Sunday, July 12, 2009

Saturday Family Picnic

We picnicked yesterday with Far Guy's side of the family, the food was awesome, the conversation lively and full of "remember whens." The hunting "remember whens" were especially enjoyable. I never knew that my Father In Law one time threw his hat into the branch of a tree, disgusted with the outcome of a day of hunting. Said hat was then appropriately blown to bits, bits not even big enough to help a Chickadee build a nest...such was the sympathy among these hunters.

Chance made a new friend, a special little girl who was afraid, but oh so curious about dogs, Chance was his usual helpful self..he tends to pick up vibes from people rather quickly. She had never walked a dog before, so with my help, a first was accomplished. The child was thrilled, the dog was puzzled, it was no big thing for him, he will follow a kid just about anywhere. I think they both had it in their minds that now that they were walking buddies, they should go for a swim. The child was stopped just short of the water, but Chance went right on in. He loves the water!

I only had a very short time to suggest to the Mom of the special needs child, that perhaps a companion animal would make a difference in their home life. She replied "We cannot afford a companion animal." I suggested that she contact local service organizations in her area like The Lion's and The Shriner's, if they can't help her, they may know of some organization that can. I wanted to suggest that perhaps the "Grandpa" to this child, take it upon himself to visit a local animal shelter and rescue a suitable pet that he in turn could share with his Granddaughter. I had a really hard time keeping my big mouth shut. So why did I? I can be silent sometimes..Far Guy would not agree, as I am hardly ever silent with him. Chance and I are only the planters of seeds, we can plant an idea, but after that someone else has to tend it and water it. Sometimes the seeds fall on fertile ground, sometimes it seems that they are scattered on a wasteland, but we keep scattering them:)


  1. The picnic sounds like a lot of fun stories and yummy food. I would have had trouble letting that conversation with the mom go. I know what a difference Harriet made in Mother's, who was visually impaired, last two years here on earth. My niece works with a golden rescue group that places dogs with special needs children i.e. hearing impaired. It's amazing how much independence and joy these animals can bring.

  2. Maybe the ground is fertile, and it just needs a little fertilizer. Perhaps a "Chance" meeting, I know a pun but.....

    He is a absolutely wonderful dog. And you, are a absolutely wonderful person. Sometimes what is not said, says more.


  3. I totally agree with you. Just think how the quality of that child's life could be enhanced with a companion like Chance. I hope you planted that idea and that it will take root.
    Sounds to me like did an exceptional thing and as always, Chance worked his magic.

  4. I agree with you 100%! It wouldn't have helped if you would have made further suggestions. That mother's mind was made up. Maybe the child will convince her otherwise after meeting your wonderful pup :-)

  5. Sometimes planting a seed is all it takes ;)

  6. I see everyone is focusing on the glory dog, Chance. What I want to know is how do you know that you should be quiet? I never quite get it until hours or days later that I should have been quiet.

  7. Chance looks as if he wanted her to come in the water with him! :) I hope the mom thinks about your suggestion more, and decided to look into it. Having a companion animal would make such a huge difference for this little girl.

  8. Mary, I often suffer from foot in mouth, I am a strongly opinionated person. Not everyone can take my frankness, or my opinions. In this particular case, I was afraid if I said more, I would totally blow any chance that this little girl would have for a companion animal.
    It was really hard for me to be as silent as I was. I could feel the vibes..I guess you just have to go with your gut feeling and hope for the best.
    Thanks everyone for your comments:)

  9. It would probably be great if she had a dog. My concern is the vet bills, which maybe they can't manage. Even just annual stuff and vaccinations are beyond some people's budget, let alone the hundreds of dollars (or more if we're talking cancer) if an illness happens. Then the animal suffers untreated or is euthanized and the little girl cries her eyes out.

    If the Grandpa can afford the expense, more power to him.

  10. At least her initial experience, with Chance, was a positive one, and perhaps your seeds will sprout later.

  11. I bet your seeds will sprout. You just keep doing what you do, girl...

  12. The Duchess also ends up with her foot in her mouth most of the time. Maybe the little girl will decide she wants a doggie-friend and Grandpa will come through. Every child should have a dog if you ask me. Oh, you didn't ask me? :)
    Wonderful picture of my sweetheart Chance!
    Emma Rose

  13. A dog companion would probably be ideal for such a child. Well done Chance for helping her overcome her doubts about dogs!

  14. The family picnic sounds so relaxing. I love the Heron/Crane picture.
    Chance reminds me a lot of BoDog, except Chance looks cleaner. BoDog loves dirt, then water, then dirt again.

    I agree with you about the companion for the little girl. I do hope they will think about it and see it would be so nice for the child to have an animal friend.

    Have a great day.


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