

Although I may never meet most of my readers...we have forged wonderful online friendships. 

One of my favorite bloggers died shortly before Christmas...I miss her very much.  She was four months short of 90 years old when she died from complications due to a fall.  Thankfully her family put a post up on her blog because they knew she had many online friends.

Time marches on and stops for no I have to make the best of every day.  I write mainly about our everyday activities...someday one of my Great Grands may appreciate it.  I know several of the Grands read it just to keep up with what and how we are doing.  I know our youngest daughter Jen reads it every morning.  Far Guy says he reads it to find out what kind of trouble he is in! 

Far Side

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Snow again

 It snowed again, not much about an inch just enough to shovel. 

My other baby brother came by and cleared out our yard. 

He is working on June the snowbank.  He stopped moving snow for a quick visit. 

We puzzled...Jen and Andy are ahead of us.  They are remodeling Adam's bathroom...he is getting new cabinets, a new paint color, some wallpaper and a new floor. 

We are in a winter weather advisory for a few days....supposed to snow and maybe blow around. 

We have no place to go so we will be safe at home. 

Far Side

Monday, December 28, 2020

Still Puzzling

 We are making slow progress on the puzzle.  

It snowed more than an inch maybe two...I shoveled. 

I found an old WIP (Work In Progress) and hope to finish it in the next couple of weeks. I have a number of unfinished projects that I should finish up.  If I feel really adventurous someday I will actually make a list.

We needed something besides the same old, same old for supper so I made Parmesan Chicken and Sweet Potatoes...raspberries for dessert.  This time for the coating for the chicken I did Parmesan, beaten egg and then cracker crumbs and then I sprinkled on more Parmesan.  Pretty good for the menu that said Chicken something.  I am still planning menus two weeks ahead of time. 

Photo of the Public Access at Straight Lake.  Looks like the lake flooded at bit.  I took this photo on Saturday. 
Far Side

Sunday, December 27, 2020

The Day After

We drove around a bit and admired the frosty trees. 

We was a fairly warm day so it was a great day to catch up with that chore...we had a number of cardboard boxes that Christmas gifts were in. 

Far Guy gave me a pair of Navy Blue snow boots... Bear Paws they are the best warm boots I have found...and some Cashmere yarn is on the way.  I gave him a repair manual for his new old car and a seat cover to cover the front all the upholstery is original and he wants to protect it....and also a garden bench that he can use to sit or kneel when working on his new old car. 

I shoveled a bit by one of the garages and my baby brother, his bride, their daughter, son in law and three grands along with Baxter came for a visit out on the patio.  The hiked over, they said that a number of deer were out playing behind our house.  Baxter Fluffball is a pretty smart little pup, he comes at a run when called and he knows sit and they are working on down.

We began puzzling.  Jen and Andy gifted us the same puzzle so we join them via Facetime to puzzle together...right now they are ahead of us! 

Far Side

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Christmas Letter and Card

I doubt that I will ever make a tri fold card again...although they turned out pretty good.  I made 132 of them and still ran short and had to use some others that I made. 

Far Guy wrote the Christmas Letter. 

We enjoyed our Zoom time with Jen, Andy and all of our grands and great grands on Christmas Day in the afternoon.  It was good to see them. We facetimed with Trica in the morning. So we got to see everyone.  It was a good day. 

Far Side

Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas 2020

Far Guy and I wish you all a Merry Christmas!  

This is a sweet homemade gift from my baby brothers grands.   It was made especially for us and delivered with a smile. 


Luke 2:11 For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour which is Christ the Lord. 

This year as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, we are reminded that even though things may be different this year..Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Does that mean that we miss our daughters, son in law, grandchildren and great grandchildren  We will miss the laughter that filled the house, the sometimes dangerous games of spoons and lining everyone up for photos by the Shiny Brite Tree....and the hugs. 

Possibly the only things that are the same this year ...the wreath by the front door, the Nativity on the mantle and the caramel rolls that await taste testing. 

We watched the Christmas Eve Service live streamed from the church we were married in....traditionally our family fills a pew or two at that service on Christmas Eve.

Far Side

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Christmas Eve

 We had a bit of a blizzard yesterday.  It snowed and the wind blew.  I think we got about six inches of snow. 

My baby brother came over and shoveled in front of the door and he and my niece gave my power shovel a try.  For the record she was covered in snow too!

