Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Little Things

In 1974 I purchased a kit that had wooden Christmas ornaments to paint. Trica was two and was particularly interested in the Santa ornament. One day she was too quiet, a two year old being quiet usually means trouble. She was a thief, she stole the Santa ornament and colored on it. She did use appropriate Christmas colors. She was scolded for taking things that were not hers. At the time I thought well, I will put it on the tree anyway, and throw it out after Christmas. It might be a good reminder, for her, and for me. She has to learn not to take things without asking, and I have to watch her more closely. For some reason her ornament got packed away (Far Guy) with all the rest of them. The next year the story began. This ornament is now 34 years old.

In 1976, I was taking a ceramics class at night, it was my one night of sanity every week. I brought home some ornaments to paint. Trica wanted to paint with me. Finally when I could not take the whining any longer, I let her paint the little mouse and write her name. She got all the letters right, sure her I looks a little funny, more like a t with an extra line, and she ran out of room for the C and the A so she just fit them in where she could. But I do believe that every Christmas mouse should have big green ears a silver face and a red nose. She was four.

ART by my eldest daughter, on the tree every year. EVERY year she had to listen to me tell the stories about her ornaments before she could hang them on the tree. She knows the stories well. I have the ornaments..and they still go on the tree:)


Anonymous said...

That is so great! What a gifted kid!

Anonymous said...

So cute and what good memories. My mom had all the stories memorized and never changed a word!!!

DayPhoto said...

The art work is really good!

I like your header!


Jeanne Estridge said...

I still have the red felt stocking Anne made in kindergarten with her name spelled out in silver glitter. Somewhere along the line it acquired a burn hole -- don't know if it was from the lights or somethng more sinister. It still goes on the tree every year.

Andrea said...

Definitely the best kind of ornaments...the ones with stories!! :) Thank you for sharing!

flydragon said...

Can't beat a little mouse with green ears:)

MariesImages said...

First off, I am not sure if you are submitting this for our Challenge...you never mention it in your beautiful post, or even link to our challenge. BUT....I just love the whole entry! What a wonderful memory tied to these ornaments!! These are probably your most treasured ornaments! I am posting one ornament from each participant, so let me know if this one is for the Challenge.(I saw a pickle ornament down towards the lower part of your blog...;)