Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Slow John

Last October John bought my greenhouse and it's ENTIRE contents. He paid for it in full, but never picked all of it up..until yesterday, he finally came with a friend and took everything that was his. They almost took out the side of my garage with their big honking trailer and vehicle, and narrowly missed Chances pool, they did dump all the water out of it when he hit it with his front tire. ....what a couple of idiots. A double horse trailer is TOO large to back in between my garage and that big old tree.

What do you think..room for a car? A horse trailer?

I swear this week everyone in the entire free world wants to drive through my yard. What is up with that nonsense anyway? Everyone must be trying to irritate me on purpose. I put that lousy little windmill there, it probably won't last long in the racetrack that has become my yard.

What a relief, that greenhouse is finally gone and the yard looks a little bit less like a junk yard
( or welfare as my friend Linda would say). I walked around and picked up all John's leftover garbage, and told Far Guy to lock the gate on the business driveway. I now have an extra corner of my garage to store the snow blower in, and some more shelves to use. Ten months of waiting, I could have birthed a playmate for Chance during that time.
Now that it is finally gone, I will show you some of the photos!

Last November..

Suppose anyone besides me has safety issues? I went directly into the house after I took that photo last fall..no pun intended.

This morning, after a lovely rain..there are even some flowers wanting to take over already!

Far Guy's tomato plants are mobile, yes his greenhouse is still there.. it is a woodworking shop now, and it is a real mess..we are not going there except to check on the tomatoes:)


DayPhoto said...

I just got caught up on your blog. You have a cute wit about you (and I agree there are some annoying people out there). Good for you the greenhouse if finally gone and you can find other use for the spot.

My husband retired a year ago and people are (all the time) asking him if he misses work. After 37 years in the same job, having a mean boss, and worrying about issues...he says No. The one asking is always so surprised.


Emma Rose said...

You are right - there is not enough room for a horse trailer. Besides that, they should have asked first. Those mobile tomatoes are looking quite nice. Ours are not mobile and are still puny looking. Hope the rest of your week gets better :)

Kisses for Chance,
Emma Rose

Anonymous said...

What a week you have had! You need an ankle biter, like Harriet, to patrol your yard. She's so short, people don't see her coming!!! I hope life settles down a bit for you. We have been waiting since Dec. for some painters/faux finishers to complete 3 columns in our dining room. We have not paid them for the "undone" work but they prepped the columns and they are currently jet black enamel - who else is gonna touch that!!! Thursday is supposed to be the magical day. If they don't show, you may hear my soft, Southern voice where you are!

Anonymous said...

LOL you don't want it looking like welfare:) You have to love when things finally get done.......even s.l.o.w.l.y!!

That Janie Girl said...

I would love to have a greenhouse, And acreage. And a high fence so my dogs couldn't escape, but could run to their hearts content.

Mary said...

Well I can't add much to what you said, but I'm wondering: Don't windmills have little spinning things on top of them in Minnesota?

Far Side of Fifty said...

Mary, Yes usually thy do, but I like the weather vane on this one..it spins alot if it is really windy..does that count? It is an old windmill and the wind blew so much it quit working..so I put the weather vane on it:)
Thanks everyone for you comments!
Janie, No fences here, but it is on my wish list..Chance just sticks around the yard:)

Anonymous said...

Lots more room now! And that probably means lots more weeding... or maybe a bigger pool for Chance?