Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Music

Christmas Music..I never much cared for it.  The music that begins in the stores to get me in a Christmas shopping mood in October was a miserable failure.  I can sing rock and roll songs in my head to counteract all those here come santy claus songs. To date the number of gifts 

I have only heard one “Christmas Carol” that I really like and that would be Away in a Manger..and it is rarely sung..except in a  Christmas program that includes small children.  It is not exactly high on the play list at wally world or anyplace else where you throw your money away at this time of year. 

I can walk in a winter wonderland all day long, I can feel jack frost nipping at my nose and my toes.  I don’t need to dream of a white Christmas, I am living that nightmare.  I never saw my mommy kissing santa claus, the halls aren't decked here yet even though It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas other places.  There is no pretty paper or ribbons around here and no chestnuts roasting on any kind of fire and I refuse to watch out for runaway sleighs pulled by reindeer.

Some people think that this is the most wonderful time of the year because all they want for Christmas is their two front teeth.  Merry Christmas Texas You All might have been a big hit a long time ago..frankly I have never heard it.  Sadly or maybe not so sadly we no longer have a record player that will play it. 

IMG_9085 Far Guys newest Christmas record.

I don’t listen to Christmas music..Far Guy can listen to it if he wants..he has head phones.  If I hear santa baby or holly jolly Christmas one more time, I will just stick my head in a snow bank till December 26 when all the insanity is over. 

Far Guy says his favorite Christmas song is Silent Night..for me all that conjures up is the time on Christmas eve where we were supposed to sing it as it was originally written in German..:)

**Far Guy wants you to know that Silent Night was originally written for guitar music…back in 1818 the Church organ was broken.


  1. The song "Grandma Got Run Over By a Raindeer" comes to mind.

  2. I with you on the Christmas music.....all November long they've played it both in stores and the radio. I think Grandpa should get run over by the reindeer;)))))

  3. The little kids will not be sing Away- in- the manger any more. No more Chistmas programs in schools here we may upset the----- some people to say Christ in any thing.
    I think Far Guy is right about the guitar and "Grandma Got Run Over By a RAINDEER" so look around when you go out side. LOL

  4. Ahhhhh try working 8 hour shifts with that crap, um Christmas music. We have a one channel satellite feed with canned awful music that ranges from Burl Ives???? how long has he been dead? to some awful Vanessa Williams screeching.

    Head office has decreed just like Scrooge that this is what MUST be played. And they wonder why the staff isn't jumping like elves...LOL.

    There is one bright light in my 6 hour looped repitition, they play the most beautiful version of Gordan Lightfoots Christmas song, sung by Sarah Mclaughlen.

    Sigh, stunning, and it brings tears to my eyes each time I hear it. I live for those few minutes each day.

    I am taken away to another place where the music is subtle and stunning....

    Merry Christmas, I hope that you do find something that appeals to you in music this Christmas.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  5. Well there you have it eh? And I thought I was grumpy and complained about something most people would tisk tisk me for! Thanks for making me feel not so bad!
    I don't mind Christmas music 'cuz for me in my head most music is seasonal anyway, I play certain music in late winter, certain music during haying season, certain music in the fall. What I do dislike is stupid not-really-Christmas Christmas music, the stuff that the latest (or not so latest) Christian artist puts on their albums, sappy self-centered nonsense, oh wait, that is usually how I feel about most all their music. Not sure why they don't just hop up on stage and start belting out "it's all about me" to the tune of their choice.

    I was in a department store last week with Bet and I asked her if the store smelled different now that it was Christmas? She didn't think so. I remember as a little person thinking that the stores smelled so good during Christmas, it was what I looked forward to the most. Hard for me to discribe it but I know I'd know it if I smelled it. I miss that. And the decor, seems lacking. Rather half hearted. Not very mystical and magical. Not size wize. Santa's area was huge, but not, all at the same time.

  6. I like traditional Christmas music, but I detest when celebrities put their own strange twist on them to match their singing style. Don't even get me started on what these same individuals do to the Star Spangled Banner when they belt it out at athletic events.

  7. Good Morning Grumpy!
    We just sent you a link to MUSIC on You Tube. HA! Enjoy :)

    Kisses for Chance and for Grumpy,
    Emma Rose

  8. I feel the same way about that music drumming into my head every time I go into a store, whether at Christmas time or any time of the year. Apparently someone somewhere decided we all need a sound track when we're shopping, or we might not buy anything.

    I sometimes ask a store employee how they deal with it, and every time it's with rolled eyes and a pained expression. Must be awful!

  9. I hardly ever listen to music or tv. I do tire of the same songs over and over in the stores but we don't give gifts and we have no family to visit us so we don't decorate and I don't have to shop (except for groceries!) In addition to be warmer in GA, I told you a few weeks ago you should come here!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. LOL, I enjoyed your thoughts on Christmas music and the season in general.

  11. Christmas is bringing out the bah humbug in people. My friend Sue just wrote a similar post. I like decorating my house for Christmas but the music I like is not what they ever play. I like the choir versions of the Christmas music but only for the week of Christmas itself, not months ahead of time. And I hate the shopping. Good thing I don't have anyone to shop for. Or is that kind of sad?

  12. OMG I was gonna say the EXACT same thing as FAR GUY! lol

  13. I think most everyone will admit that they start all this Christmas stuff way too in before Thanksgiving. Ridiculous! I agree with Maery Rose...the week of Christmas is quite enough. The entire thing has been diluted with overkill.

  14. And one benefit for working for a church is we get to play Christian music!!!! Have you gone to where you can create your own music station to play whatever songs you prefer? We have two or three different ones set up at work and at home - - - and you can set them up under different email names, too so you get more hours of play time. For instance, I have two legitimate emails - - - one for work and one for home.
    Plus, I have bought Christian cds that are instrumental Christmas. I like those a lot, too.

  15. Well, alrighty then- Far Guy and I are on the same page...I LOVE Gene Autry!!!!

  16. You will NOT be impressed to hear that I listened to eleven Christmas CD's today and I have 6 more to go before I hear all the Christmas CDs I own. Plus I've listened to Casting Crowns sing "I heard the Bells on Christmas Day" over and over already because it's my favorite.

    Tell Far Guy that I knew the story of "Silent Night" because I was the narrator in 1st grade in the Osage Elementary Christmas program and I got to tell the story of "Silent Night" I was so excited to be the narrator, that memory has lasted.

    As long as it's December, I'm happy to hear Christmas music.

    I'd rather use allotment of crabbiness to bitch about the weather.

    Fa La La La La La La La La

  17. Oh my, a post I can sure relate to. Bah humbug!
    Just think, it will all be over in three weeks, will be here and gone before you know it:)
    I've been thinking we should drag out Christmas lights out, but that is as far as we've got.

  18. In our Catholic church we don't play any Christmas songs until Christmas and then keep playing them until into January. the real 12 days of Christmas. So when everyone else is off in their winter doldrums and pre Superbowl orgy, we are still in the Christmas mood. Or supposed to be anyway. I hate the commercialism of Christmas anymore and wish more would dwell on the real reason for the season. And I like Christmas hymn's, but few of the other crap. Tho' I seldom listen to the radio this time of year.

    And a Merry Bah humbug to you, my dear. :-)

  19. Having a bit of a problem getting into the spirit of things, are we? LOL!! Good luck with that!!

  20. This made me laugh! I don't like piped Christmas music, but I do love the old traditional carols when sung in church or via a CD...


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