Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Christmas Pickle

The Christmas Pickle. I have one and enjoy hanging it toward the center of the tree, where it cannot be easily seen. I had not heard of the "Christmas Pickle" until Arvilla a dear neighbor and friend showed me hers. She got hers as a gift because she made the most fantastic pickles. It is a cute little ornament, my daughter Jen gave me one as a gift!

Included with the pickle is a story that apparently is a myth. The myth goes something like this..the first person to find the hidden pickle gets a special gift. This story was supposed to have originated in Germany. It seems few Germans have heard of it. So we are hoodwinked a great marketing sell ornaments.

I am not too upset, I still like my pickle ornament. I love pickles, I have lots of good memories associated with women who made fantastic pickles. My Mother, my Mothers Mother, my Aunt Anna (she brought me a jar of pickles for my birthday!) my Aunt Marie and my dear friend Arvilla. So go ahead and say my pickle has no meaning. I have one ornament that reminds me of five very special women.

So I will stick that pickle in the tree, and smile. It seems I have a better story than the pickle people perpetrators, and mine is true. :)


Andrea said...

Everyone is posting a lot these days about Christmas and memories and the holidays....many wonderful stories...but out of all them this one of yours is my absolute favorite...hands down! :) Thanks for the smile.

Jeanne Estridge said...

Thanks for coming by my blog the other day. Love the pickle story -- my aunt always had one on her tree and the kids always competed to see who could locate it.

RURAL said...

"Oh Pickle tree, Oh Pickle tree!, how lovely and green we are to thee!"

Does this mean that I am a little toooooo pickled?


Mary said...

My daughter- in- law wanted a pickle ornament a few years ago. Insisted it was part of a tradition. So, this is really funny. I didn't desire one, but your twist on it makes me think of my husband's granny. She made great pickles and took the time to teach me how to make them when we were dating. I may have to get one in her memory. Thanks for reminding me of her.

Anonymous said...

So, your tree is a little pickled! I love that ornament because it is so unusual.

That Janie Girl said...

I just heard of that the other day!

Your pickle is too cute!