Saturday, September 5, 2015

Long Weekend and Pills

When you are retired long weekends can be any weekend.  This is the last official weekend of the summer, school starts next Tuesday.

We have no plans…one day at a time.  The weather is supposed to be very warm and humid with thunderstorms.

Chance demanded his ride last night…he looks forward to that ride and moans, groans and makes the worst throaty noises until we go for a ride…spoiled dog anyway.

Ashleys Road Sept 4 Ashley’s Road  September 3 2015

It spit rain on us but we still saw two fawns sporting their spots.  It was too dark for a photo by then…it sure gets dark quickly on cloudy nights.

Doctor Visit Report:

My Doctor has decided to treat my Chronic Lymes  again…I hope it makes a difference. The Lyme attacks ebb and flow I swear it has a mind of it’s own.

My potassium was low so that helps explain why I have been more tired recently.  So I will take a potassium supplement. ( I hate taking medications…all I can see in my head is a little old lady with a Ziploc bag full of pills.)  I will go back in for follow up blood work in a month. AND my blood pressure which was the reason for the doctor visit…is just fine 130/82.

As we drove in the yard last night I said “Look at all the solar lights, they look so pretty.”  Far Guy said “You are getting to be quite an old lady with your glass flowers and solar lights!”  I reminded him that neither of us is getting any younger…and I will soon have a bag full of pills to prove it.

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  1. I'm already the little old lady with the bag of pills, but my husband is worse! I hope the doc has some good meds for your lyme disease and that you feel better soon.

  2. Ouch. I must admit Minnesota deer ticks with Lyme disease worried me much more than Grizzley bears in Montana. Take care now.....

  3. You should see my pill consumption. Only two of them are prescriptions, the rest are vitamins, but I don't miss taking them each day. But then again, I AM a little old lady with pills. You already seem to have a lot of energy, so those potassium pills might make you take right off! :-)

  4. I've had the bag of pills for ages, so I'm waaaay ahead of you on that distinction. ;o)

  5. So far no bag of pills as I can remember them all so far. I didn't know you had Lyme disease. They thought that's what I had until they decided it was RA.....they're all in the same group.
    I love that road. When I was up North I used to love to travel "the backroads" and see the farm houses etc. Down here not so much. I've noticed with my girls (dogs and cats), all you have to do is do something twice and it is a habit with them! LOL!
    It used to be school never started before Labor Day but you're the only school left I think. Have a nice weekend. It's 90's here and no rain or cool off until late next week, maybe. I want Fall with cool temps, rain and leaves falling.

  6. I hear you on the bag of pills lol ! I have to take supplements for vitamin D3 and B12 and sleeping pills all other pills I was taking I am happily off of thank god ! We love road trips on the back country gravel roads . Our Miggs grumbles at us to when she wants some thing lol . It is also sticky and humid here I am looking forward to some cool fall temps . Yup kiddies back to school here to on Tuesday after the long weekend as well ! Thanks for sharing . Hope you both have a good weekend .

  7. I have a drawer full of pills too, I still haven't decided what kind of little old lady I want to be; sweet, evil, sassy, wise

  8. That is cute about how Chance makes noises to let you know he is ready for his ride. My cat Kaboodle has a noise that she makes when she wants me to get out of bed and feed her. Harriet never enjoyed riding; maybe because she could not see out the car windows! She would go to sleep!
    I am prayerful that the meds will help you to feel better.
    I would love to see your solar lights/glass flowers etc. at dark. Sounds beautiful.
    I did purchase a fall leaf mini flag to place at our mailbox. Some of the neighbors are beginning to put out fall mums. With our heat, I think it is too early...but it is pretty for now.
    Take care. xo

  9. I too did not know you have Lyme's disease and so sorry to hear that. Please you two take good care of yourselves and each other.
    We are looking forward to a cooldown here in the next couple of days. It has been 90 and humid here in downtown MPLS MN and getting tired of it.

    Shirley H.

  10. You gave me a chuckle...I understand the baggie with pills in it.


  11. The drive is great but those doctor visits suck. Something chronic like Lymes really takes its toll.

  12. Hubby and I both take pills, too. Hope this time the doctor helps you feel better, and keeps you that way!
    Have a blessed Sunday.

  13. I sure hope you feel better soon. At least you haven't lost your sense of humor, that's good.

  14. Hope the pills make you feel better!

    Love that shot of the dusk.

  15. So sorry you have Lymes in the first place and hope they can find something to get rid of the exhaustion. I have a small bag of pills...and fibro that has a mind of its own, too. We soldier on...and spoil our furbabies--LOL! ;)

  16. Hi! I love Morning Glories but am also afraid of them spreading too much. When I read Lymes disease I just had to comment. I have just been diagnosed about two months ago. I have a bag full of pills too and will soon be in the medicare gap. But I am feeling just a little better. Hope you are too! Mine symptoms were extreme fatigue and itchy rashes. What were yours? If you would like to write and share your experiences my email is bobnanmol at yahoo dot com. Visiting you from Granny Marigolds! Nancy


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