Friday, July 31, 2009

Garden Party

I was invited to a Sunbonnet Garden Party. I couldn't go, because I had no sunbonnet. Someone, who will remain nameless found me a sunbonnet to decorate, so I had no good excuse. I could have made something up of course.. like an incapacitating hot flash relapse..or a sudden uncontrollable urge to nap all afternoon. I thought what the heck..maybe I can get some good photos. Maybe I can get some good blog fodder.

These lady/party thingys are not my thing to do. Sometimes I can be a sociable person, but not often, and it is a struggle for me to hold my tongue in check. I got ready to go and Far Guy said, "I can't believe you are going, have a great time, try not to piss off the entire neighborhood." Well maybe someone new moved into the know someone well read, someone that might be a breath of fresh air...someone new who hasn't had the pleasure of meeting me yet! I have no idea who will be there, but I know there are a few women who I could just do without. "Digging Lady" was not there, she was a no show, probably too busy weeding or digging up someone else's gardens to attend.

This particular group of ladies, are lake ladies, you know the ones, their husbands love to fish, they love to garden, and are inundated by company every they cook and clean all week getting ready for the next weekend. Not quite my cup of tea so to speak..and none of them enjoy dog company in their lives either..perfectly ordered retired lives have no room for muddy paws..canine or feline. They do take time out to enjoy a free lunch at a garden party, it is probably the only break they have all week from their kitchen duties. The conversation .. local restaurants..mindless issues.. nothing of substance..nothing about which I had an opinion that I could or wanted to share. I was perfectly behaved, polite and ladylike.. I did a fairly good job of being civil..and I didn't make anyone angry..or see red, or shake their head. Of course the real me was held in check.... I did answer a few plant questions. I don't mind sharing my knowledge..most of these ladies are former customers. I actually like two of them..they are real people..I saw a photo of the gals that were invited to the Garden Party series a few weeks ago..that group had a newbie.. I will probably meet her next summer. Soon all these women will disappear into their houses til next summer, except for their coffee time on Tuesday's ..they are history.

Sometimes I wonder Is it me that is strange..or them.. I have nothing in common with most of them. If I hear a spot of gossip..I ask the person straight up..I heard this.. is it true or is it all gossip? I detest small talk..why don't they want to talk about the state of the economy..the war in Iraq..child abuse..the meth problem..drunk driving.. interesting blogs they read..or discuss something they have read..or share a joke.. a home remedy..a childhood memory..something fun they did with a grandchild.. I just don't get it.. I have so many interests and opinions..and very few people that I can actually share them with. I guess it is no wonder that I find the very best company for me is Far Guy and Chance, relatives that can't ignore me all the time..and a few extra special people who like me just the way I am..old and kinda cranky:)
Far Guy took a photo of my hat before I left, it turned out pretty it had personality!


  1. THAT is one BEAUTIFUL HAT!!!! You are a true art-tist!

    I, for one, would like to meet you, you and I are so much alike. The different is you tell me on your blog, for me I'll just have wait and show you. I learned a long time ago that I am really anti-social. Accept I love this blogging stuff. I find people just like me in some form or other, and that is a HOOT!


  2. I love your hat, you should have won the prize for most creative.

    The world is made up of all kinds of different people, some are like your ladies who lunch. Remember "birds of a feather flock together" must be as true in humans as it is in birds.

    It gets harder as we get older to find compatible people to share our thoughts and opinions with, at least you are not holding them all in. Maybe there is someone out there that will discourse with you on intelligent ideas, they just have not shown up yet.

    Meanwhile, we bloggers are here to support you, and we are real, not virtual friends. So let them clean their houses, cook and get ready for weekend company, "shudder" if they want their brains to attrophy then let them go ahead.

    I am kind of disapointed that the digging lady did not show up, now that would have been interesting fireworks. And my cup of tea. LOL.

    Meanwhile, I am swimming with the mermaids.


  3. That is a gorgeous hat! I got a little nervous when I first started reading.....I could just imagine digging lady planted upside down in a punch bowl!!!

  4. Your hat is spectacular!..and I can totally relate to your post!
    Sunny :)

  5. LOVE the hat! I am not anti-social, but I don't socialize much. I am someone that people either like or really don't. It actually makes life rather easy for me. I don't fit in with ladies who lunch. I'm sure I would not have been invited! Love the hat.

  6. We must be from the same mold. I would much rather have dog hair and paw prints on me than a fancy hat. And small talk is so boring. It is more exciting to talk to a wall. Biting my tongue is not one of my specialties. It would just be hard for me to socialize with a bunch of old gossips.

    Now what will you do with the hat since the party is over?

  7. Awesome hat, I must say! It's funny, but I do find my tongue runs away with me much more easily as I get older....I get where you're coming from... and yay for dawg and cat prints!

  8. The hat turned out wonderful! You did good!!!!! Odda was bad girl again today!!!! Testing us good.

  9. Did they have cake? I can tolerate any reunion, party, whatever as long as they have cake. You were a good trooper to go through all of that. Next time take Chance with you and have him wear a hat.

  10. That hat is gorgeous but I'd have a hard time wearing it. I don't even own a dress! I'm a member of a local club and at our meetings the women always serve coffee and tea from their silver tea sets. When I host next year they will be served lemonade and ice tea from a tupperware pitcher! I just hope my dog don't misbehave.

  11. Your garden party hat was absouletly beautiful. I don't own a hat and none of my friends do so far as I know. I agree with your conversation whims as mine are about the same. If you want to tell me smething make sure it is the truth or keep it to yourself. My husband went out to cover up our grill tonight and the cutest cat waws following him and i WAS HOPING IT BELONGED to someone else as I am allergic to most cats. Dogs are fine and the paroblems is I love most all aninals.

  12. I love the haat but I have to say I love your attiTUDE even more. We really should get together and be our sarcastic selves that would be some good blog fodder!!

  13. Now that is a hat with character! Nice character - just like yours! :-)

  14. The photos were lovely and the hat was amazing. As to parties and things, I don't do that either. I much prefer the farm and the company of my animals to superficial stuff. Couldn't manage it so you are very brave.

  15. Love your hat and your attitude!


  16. I LOVE the is gorgeous.
    And, give those ladies a chance. Sometimes what you see on the outside is way different than what is going on inside....many have battles inside that you can't see....
    Approach them with love.
    You might be surprised....


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