Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chance : A Great Ride

I get to blog again! First of all, Far Guy is feeling pretty good, he is off of all the extra pain medications and only on Advil. He still has to lay down occasionally ..because Far Side says so. If Far Side says to lay down..we just look for a comfy spot. Yesterday the phone rang, and Far Guy got a take a Fire Truck for a quick computer checkup..about 30 miles away. Far Side said " Oh no you don't..not with out me." That is great ..if they are both going..I might get to go too! Why is Far Side going? Because we are a team..and she can drive that truck IF she has to.

Far Side says I must be a big boy and be very brave and ride in the back seat... because I am too big of a lug to ride in her lap the entire way. Riding in between them on top of the radio console is not a option. Far Side says if I get lonely in the back, she will come sit with me ..WOW you can really see from up here. This truck is really, really gives you a great view. I love to watch for horses and cows in the fields.

The view from inside the truck, they should really wash their windows on the outside.

All of a sudden Far Guy jams on the brakes..OH MY..he has forgotten his coffee cup on the running is still there! He says this is one smooth riding truck.. two miles from the Fire Hall on a gravel road and his favorite red coffee cup is still along for the ride.

Later Far Side said "Look at that!! Can I get a photo?" Far Guy says "Sure, you want lights? A siren? " He stops right in the middle of the highway so she can get a photograph. Nothing was coming from either direction..

An Amish Field

I barked at this guy and his horse. The guy had a great red beard and a beige hat..but Far Side missed that part.

Far Side had to wash the back windows when we got back to the Fire Hall, she said I drool too much..and had put too many nose prints on the windows.. we saw lots of Turkeys, a few Bald Eagles, and some Deer along with the usual horses and cows. We didn't do any lights or sirens..maybe next time:)


  1. The look of excitment and wonder is just amazing on Chance's face. I think I would have the same look if I got to ride in a Fire Truck!!!


  2. Bet that was fun! Now Chance has beat me to a ride in a fire truck!!!!

  3. Love the pictures and Chance that sounds like a great ride to me! Glad Far Guy is feeling some better. Hope you all have a grand weekend.
    P.S. Harriet cannot see out of a vehicle unless you hold her up!!!!!!

  4. What a sweet post. Buddy likes to go too. He's fixing to go on a 3-1/2 hour ride this weekend. Glad to hear Far Guy is doing better.

  5. Hey buddy. I have missed you Chance! You haven't been blogging for a while. You look real good up there in the fire truck. In my opinion you beat out a Dalmatian as a fire dog any day. I have read that border collies are the smartest breed of dog and by golly you certainly prove it.

    Please tell Far Guy I am pleased to hear he is feeling better. I am sure that helps to relieve Far Side's worry. Have fun herding and doing whatever. Don' stay away from the keyboard so long next time.

  6. Oh Chance you lucky dog you!

  7. I knew one of these days CHANCE would get his lucky ride in the Fire Truck! CHANCE is a very lucky sidekick!
    Now Connie<----you must learn the very pleasing and really very simple craft of SCRAPBOOKING!

    You take the best pictures.....I can see the
    Memory ALBUMS now......FLOWERS, CHANCE, ADVENTURES, INDIAN CULTURE and on and on and on!

    Try'll fall in love!

  8. Our border collie also just loves to ride. That last picture is wonderful. He is such a nice dog.

  9. You remind me of my Border Collies, Chance. We have two girl, Maggie Mae and Diamond Lil.

  10. Hey, Chance....Zack and Zanna send love and lickies to you!

  11. You always make me smile, Chance! Love that truck - and am really impressed that the coffee cup was still there!

  12. Glad to hear that Far Guy is feeling better.

    And Chance, you lucky dog!


  13. No pictures of the eagles, or are they coming in another post???
    Cute ones of Chance!

  14. Oh, Chance had such an adventure! Glad you shared it. Nice to see that Far Guy is doing better. One smooth sweet ride and the scenery only wish I was in the back with Chance.

  15. Hi Chance! What a neat thing to be able to do. I have never been in a fire truck - wow! I am so impressed. You are really important. I always knew that anyway :) Maybe sometime I can come ride in your fire truck too!

    Emma Rose

  16. What a wonderful life for a dog. Such interesting things to see. And you have Amish nearby. How cool! Glad to read that Far Guy is feeling better, too.



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