Saturday, December 20, 2008

December 20, 1969

This is it, a look back 39 years ago today. High school sweethearts tying the knot! It was cold, twenty below zero. The church was full of people. The Bride was nervous, hoping she wouldn't trip or pass out. The Groom was nervous too.

Still time to back out?

Walk slower Dad! This is not a race, they can't start without us!

The Wedding Party

The Girls: Karen (My Aunt), Cathie (Friend), Jan (Far Guys Sister), Hilda (My Cousin).

The Lttle Girls: Jill (My Cousin) and Julie (My Sister)

The Guys: Paul ( Friend), Frank (Friend), Carey (My Brother), Kenny ( My Uncle)

The Little Boys: Karl and Kurt (My Twin Cousins)

Far Guys Grandma H, and My Grandma D in the background. Both wonderful Grandmas who we miss every day.
The reception was held in the church, the cake was made by my Aunt Skip. Don't ya just love those black glasses!

And they lived happily ever after..

Thanks for coming along on a trip down memory lane:)


  1. HAPPY ANIVERSARY!!!!And many, many more to come.

  2. my brother was married on 12/26 1971. Her bridesmaids had similar type headgear -- with some feathers. One of them got to close to the candles and caught on fire.

    Another brother ran from the seating and beat it out. what a memory.

    Hey. Congratulations and many happy returns of this beautiful day!!!

  3. Happy Anniversary. Great photos!!!

  4. Happy Anniversary and many happy returns of the day. Thanks for sharing your memories and wonderful pictures with your blog buddies!

  5. Happy Anniversary to both of you! Congrats, that's a long time to be married, I know and I've only been married to the same guy for just over 31 years:)

  6. Happy Anniversary! Those are wonderful photos! The glasses are cool and you look so pretty. Far Guy was pretty good lookin too!

  7. Beautiful photos..
    Happy Anniversary to both of you! Beautiful couple you make,,, the glasses are back in fashion here now..
    Hugs Julia ♥

  8. Happy Anniversary. How beautiful the pictures are. I agree with Julia, your glasses are now stylish again. Thanks for sharing your special day with all of us.

  9. Happy Anniversary to you both!
    Yes, I do love those black glasses.
    Doesn't it seem like yesterday?

    I enjoyed the pictures. It was almost like attending the wedding.
    Have a great day.

  10. Oh such wonderful wedding photographs and memories for you both.
    Happy Happy 39th Wedding Anniversary..... they say The Best if Yet to Come!!!

    It's fun to look back and think all about our wedding day! I am sure we can call remember even the tiniest elements that made the day very Special!

    Liz in PA ♥♥♥

  11. Wonderful, I love those photos, you both look so young and sooooo cute. Love those Black GLASSES!

    Ahhhhh young love. So glad to hear that it has lasted so long, many many more!


  12. Happy Anniversary! And blessings for many more years to come!

  13. Wow - everyone was wearing those cool glasses!

    Lovely photos - and the last one of your hands is so romantic. Happy anniversary!!

  14. oh, wow. twenty below. it's almost that this morning.

    great pictures, and i love the red velvet bridesmaid dresses.

  15. Wonderful and Far guy look so happy!! And you probably have the same smiles on your faces today. :) Congratulations!

  16. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, sweet. Happy Anniversary!

    Love the flowers (well the bride, too!).

  17. Those are absolutely adorable!

  18. Happy anniversery. Thise brides maid dresses are the bomb!

  19. Awww, now I'm feeling all sentimental. I need to get my own photo album out.

  20. your glasses...

  21. Such a good looking couple! Love the wedding pictures and so great to see a loving couple.

  22. Happy Anniversary you two love birds!!! Your wedding brings back memories of the late'60's weddings!!!

  23. Happy Anniversary!! Hope you have a great day.

  24. Happy Anniversary! I really enjoyed reading the newspaper clippings and seeing all the wedding pictures. You were a beautiful bride. Boy how time flies! I was away from home all day yesterday, so just seeing this post. You and Far Guy are a great couple!

  25. What a lovely wedding and cute couple! Congratulations! thank you for sharing all your pictures....yes...we were all so young back then but we didn't think so! I was amazed how everyone came from so far away in the middle of winter all were loved!
    I was a bridesmaid for a friend from college and I think it was that same year and I took a Greyhound bus to Ashland, Wisconsin. They were married on the 21st and we also wore red velvet and it was REALLY cold up there! I think of them every year but have lost touch with them. I hope they are still married and have had a happy life. I love happy endings!

  26. These are great photos, I love them!

  27. I love this! Red and white for your wedding! What a cute couple you made. Those glasses are to die for. Your dress is so pretty... did you make it... or where did you find it? How much did it cost back then? The red dresses look like they were maybe velvet? Your Grandma D looks like she mighta been holding back a crying jag. I know, asking a lot of questions lol but I love old photos and enjoy learning the history about old photos and what happened in other people's lives. (I would have been 12 years old at the time you guys married, just under a month to my 13th birthday.) Happy 51st anniversary!! *now she goes back to the current 2020 blog post*

    1. Hi Diana, I bought the dress in a bridal shop I think it was 80 dollars. Yes the bridesmaids gowns were red velvet. My Mother sewed the little flower girl gowns.


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