My baby brother and two of his Grands in the toboggan.

This is also a puzzle. 

Far Guy was going to hike to the mail box...winds were gusting to 46 mph so I discouraged him. 

I asked the "toboggan crew" to make a trip out to the mail box. 

Niece Ellen is getting the mail ready for Xavier to deliver.  The puppy Baxter was part of the delivery crew. 

Ellen and the kids heading out.  Making some good Minnesota Memories!

The Toboggan was built in Northern Minnesota. 

Christmas Eve is here, we will get Far Guy to the Infusion Center and pick up weekly groceries curbside.  I have one last package to drop off at my parents. 

Far Side

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Snow Fun

 Three of my baby brother's Grands were over to visit. 

They made snow angels. 

Xavier went for a shovel ride.

They had serious discussions.  They tromped through the woods.

And shared an icicle

It was a nice break in our was just about 30 F but windy. After they left Neighbors Steve and Jo came over and shivered with us out on the patio.  

Far Side

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

First Day of Winter

 The first day of official Winter brought us about 3 inches of snow.  The snowstick shows 4 inches of snow. 

I shoveled the walk and the patio.  Twas fun. I just live to have snow blow back in my face and make me look like a big old snowball until it starts to melt and then refreezes...yup u betcha extra good fun in the snow.

We met Jen and Andy and exchanged Christmas packages in a parking lot up North.  We will Zoom with them on Christmas Day. We visited through open car windows...a little chilly but worth it. We met at a DQ ...had a Blizzard...perfect snowy day treat....Andy went through the drive thru for us.

Minnesota social distancing

We got other baby brother had been by and cleared the rest of the snow out of our yard...I shoveled by the garage a bit. 

A blizzard is forecast for mid week...and not the DQ kind.  

I was a helpful prep cook for Far Guy while  he made Impossible Italian Sausage Pie for supper. I had a nap and woke up just in time to drive out to the corner to see the Conjunction. 

Here is my best photograph...I did not get out my is what it is. 

Hope you can see the bright spot in the sky.  I thought it would be more impressive all the hype there was about it.  The red lights are a Cell Phone Tower. 

Anyways today the days start to get longer!!  30 seconds  or so...

Far Side

Monday, December 21, 2020

Visitors on Sunday

 It was a reasonably warm day 31 F or -1 C eh!  Time for some social distancing out on the patio.

My other baby brother and she who sees robins first came over first.  We enjoyed catching up with them! We were warming up after their visit and my baby brother and his bride and daughter Ellie and Grands were hiking over...they were exercising their new puppy in hopes that he would sleep real good as his first night was hard for him. 

This is Baxter and he belongs to my baby brother and his bride.  He is a Mini Australian Shepherd and he is almost 16 weeks old.  He will be a regular visitor in our yard.  He is a happy well socialized puppy that likes kids. He is a fluffball! 

My baby brother and his Grandson Cruz who was trying out a snow board.  He did quite well and will be zooming down hills before long. 

Miss Marley was trying out some short skis and perfecting her moves.

Kids and dogs it doesn't get much better than that! 

There is one more Grand but he was having a bad day...sometimes that happens.  

It was a wonderful break in our day to have visitors. 

Thank you everyone for the Anniversary wishes we appreciate them all! 

Far Side

Sunday, December 20, 2020

51 years and counting

 Well we made it 51 years!  I chalk that up to marrying your best friend, one with whom you trust your inner most thoughts and always has your back.  Someone you can laugh with and cry with. 

This is the photo that hangs on the living room wall... it has a keepsake from our 50th Anniversary a year ago.

A card from a special neighbor showed up in the mail.  "Time has a way of making love more beautiful"

We will have a quiet day at home...we will cook something special for supper....and thank God that we are still together, have a cozy warm home, enough food to eat and even in the Isolation of 2020 we still love each other! 

More photos of that day 51 years ago can be found here. 

Far Side

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Glass bulb ornaments 2005

In 2005 I used small glass bulbs to make the ornament that year.   I have always regretted that decision...I wonder how many were broken.   I know I broke one...but I had an extra...I always have a couple extras of every ornament we make.  ( The bulbs came in packages of four or five they were small lights used in candelabras)

This is a clear decorative glass bulb painted red...many coats of red.  A wire is attached to the base of the bulb and then a face painted and then lots and lots of snow.  It is cute...but breakable. 

