Monday, December 15, 2008

White Christmas

During the Snowstorm
We are definitely having a White Christmas, as if there was a doubt! We got about 13 inches of the beautiful white crap. It snowed and swirled around creating drifts so hard packed I can walk on them. This morning I braved the 38 below zero windchills to get some photographs.
After The Snowstorm
Sundogs..they were double and triple..a sign that it is REALLY cold!
See those piles of snow? They will be taking up residence in our yard until May. My brother was by earlier, and plowed us out. Thank goodness for my baby brother with snow removal equipment. I have not heard yet if the snowplow has been out on the township road or the State Highway. This photograph is the short drive, the longer drive to the mail box always gets plugged with snow blowing off of the prairie.
Personally I like a Christmas without snow, I do not understand why it is so important. That miserable song "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" is more like a nightmare as far as I am concerned:)


DayPhoto said...

I have NEVER seen a sun dog, read about them, imagined them, but never in the real. Thank you!

It is cold here too...not a lot of snow, but bitter! With a wind chill! UGH!


Unknown said...

Ahh, another one who does not like these northern winters. Sounds brutal in your area. We had a high of 38 degrees yesterday and all through the night it rained and now the temp has dropped to 14 degrees with a wind chill of probably 10 below. Now everything is an ice rink. I liked the fluffy stuff much better than this.
Glad you finally got some snow!
I prefer a white Christmas, then after that I want green grass.
I saw that ND is getting pounded with that artic blast. Stay warm by the fire!

Anonymous said...

Wind chill is really rotten! Cold - too cold. But a soft snow on a wind-free day - you just can't beat it!

Anonymous said...

Oh you poor thing. That's just way too much snow.

Linda said...

LOL "beautiful white crap"! We had sundogs this morning too.

flydragon said...

Well, I guess you did get blasted didn't you (secretly smiling because it didn't happen here) I've never heard of sun dogs and had to look it up. What a great picture you got of it.

Andrea said...

Fantastic pictures!! I've never heard of sun learning something new!! :)

Jeanne Estridge said...

I lived in St. Paul from August, 1994 till June, 1997 (when I returned to Dayton to marry my darling Bill) and I was sooooo not prepared for the winters there.

The first year was pretty mild, like a southern Ohio winter really, so I figured they'd been exaggerated and bought a house and settled down to stay.

The next year it was 35 below -- actual, not windchill -- for 3 days. Walking the 20 yards to my garage I felt like my lungs had been dry cleaned. People at work warned me not to drive outside the city, because 'your engine block can freeze up as you're driving down the road."

The last winter, as Bill and I were trying to decide who should relocate, me or him, we had an average of 2 feet of snow on the ground from Thanksgiving until May. My (really crabby old) neighbor kept telling me I needed to rake my roof, but I'd never heard of such a thing. After I paid $400 to have the ice dams steamed off my gutters, I decided, old and crabby or not, I would listen to him in the future.

It was an education, to say the least!

RURAL said...

Tell it like it is BABY!!!

Connie, you are a breath of fresh frosty air. LOL. It is a compliment.

I love how you tell it like it is, no holds barred, I kind of agree with you about the whole white Christmas thing. In our part of the world, snow is not really a good thing, no one knows how to drive in it, there are too many accidents, and everyone is in too much of a rush.

The only people who seem to love snow are those who don't need to drive in it, or work in it.

At the nursery, snow is actually not a good thing, it shuts down the business. When it snows, I also worry about Gar's safety, he is a great driver with lots of snow experience, it is the other idiots that I worry about.

It may not be as cold here, -6 C but that is cold for us, and the wind chill has made it -18C it is a harsh and strong wind, almost blowing us over.

Lets hope that we all get a little reprieve soon.


Jewel said...

I'm sorry for all the white crap. And for the cold, cold temps. All I can say is thank goodness for global warming ..... Whatever.

Unknown said...

We have only had a few flurries here. No need for snow plows yet, but our luck will be running out in the morning if the forcasters predictions are right.

Unknown said...

Beautiful! I love it when we get huge amounts of snow! Thanx for the beautiful photos!

Emily said...

I dont much care for sundogs, as I always heard they were either good luck or bad luck, depending on the person. Well glanced at them on December 7th of 2006 while driving to work and out of nowhere, a Jeep pulled out in front of me (I was going 65mph) and I rearended him. Thus declaring the sundogs as bad luck for my person. Lol!
Yes, we got quite snowed in on Sunday! It was really windy too... Its snowing now again and I love it! This is the nice snow we are getting today.
Love your site!!!!

Connie Peterson said...

We don't have as much snow as you do, I don't think, but it was really coming down all day yesterday. It has finally warmed up!!!! It's -9 d and NO WIND CHILL!!!!!

I love snow - I feel that it is actually warmer when there is snow on the ground. But then, I'm speaking from a temporary house-bound point of view. With my knee so bad, I now don't go out in it unless I'm riding somewhere (with someone else driving).

I love sundogs but not the reason for them. Tried to get a picture of one the other day but failed. And we haven't had enough sun for them since then.

Stay warm.

♥ Braja said...

OK it might be a bitch but jeez it looks beautiful right now :)

Candy Duell said...

Sundogs??!! I have never heard of them. I am going to have to go and look them up.

Beautiful white crap, Ha ha, is this a love hate relationship?

Stay warm and dry!