Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ornaments: New In 2009

I have been afflicted..with CRS..that would be Can’t Remember Stuff ( or shit if you prefer.)

I also have  OCCOD..Obsessive Compulsive Christmas Ornament Disorder.
I cannot for the life of me remember who gave me this ornament.  I laid awake half the night trying to go back in the dark recesses of my brain…who was the person?  Maybe it was Far Guy?  Maybe I bought it for myself..
IMG_9244 When I get the ornaments out from their boxes perhaps I will find I wrote on the bottom..ya right.  Maybe all of a sudden out of the blue it will come to me.  I love it..I raised bunnies at one time..they are lovely little creatures. They are very prolific and I was fairly good at helping them raise all their young.
IMG_9253 I know who gave me this one..it was from the little gal over at Livin’ It Up Country..a snowflake ..a reminder that snowflakes can be beautiful! (She likes snow much more than me.)
IMG_9255 This one was from Jo at West Side of Straight..She sews, she quilts so this one is a lovely reminder of all of her talents! I can remember it is from her because she was thoughtful enough to mark it for me!
I have more..but I will share them another day..we still have time before Christmas..and I have hundred of photos of Christmas Ornaments:)

It seems the bunny ornament  mystery is solved..
Mot-her!  Who do you think gave you that ornament? Are you having an Alzheimer moment? Do I need to put you in a home? Who collects bunnies? Who are bunnies important to? When you think of bunnies WHO do you think of? Well, apparently you don't think about me, the person who gave you the ornament! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


DJan said...

These are so sweet. I do love the bunnies. What a nice tradition, to send each other Christmas ornaments. I don't have a tree, no nothing, so I'm easy to send one to: just do it on line, like this. And we all have that CRS disease, Connie. It just get more noticeable as we get older. Or maybe we just know so much stuff that memories begin to leak out of our ears. :-)

patty said...

my crs disease is getting worse and worse. my mom always said that the reason we can't remember everything is that we have so much to remember. God help me if i ever lose my phone or my day tripper. they are my life savers.

Rae said...

Looks like you are finally getting into Christmas decorating mode. Have you got out that big "coffin" that Far Guy built for you? That should be fun to rummage through to unwrap all your ornaments this year.

Those are very pretty ornaments that Lynn and Jo gave you. They are both so crafty and make the neatest stuff. The handcrafted decorations are my favorites. I still have things my kids made 25 years ago...junk to someone else, but very sentimental for me.

Leah said...

Yea..... you are getting your Christmas stuff out --- Hubby said you called - was it to solve the mystery? If not give me a ring! You are right I do the love the snow much more than you! :) Stay warm....

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Yep, I told Hubby the other day it would probably freak me out if I knew how many ornaments I put on the tree. I know how many lights...1300! It's lit up like a Christmas tree...Heeehehehe!

Your ornaments are just beautiful, I'm smitten with the bunnies. I thought of ya the other day when I hung my Shiny Brites on the tree.

Have fun girl and may God bless ya!!!

Lanny said...

Funny, I find that now that I only have one child to think about and hardly at that, that my CRS problem has nearly vanished. I used to laugh and say I was born with that forgetting disease that I can't spell that begins with an A.

Nice to know you have other friends who like snow, its good to know I'm not the only one you have to put up with!

Love the bunny ornament. Anna has us into bunnies now, she has two up north with her but I have been elected to keep the one she didn't like so much and the male that we'll both use for breeding. She had to go bunnies as her whole new family works for a egg farm, and no one is allowed to have birds of any sort. We're all waiting on the first kindling this week.

Lynda said...

The holiday spirit is infusing your being! And you are sharing it with us....Praise God! I like seeing your ornaments and look forward more of your collection.

Anonymous said...

What a lot of cute ornaments you have... I have very very few (apart from my charm and modesty that is!) ;-)

gayle said...

My favorite is the bunny ornament! Glad you remembered who gave it to you!