Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Never Again

Yesterday we got up early.. the trip North was filled with birds. First Canadian Geese, then a Bald Eagle that raced with the car, it was very impressive to see him or her all stretched out just thirty feet from the car. Then we saw a huge flock of Red Winged Blackbirds..are they grouping already? Then another Bald Eagle..this one feasting on the body of a tiny spotted fawn on the edge of the road. The big meany, but I guess a big mean car or truck already did the killing part..he was just getting an easy breakfast. Then something unidentifiable..maybe a young Eagle or maybe it was a young vulture. There was no time to stop for photographs.. we had a mission. One that neither of us had been looking forward to.

Can you believe that Far Guy was trying to get a wisdom tooth at his age? One of those way late, who woulda thunk it after all these years things. Years ago he had two of his wisdom teeth removed..he got painful dry sockets. So he said "Never again" ..well he shouldn't have said that. Never sometimes sneaks up on you. Never again was yesterday. This stupid wisdom tooth was coming in sideways pushing against another tooth, it was part way through the skin..and part way covered and stuck. A real troublemaker. It had to go.

What might be routine for someone else..becomes a big deal for someone with Trigeminal Neuralgia. The Neurologist said " Anything can happen, your pain could get better, or worse, or stay the same. Call me if you think we need to change medication dosages again." Fat lot of help he was. Anyway we got an Oral Surgeon.. a famous Hockey playing one at that..and the tooth is history. A little Nitrous Oxide and Far Guy was feeling no pain during the procedure. It was a rough day, especially for me, all I could do was dole out pain pills and Advil. I just hate it when there is nothing I can do except push pills. I got so stressed out, I had to nap. Today is better than yesterday..but the TN pain is worse. The famous hockey player turned Oral Surgeon said " Quite a big hunk of sinus bone came along with that tooth, but I don't think I tore a hole in your sinus cavity. " I asked Far Guy, "How do we know if that happened or not?" He replied "I guess if you blow your nose and air comes out the spot where your tooth was..you have a problem." I think perhaps I should take his temperature for a day or two. It hurts Far Guy to talk today..so he just listens and I talk..I could actually just do his part of the conversation also, but then it wouldn't be called a conversation would it? Yesterday he talked to practically everyone in the free world, he hurt too much to talk to me or the dog after all his phone calls. He is a trooper, eating soft foods and taking his medications. We are still just doing one day at a time.

If you are curious William (Bill) Baker was the Oral Surgeon, he scored the goal in the 1980 Olympic game with Sweden that tied the game. That goal gave the American team the momentum to be carried forward..some books say "Like a Rocket" So now you know what happened to one of the Miracle on Ice Hockey Players, never again will there be such a game or such a team and Far Guy says he is never having another wisdom tooth removed ever again. He only has one left..:)


Emma Rose said...

Poor Far Guy! And poor you, too Far Side! I hope things improve rapidly. And I know this is serious, but I'm still laughing about the nose blowing thing . . YUK :)

Kisses for Chance!
Emma Rose

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry, and it seemed as if Far Guy had been having some good days lately too. I sure hope he feels better soon and I hope you get some rest soon. Keep us posted Connie.

Liz in PA said...

So sorry Far Guy<----you have suffered so much for very little relief. I hope in the next few days everything subsides.....no more pain than you normally endure every single day w/TMJ.
But to think the hand of a "SUPER STAR" Hockey Player was dedicated to removing a silly out of date wisdom tooth! AMAZING!
Did you get an autographed picture?
I bet you could sell it on Ebay to pay for his services....LOL
And FAR SIDE<----you should have been a Nurse!
Or an Author. Or an Animal Shelter owner.
....Commedian? You are too much! Does Far Guy ever tell you ....... how funny you are?
I bet CHANCE loves you beyond reason....cause you always treat him so special...just like you treat Far Guy!

Rae said...

What a horrible thing to happen to Far Guy. He has certainly had to battle with more than his fair share of pain.
The two of you are a wonderful couple. He took care of you a few weeks ago when you had pneumonia and now you are there taking care of him. Best wishes to both of you. I hope Far Guy starts feeling better real soon.

DayPhoto said...

Sometimes I wish I could reach through this screen and give you a hug! Other times I wish I could sprinkle 'healing' dust all over Far Guy...enough already! He has has ENOUGH!!!

I wish I could help.

My prayers are with you.


RURAL said...

What beautiful comments your readers have left for you and Far Guy. I agree with all of them. Wishing Far Guy less pain, and a speedy recovery.

Wide open hugs to both of you.


Mary said...

I had hopes that removing the tooth might be a miracle cure for his pain. Never is a word that I most always have to eat.

Leah said...

Great story about the ex-hockey player -- Bad story for Far Guy -- Hope recovery time is short and Far Guy is back driving you around taking pictures!

lilly said...

I;m not sure bout the air coming through the holed where the sinus bone came out. If it does you really have a reason to be upset. Especialy if the weather turns cold. Something may freezse. How about that . Frozen air in my toothe area from a piece of sinus bone being removed, lily

Pamela said...

I always thought of hockey players with their toothless grins... (probably before all the special protective equipment and special dentistry) ... so it makes me giggle to think that he is a dentist!!

Maery Rose said...

Hope Far Guy is feeling better soon. And you too.

Lanny said...

Oh buggers, what a day. Hoping for Far Guy's speedy recovery from oral surgery. And I guess if you have to have a hole made in your head its is nice to have it done by someone famous eh?

Anonymous said...

ooh yowie bones.. i was fortunate .. my last wisdom tooth extaction (about 6 mos ago!) it was already protruded so my perio got a new "world and olympic record" for a painless extraction...

Oral surgery is such an inconvenience.. .feel better F.G.!!


Anonymous said...

Oh no! Poor poor Far Guy... I had a wisdom tooth pulled and it caused a lot of pain.

Thinking of you and Far Guy!

Anonymous said...

Poor guy! I had my wisdom teeth removed and it was even horrendous for me I can't imagin what he must feel like. {{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}

L. D. said...

I had a very infected broken lengthwise tooth and I begged to get to a dentist. I told them I would settle with dynamite to get it out. I don't think anything could make one to ever go there again. My son voluntarily had his wisdom teeth taken out and I said, how stupid was that. Well, I feel Far Guy's pain and I hope he gets to feeling better. I am sorry they had to come out.

The Retired One said...

Yuck. My jaw hurts just thinking about it.
{{hugs to him}}} and you!