Friday, July 6, 2012

Wistful Wednesday on Friday:Uncle Ron

What in the world happened to Wednesday?  Well it was a holiday and it threw me all off.  Yesterday at work I thought..I totally missed Wistful Wednesday.  Back to the photos in the trunk.
Far Guy’s Dad had three brothers.
This is Uncle Ron.
Ron henderson and fish
Looks like he and Tippy  Lady were fishing!  I am not sure why the fish are on an old broom handle.. maybe because it is easier to hold for the photo!  Those are some nice looking Northerns. I will guess that this photo was taken in the early 1950’s.
The photo was taken at Grandma and Grandpas farm.  We think on the west side of the house.  The vine covered windows would have looked into the front living room/dining room.  I say living /dining because the big oak table was in there along with a rocking chair and another chair and Grandma’s China Cabinet.
Uncle Ron loved to fish.  Winter, summer, spring or fall fishing was real high on his list.  He was a teacher and later a Principal.  He was the Principal for the elementary school that Far Guy attended.  Some days the bad behavior news reached home before Far Guy did.
About Tippy Lady.  Far Guy says she was a heck of a dog.  If you hooked her up with some baling twine to a wagon she would pull you around the yard:)
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  1. I love old photos and the stories that accompany them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That would be hard, to be related to the principal. You needed to be extra good, and I guess Far Guy wasn't! :-)

  3. Poor Far Guy, he didn't have a chance!!

  4. Yes, it would be hard to have your Uncle as your principal:)
    That dog looks like a Chesapeake.

  5. I noticed the broom right away and wondered - those are some big fish!

  6. Tom says this dog was a Chesapeake named Lady. It first belonged to his dad and was left at the farm later. He talks about the dog often. His mother told a story of having asthma very bsdly and sending Jack at two and a half years old to get help. Lady took him the half mile through the woods to the neighbors. This was when they lived north of Park Rspids.

  7. Wonderful photo and story ! Stay cool and have a good day !

  8. Poor Far Guy! (Hope his mouth is better.) I had my mom as a teacher, so I know how it is! Glad you back-tracked for Wistful Wed. I missed it.

  9. Love the old photo. Wonderful story about Uncle Ron and Lady.

  10. Talk about a small town where everybody knows everybody else. Uncle Ron was Far Guy's principal. I don't know why that makes me chuckle, but it does.
    Looks like a loyal dog. I can picture her pulling the boys around the yard. :)
    Have a relaxing weekend. It's cooled off over here--thank goodness! I hope it's cooler for you guys, too. :)

  11. Something about the posing of these old photos that really gives them a special touch. We don't take photos like this anymore.

  12. What great stories you have to go along with your photos....a journal of your family for generations to come! Funny about Far Guy getting home after the tales had already been told. Lady sounded like a wonderful dog too.


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