Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wistful Wednesday: Christmas 1950

A first Christmas for a very special person. Far Guy, he was ten months old. Jan his sister on the left was four and his cousin Bonnie was three. Surrounded by girls! I believe this photograph was taken by Far Guys Dad, at Uncle J and Auntie E's home in Grand Forks, ND.
Note the very shiny wood floors, the somewhat "wild" drapes and the venetian blinds. That is one heavily tinseled tree!

Aww..Far guy is upset! His sister seems less than sympathetic to whatever monumental plight he is suffering that is causing him to cry. His cousin clearly does not want to deal with a little boy crying ( in the New Year..she gets her own little brother.)

I chose the follow up photo because it made me smile. ( Not just because he was crying.) Far Guy must have been learning to walk. There are pieces of tape on the bottom of his shoes. Mothers often put pieces of tape on the soles of shoes to help their newly walking children get more traction on very slippery hardwood floors waxed to perfection!

There are lots of interesting objects in this photograph. A photograph of a special couple is on the end table, I believe this is Auntie E's parents. There is also a record player. On the right there is some sort of boat on the table, perhaps a sail boat? Auntie E had some beautiful doilies. I am thinking that the lovely old chair was either beige or that dusty pink color?

I love the way the children are all dressed up. Saddle shoes, Patent leather shoes and some very slippery shoes with tape on the bottom:)


  1. tape and shiny floors. Makes SENSE!
    The drapes remind me of ones I've seen as a kid, too.

    I love your old photos. I have very few of me as a kid. My husband has lots. I guess I should post some of his.

  2. You have a treasure box of old photos. They are so wonderful, and tell such great tales of life......

    Great to see them, I love it.

    Hey, guess what, and thanks for the tutorial. The link finally works!!!!!


  3. I have 1950/60 photos that look exactly the same! Doilies, 8 X 10 frames, wild curtains etc. Nalley grew up in Detroit and I in GA. To look at each of us by our very first Christmas trees, you would think we were in the same house!

  4. I absolutely love the old photographs....they really speak to me of another era. Thank you so much for sharing! :)

  5. I noticed the doilies right away. My grandmother used to make real fancy ones and starched them so they would stand up. I think I have some tucked away in an old trunk. I love your pictures. They remind me of my childhood.

  6. Your wistful pics look like they could have come from my mom's album. It must be that we are of "a certain age"

  7. Your wistful pics look like they could have come from my mom's album. It must be that we are of "a certain age". Do you remember how the buckles on your shoes would catch on the loops of the upholstery?

  8. Far Side,
    You're right. His sister even seems to be taking pleasure in his unhappiness. I've seen that look before around our house a time or two...

  9. Love, love, love these photos, Connie!

  10. So wistful and lovely!

    I love those white frilly sock and the patent leather shoes - I seem to remember wearing something similar myself as a kid!

  11. Ohhhhh what a sad baby (FARGUY) so cute! Neat memories and fun remembance of clothes.


  12. now THAT's what christmas is supposed to be...


  13. I love these old photos.
    They are so wonderful to look back on, and tell such great tales of life as it was then..

  14. I missed this week...I mean last week's!! Maybe I'll do a double this week. These pic's are adorable. I feel his pain.


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