Thursday, July 2, 2009

Busy Week Updates

A busy week continues..
Our Son in Law Andy had surgery for the removal of a bone spur on his elbow, it went well. We returned home last evening. The little boys are so busy. They are off with friends and hardly have time for old geezers. Grandma does know how to get a hug..blocking the TV while they are trying to play video games with their friends for me. Hugs were given, Grandma was happy!

This morning, Jess had her baby, little Renee Arvilla was born by C Section at 32 weeks. The wonders of Facebook, I got to see photos right away. Renee weighs 3 pounds and 14 ounces, you can pop on over to her blog Feelin' The Wind, and say Congrats! We live just down the road from the proud grandparents, and Jess was a fixture at our house while growing up, she now lives far away in Louisiana. We thank God for his goodness in the safe arrival of this very precious little girl!

Far Guy and Chance had an interesting morning. They were called to the Fire Hall to check out why the security alarms were going off. As Far Guy left the house I hollered "Don't go in there alone." A Deputy was waiting, their first search was Far Guy sent in Chance..he had a great time searching but came up empty pawed was most likely a bird or a chipmunk. Far Guy says the mosquitoes were so huge that it might have been them. There is a joke that pokes fun at the Mosquito as being the Minnesota State Bird..those of us who live here, know it isn't a bit funny.

Today is my day to catch up, Far Guy is feeling pretty good, so our many different activities will continue. We did have an interesting visit to the Dentist..during the last very painful "Flare" that Far Guy had, he kept telling me that something was different in his mouth. Indeed it was seems that after all these years..he is getting a wisdom tooth, it is just poking through the skin..he will have to have Oral Surgery.. that could be a big bump in the it is on the right side of his face..which in Far Guys case is his Trigeminal Neuralgia side. The Monday visit to the Dentist for a normal teeth cleaning caused him a great deal of pain. His teeth are just one of the triggers for the nerve pain. Luckily Mondays Dentist visit did not put too much of a damper on the evenings festivities, I tagged along ( I was bribed by the promise of some Onion Rings and a burger at a local bar) where a few of his classmates were meeting. We got to see blog reader Ann, and visit with her! The eventual arrival of the classmate Pharmacist was enough to jar Far Guys memory..that he had forgotten to take his 3 o'clock medications.. see that new wisdom tooth is worthless. :)


Anonymous said...

You have been busy. I'm very thankful that little tiny Arvilla has arrived safely.
So sorry to hear about Far Guy's wisdom tooth.

You have made me hungry for a burger and onion rings now too!

Hope you two continue to feel ok and enjoy the weekend.

West Side of Straight said...

Thanks for all your prayers Connie and Gene - I know you're as excited about baby Renee Arvilla as we are. Good luck with those teeth Gene. jo

Ziggy Stardust said...

That was a lot of great information. You have been busy. Have a great 4th of July.


Mary said...

I'm glad the baby arrived safely and sorry about Far Guy's teeth ordeal, but now I'm hungry,too. I guess, I'll head to the bar for a burger! They have the best ones, you know.

Pamela said...

My dad said when he visited Minnesota that the skeeters were as big as sparrows. A bunch were chasing him, he added, and he tried to find shelter from them in the outhouse. He could hear them buzzing outside and opened the door a little bit... and they all had their beaks drilled into the wood and had him flying about 20 feet off the ground.

Unknown said...

You are busy! I had a couple weeks like that recently and this week is seriously dead! I'm almost bored, not to mention our weather has been awful and not summerlike at all!
Have a great weekend with friends and family!

laurie said...

oh, man, wisdom teeth!