Saturday, September 7, 2013

September 7 2013

The Canada Geese are bunching up, they have been in the pea field and then after the peas were baled they headed a bit west.

Canada Geese Grouping

I counted about 56 in the field.


Some of the trees seem to have huge clusters of cones.

Windmill at sunset

We stopped at the neighbors and let the dogs play until it got dark.  This is their windmill. The skies were beautiful at sunset. 

Another day is done.  Far Guy had a good day at the museum yesterday, he had lots of visitors and a very busy day.  Chance and I cleaned a bit here at home and did laundry and supervised the Gas Company workers that came to set up a new LP tank and dig trenches (the ground is powder dry) for the gas lines that will be hooked up to the new furnace one of these days.  The new furnace project sure is taking a long time…I am thankful we don’t need a furnace yet…it was 94 F here yesterday:) 

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  1. Definitely sounds like fall is coming, but that 94 degree temperature sounds like midsummer to me! You are so lucky to have FG to help with the museum. :-)

  2. I love old windmills!! (my Dutch heritage) Your photo of it is stunning with the evening sky as a background!!

  3. It has been warm here too, I hope the weather settles down. We really need some rain here.

  4. I don't think you will be dealing with those hot temps much longer. Autumn is right around the corner. I am gearing up for the fall festivals. Can't wait for them to start. Looks like Jo's windmill?? The sunset photo is beautiful.

  5. We have smaller birds that are gathering on the lines getting ready to do south. I wish more geese would go south than all the ones that stay year round. The feed off of the fields when the snow is gone.

  6. After some rain - like two inches in various thunderstorms- we are looking for a return of mild summer-like weather here in Seattle. While it certainly looks and feels like September here, I'll hang on to summer as long as I can. Things are greening up again. Thankfully we will not be having 90+ degree days!
    As always, I love your countryside photos and hearing about your adventures with chance.

  7. I think you would have been better of to go to work as you did a lot of things at home. I like your photo of sky and windmill. there aren't very many windmills left.

  8. Afternoon, yes, really notice the changes slowly creeping in, Yey!!!! Francine.

  9. Gorgeous photo of sky and windmill. And is it too much to wish for temps in the 70s or 80s instead of the 90s? I know, watch what you wish for.

  10. Love that photo of the windmill. There is a man who lives not far from me who took to making those as a hobby. He's got them all over his yard. There's just something about the look of those things.

    And of course, you captured the sunset beautifully, too. It isn't just about the windmill :)

  11. So do I dare joke, and ask if you have frost yet?

    Sounds like a lot of work, but when you are toasty warm this winter, you will be so glad.

    Insurance would is the answer, but the deductible is higher then the stove cost.


  12. We had a very cool August, so cool everyone was afraid it would freeze the first of September...(It has before) we are now sweltering. No frost in sight...yet.


  13. I haven't heard or seen the geese yet here. Soon, I imagine.
    Love the windmill shot. The weather has finally broken and cooled off. I am in seventh heaven! :)


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