Sunday, December 19, 2010

What ever happened to?

Customer service, free gift wrapping and boxes with your purchases?  Remember the good old days?

Can you tell we have been shopping?  The best part of the entire day was the ride home.  It certainly wasn’t fighting the traffic in the icy parking lots or risking life and limb to walk through those parking lots.  It certainly was not the customer service where we shopped for a CD that we never did find, or the books that went by the wayside because the titles could not be located.  It certainly was not in the store where I asked a young man ..What is the price of that item?  The little placard with the price was missing…five minutes later he came back and said well it is a dollar two forty one and that is the only one left.  I told him fine we will take the other one then..he looked at me like I had three heads and was oozing bodily fluids…and said “I will have to get someone else to help you”  Off he sauntered coming back after another five minutes with someone older and wiser. There was supposed to be video surveillance in that store, I hope they got the message when I pointed my finger to my head and shot myself with my finger..many times.  I even found a comfy spot to sit and wait and add some sound effects to my explosions.  I must have made a impression on a few people as they smiled and shook their heads.  I asked for a box at the checkout..I figured I had spent enough to warrant a free *&^%$#& box..guess not…but have a Merry Christmas anyway mam. 

Far Guy really should start shopping earlier next year:)


Today we have a pretty picture from the archives because I used to have a friend named “Flydragon” who required all her blog posts to include one.. she left for heaven a year ago today..I still miss her. Your arrival in heaven must be something like your birth..only better because you will know all the people waiting for you:)


Emma Rose said...

I have done most of my shopping online. Many places have free shipping for the holidays. Amazon is like a second home to me! Ha!

Fantastic picture! I remember when your friend left this world. Hard to believe it has been a year.

Have a peaceful Sunday.

The Duchess

DJan said...

And I have a friend who left this world in the early morning hours today. I hope they have met and like each other. Only you can make a surveillance guy's day! :-)

Country Gal said...

I worked in retail and hated the idiots that didnt try to bend over backwards for the customer or new nothing about their prices or products so I would intervien and help the customer and have them leave happy and well looked after, I mean I hated the poor attitude as a customer myself in stores and I did and will let them know about it thats for sure. Have a warm and happy day !

Nathan said...

Customer service is long gone sadly

Linda said...

Customer Service is an oxymoron.

Patsy said...

Guess what when we checked out at Penney's the man ask us if we wanted a box. Then he said oh! all we have is the suit box size.I had two little under shirts and the Bennie had a hat.

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

I experienced some AWFUL customer service this year as well (Macy's) It boggles my mind with the economy the way that it is that when you ask a simple question or ask for some help finding something you are either answered abruptly, annoyed (with NO provocation) and they act like they are doing US a favor!
I am over 50, out of work and applied for a number of jobs in the retail arena. I was passed over due to having NO retail experience (God forbid they train someone with 20+ yrs in the workforce).
My ENTIRE background was customer service I see why I was passed over. My ability to provide SUPERIOR customer service is a far higher standard than what so many of these stores seek to provide. I now consider it to be a compliment that I wasn't hired!

Rae said...

I hate shopping, even when it isn't Christmas time. Most of the clerks are young and stupid anymore...or maybe it's that I am old and stubborn. Whichever it is, it drives me insane. I did most of my shopping online this year, so I only have to deal with the UPS guy and he is really nice and nice to look at too:)

Rita said...

Yup! The good old days when they gave you free boxes & tissue paper for presents and wrapping was available. Been so long I had forgotten till you reminded me. ;)

Nancy said...

Customer what? The term "service" disappeared about the time companies got rid of real people on the phone and changed to an automated system. Punch one for . . . Oh, how I HATE not having a real person help me with a problem.

I had forgotten about the free boxes and gift wrapping, too. I wonder when that practice was discontinued?

School children here still set up a couple of tables at Kmart on weekends and wrap gifts for donations. Most people use gift bags anymore. I think the bags have taken some of the magic out of Christmas and gift-giving.

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

@Rae...I LOVED your comment! (about the UPS guy being nice to look at!!)


Lynda said...

I agree with Rae that the younger generation has little clue regarding customer service. Often they seem to perceive us as an interruption to their texting! I did what I could online too.

RURAL said...

I beg to differ. In fact I am not begging I am stating!

I find that the younger generation here is amazingly patient, wonderful, and helpful. They are tolerant, and polite. Where have you been shopping? Try the smaller retailers, they really need your business, and are much friendlier.

Yes I am a customer service rep, that person who is so rudely flagged down by some customers! "Hey You", sometimes the customer even resorts to yelling, or whistling at me to get my attention from across the store. And I respond politely while you whine, and complain for minutes about the lack of service, the lack of the particular item that I have no control over, and I bend over backwards to appologize to you.

Meanwhile there are other shoppers interupting our conversation trying to get my attention while I am speaking to you.

Yes there is bad customer service out there, in fact there is some terrible customer service out there.

But there is also some terrific customer service. And when I encounter it, I make SURE that I ask for the manager, and mention how wonderful that person was who helped me. It's Karma as far as I am concerned, if I am going to complain about poor customer service, then I am going to make sure that when I encounter someone who is pleasant I tell the management. Give it a try sometimes, and see if it improves the next time you visit.

And yes, dear Flydragon, I miss you so much also, it's hard to believe that it is a year since one of my favortie bloggers has left us...

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

What a beautiful line to end your post with sweetie!!!

This is one chick who was soooo not born with the shoppin' gene! I dot~com everything I can, heck I'd dot~com my groceries if I could.

I so hear ya...nobody wants to help you anymore. I was in the produce section the other day and a little lady was lookin' for something as asked a clerk for help. The clerk just whizzed on by sayin'..."I don't work in this department.!" Needless to say, I stopped and took the time.

God bless ya and have a beautiful day!!! :o)

DayPhoto said...

We went shopping Saturday...ugh the crowds...and I do believe people only work now for the paycheck anything else to do with thier 'job' is forgotten.


Karen said...

I hit the mall very rarely, so I'm probably not the best one to comment.....but, my experiences have all been positive. I'm from B.C. like Jen@Muddybootdreams, maybe we are just lucky here?
The young people helping me were great. One young guy, well, I was wishing I could have matched him up with my daughter:)
I haven't asked for any boxes lately, but then not getting a box does doesn't really bother me. We always keep boxes from gifts if they are still in good shape, and store them with the Christmas wrapping. Some of them have been used for many years. Same with the wrapping paper, a lot of it gets reused, and if it is quality paper, it can be used a few times. It all comes with trying to be green:)
Free boxes and wrapping, well we'd be paying for it one way or another.
A lot of the malls do have wrapping stations where volunteers will wrap your gift for a donation to the charity they are supporting, which I think is a great alternative.
I did get a laugh out of your post though!!

Pamela said...

Your shopping experience made me smile.
I haven't ventured out. Did some on line shopping and felt worn out after that ha ha ha

Customer service was so important when you had small town stores and shopping at home.
it's the unusual person working at the big stores that helps you and makes you feel like a valued customer

Connie Peterson said...

I do 99% of my Christmas (and other gifts) shopping on-line --- mostly with Amazon (love the "free" shipping with my Prime account). I do a lot of thinking and planning and on-line makes it easier. Since we live 1 1/2 hours from any large city, I can't find what I want in our area. I am sorry you spent so much time stressed out ... I am never going back to that option again!

gayle said...

I remember the days when there gift wrapping and free boxes. I was offer boxes once this year and it was at JC Penney.

Marla said...

I despise shopping. Absolutely hate it.