I bought this glass creation about the same isn't exactly a tree ornament but it could have been.  This one has a copper wire soldered to the underside bulb so it can be added to an arrangement or put in a house plant.  A smaller copper wire with tiny beads is attached with a bit of glue to the base of the bulb to be wings and antennae.  I bought it at a small antique/craft shop in Walker Minnesota.

This pretty bulb is in the tin Chickadee container in the window. 

Not sure where I got the container...probably from the local dime store....and the fru fru sparkly stuff probably the same place. 

Far Side

Friday, December 18, 2020

Grocery Adventures

 No oranges..and I like an orange for breakfast...good thing I have a few extra in the fridge and I have a few containers of I will get by.  No slices of ham...and the 2% Milk ordered became Skim  Milk.  Like I said always an adventure.  

After I picked up groceries curbside at two places I dropped off a letter at the Post Office Drop Box and went through the Drive Thru at the bank it was time to pick up Far Guy.

There is more than one way to skin a cat...we waited and waited at the local Meat Market...when we got there only one vehicle was I waited patiently for that person to come out and while waiting three more people went is a small shop ...they could not be social distancing inside. So I called in my order and said I was outside waiting and within a few minutes my order was delivered to the vehicle.  Far Guy said "Well that was slick." 

Two sets or ornaments were delivered! Two more to day soon. 

Cookies...I was going to bake some...and then there was a delivery to our front door. 

Beautiful tins!  The bottom tin is filled with Swedish Gingersnaps that are really yummy.  The top tin has a Dutch dessert called Stroopwafel  two wafer like cookies with a caramel cinnamon filling inbetween the die for!  Both gifts from a special blog reader Kay!  Thank you Kay! 

So I may be short of oranges and ham but we have lots of cookies! 

Far Side

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Activities on a cold day

 It was chilly yesterday. About 24F for a high  or - 4C eh!  My baby brother and his bride came over for a chat...they got cold. 

Far Guy woodcarved on a flower

It still needs leaves and a different base.  It is a work in progress.

I crocheted a wintery head band for Little Miss Cee Cee...hope it fits.

I packed up gift bags for the Grands...stuff that would have gone in their stockings. We will deliver them before Christmas someday when we want to go for a drive.  I have four sets of ornaments yet to deliver...hope to get two sets delivered today.

Today is adventure grocery day... big excitement!! 

Far Side

Wednesday, December 16, 2020


 Let there be some light! 

I wanted to put up some lights....I wanted white lights.  I have blue and red...I just wasn't feeling those colors.

Leah had some white lights for sale on the local swap and shop Facebook site.  She dropped them off on her way into town and I commenced decorating. ( Leah has been a faithful blogger for years!)


After ...the colored lights in the window are the solar lights that are outside under the bird feeders.

So we have some light...along with two Santas and a metal container with a Chickadee on it with some sparkly stuff and an old light bulb ornament.

When I crochet at night I use a floor lamp with a three way bulb.  My bulb lost it's high setting baby brother was going to town so I asked him to pick up a bulb...he came back with a smart bulb that was smarter than we are. 

Far Side

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Cards, letters and a gift!

 Yesterday the mail box was full of mail...15 Christmas cards and many other misc pieces of mail. 

There was news of people in the Nursing Home and a spouse living by himself, some reports of covid, many reports of social distancing, trips cancelled and some trips taken.  There was a bit of history on the name Andrew...a most enjoyable read.

Two obituaries were included in the mail.  My Obituary Box is over flowing.  I plunked the two new obits in the box and it is mounding so the cover doesn't fit anymore....note to self...put this on your list of things to do.

I double check the Christmas card addresses and mark them received on my master list before the envelopes are shredded and the cards tucked inside the saddle bags that hang near the stairway. 

Thank you Sam for the cute Christmas Pillow...I have it in my tray on the dining room table. 

Jinx has a pillow! 

I shoveled, it wasn't a big deal. I like to keep the patio cleared of snow. 

 It was a fairly cool day with temps hovering just below and just above zero.  A little nippy. 

If the snow stays we shall have a white Christmas. 

I was busy with odds and ends all day long.  Seemed like there was one thing after another that required my attention...except when I was shoveling. 

Far Side