Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Just down the road a piece one of our old customers has a newly planted wildflower area.

It is very pretty.

Wildflower planting

We passed it once..I said “Oh my! Look at Sandra’s wildflowers.”  Well of course Far Guy missed it..so we turned around and went back!  Looks like Bachelors Buttons, Daisies,  Poppies and perhaps some Statice.

Far Guy said “I have a really good wildflower garden too..have you looked behind the sauna lately?”  Well I had not.  So I checked it out and took some photos.

Far Guys Wildflowers

His Gaillardia (Yellow and Orange) or Blanket flower is doing great as is his Rudbeckia Indian Summer (yellow with brown center).


IMG_2851 He even has a few plain yellow Gaillardia.  A long time ago I also had a burgundy colored one.  Seedling variation can be real interesting.

It is that time of year where many of the native wildflowers that are blooming are yellow..with a few purples mixed in.

It has been so hot it is a wonder that anything looks decent.  We need rain again.  The hot weather exhausts me, after I have worked in it all day long..I come home to the AC and crash.  I don’t care if I eat..and my hair..well it never gets dry..or if it does in a little while it is wringing wet again..I have to watch out so it doesn’t start to mold:)

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  1. I love these wildflower photos! We are burning up here in GA, too. I'm already looking forward to Autumn.

  2. You do have beautiful wildflowers, Connie. And you got some good pictures of ones in your favorite color. You make me very happy to be here in the PNW where it is still cool, even in the middle of July. We usually are warmer than we are these days, while the rest of the country is burning up.

  3. One of the first things that impressed me when we moved west was the variation and number of wildflowers. I find it so interesting to see the colors change over time. My first 'yard' had patches of color almost all year.
    Your flowers are beautiful!

  4. I love wildflowers. Mama had bachelor buttons. Thanks for the birth certificate tip. I have daddy's somewhere and will look tonight.

  5. Beautiful! I guess the native flowers have more get up and go in the drought than I do.

  6. Those are some beautiful flowers. Unfortunately we don't have anything growing like that around here.

  7. Moldy hair... now that's hot and humid!! Far Guy's wild flowers are just beautiful, and so are the neighbors!! Try to stay cool!!!

  8. I love wildflowers and the color of the bachelor buttons has never been matched.

    HOT!!! and humid here too. Longing for fall.

  9. I love wildflowers. I'm always happiest when my husband brings a bouquet home. I love to stick a few in a Cracker Barrel tiny syrup bottle and tuck them in unexpected places. We had plans to build a wildflower garden this year but the drought changed that. We are under a watering ban and even the grass is brown everywhere.

  10. This has been a hard year for my hair also...I'm always super hot. I wear it up now, and it is limp and disgusting and icky.


  11. Ya moldy hair!! Wasn't that from some horror movie?
    Anyway I hate to be the bearer of bad news but fall isn't that far a way.

  12. I really like wildflower gardens. I just can't seem to get it to happen. I need to move out of this state maybe. Far Guy has a superior looking garden.

  13. I think your Minnesota summer weather went to the coast for a California vacation! I got to leave the windows open all day. I'm still freezing from the lows this morning! Last I checked, I thought this was still July...

  14. What beautiful colors and flowers. Everything here is burned to a crisp if it hasn't been watered.

  15. OMGosh! I love the many colors of wildflowers in that field! Gorgeous!!
    And the ones you have at home are looking good, too.
    Moldy hair. Hummm....have never heard of that, but this would be the summer for it. Watch out! ;)

  16. Very nice.....far better than my wildflower garden that consists mostly of dandelions.

  17. Beautiful! That blanket flower is a miracle here as well.


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