Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ditch Roses

Sadly we say goodbye to July, it has to be one of the coolest July's on record in Minnesota. What happened to global warming? At this rate we will have a non summer here in Minnesota, truthfully the early mornings feel more like September than was 45 degrees the other morning. I am feeling the wildflower clock little many wildflowers to photograph.
I continue on my wildflower quest, ditch walking..I zigzag from one side of the road to the other. Chance runs back and forth from one side of the road to the other, and between Far Guy and I, he has no idea what I am looking for..but often ends up in the photos. He is becoming quite a ham, I think he has decided that modeling and posing for me is his new job. Far Guy brings up the center with the car. When we get near the end of the stretch, or the bugs get too bad, I stand in the middle of the road..I wave my arms and Chance sits obediently by my side until our ride arrives. These peaceful evenings on the prairie after supper are my favorite time of the day. We pick back roads where there is no traffic..gravel ones. If there is traffic..we can hear them coming or see the dust cloud approaching.

Recently we encountered what I will call Ditch Roses..there are many different kinds growing..I have not sorted them all out, there seems to be some seedling variation, and the cooler than normal weather has made every little seed they dispersed in years past, grow and bloom this summer.
Some have thorns, some do not, their colors range from hot pink to pale pink.
They are a mystery to me.. a very pretty little mystery:)
Blogger is being a pain in the neck..the last photo is turned sideways.. so just tip your head to the side to view it correctly.. most people probably wouldn't have even noticed..I have no idea what bloggers problem is..if anyone has a clue..please leave me a message:)


Anonymous said...

Hi Connie, I'm pretty sure that some of the medical staff you and I have run-ins with are running blogger these days! ha
These are the sweetest little roses. I've never seen anything like these. That stretch of road in the prairie looks so inviting - it must be so quiet.
Thanks for sharing the pretty pics and describing the three of you out in the evening searching for more wildflowers. Sounds like a great way to end the day.

Rae said...

These flowers are so pretty and delicate yet they grow without maintenance along the roadside. Makes me wonder if I am spending too much time tending my roses that don't do as well.

I think global warming is in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. They are sweltering. I am glad to give those high temps to them. It has been so comfortable this summer, I am really enjoying it.

Karen Anne said...

I have a friend in Seattle, and they have been at 100+ lately. Hardly anyone out there has air conditioners, she says, it is so unusual.

The prairie is certainly beautiful. Being a New England girl, I am getting some sort of reverse claustrophobia from all that wide open space instead of trees, though :-)

L. D. said...

I have the top two roses in my yard. I am going to cut them all down knowing they will be up and ready to go in spring anyway. This cold weather is strange and they say here that August will also be cool. I hope we have a late winter as the summer does seem short with it this cool.

RURAL said...

Are we all going to join in and make a mass exodus from Blogger? I think we should start a petition.


The Cowgirl said...

Aren't those beautiful...surely they deserve a better name than Ditch Roses :)

Anonymous said...

happy august... yup i wish al gore would run that global warming thang by me just one more time :)


Anonymous said...

Such lovely fragile flowers.

Global warming means a climate change - in both directions: rain, storms as well as a gradual heating up of the earth... Hope you get some warmth soon! We need the sun before our cold winters, don't we?

The Retired One said...

They are so pretty! Do they smell like the old fashioned roses?