Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chance: The Best Part of Christmas

It is I the handsome blogging Border Collie.  Far Side is not fit to talk to anyone today.  I betcha wanna know why? see some nurse called her yesterday and CANCELLED her appointment to get her stitches out.  It seems the other nurses from same day surgery have no clue what their Doctors want. This clinic nurse who bossed Far Side around does and she is in charge of the appointments.  So the itchy bothersome stitches that are not supposed to get wet will stay in until Monday.  That was not a pretty phone call..afterward when Far Side started to bawl..Far Guy said “Sweetie, I can always remove those stitches if they get to be too much for you.”  I guess I could always chew them off …might be a bit messy..

On to the best part of Christmas. Food..oh yes a few leftovers..the BBQ Ribs that Far Side made were to roll over and die for..and Cheesy Bread..and corn that came out of the local fields last summer…and sister made cookies.

Presents..Miney got a bag of Tennis Balls and shared her good fortune with me!

I got my very own Hockey Stick!! Now we have we can really play hockey in the the driveway now. There was some confusion when it was purchased..apparently it goes by the height of the of my girls said “It doesn’t matter it is for a dog.”  Now there will always be two sticks on hand..we play with a tennis we can play all year round.  I also got this..

IMG_0181 a spidery looking ball that squeaks..I can’t take it outside because I might lose it in a snow bank.  This was a gift from Lisa J who lives in Washington State..she has Trigeminal Neuralgia just like Far Guy..and reads Far Sides blog everyday. She also sent a few ornaments …

IMG_0282  The most beautiful little Goldfinch..the State Bird of Washington.

Now get ready for a drop your socks off one of a kind ornament..Far Side thinks it is one of the most beautiful ornaments she has ever seen.( This was picked out especially for her by Lisa’s husband Doug..he  has really good taste:)




Far Side is reminded..that whatever silly discomfort that she has with her thumb is just a minor irritant…it will be all better in a few more days.. Trigeminal Neuralgia never goes away. Thank you Lisa and Doug J for thinking of us!  Presents, food and friends that understand make for a perfect Christmas for this handsome dog:)



  1. Oh, Chance, you handsome border collie - -- what sunshine you are on a cloudy day! I vote for you chewing the stitches off. Far Side can still keep the hand dry and then both she and the doctors' office can compromise!
    You are correct about the ornament. It IS REALLY beautiful. Blogging has definitely gifted us all with more friends this year. Praise God for your friend who understands Far Guy's pain - - - but I hate they both have to cope with that horrible ailment. Does cold weather make it worse?

  2. Beautiful ornaments!
    I can sympathize about the stitches. A couple of times when I've had them, they got infected. I've taken my own out before now, but I'd vote for Far Guy to do it, not Chance:)!

  3. Chance, I love all your new toys. Sounds like it was a great Christmas get together. The ornaments are very beautiful and a thoughtful gift. I wish you, Far Side and Far Guy many blessings in the new year.

  4. That's for keeping us in the loop, Chance. So sorry to hear about the stitches, but it will soon be Monday. I do love that ornament - bet it's all sparkly when it catches the light.

  5. miss lynda, Cold weather does not make it worse..but cold wind does along with low pressure systems moving in during storms...there is something about the wind and changes in pressure that really sets off the miss firing of the nerve, sometimes intermintant..sometimes continual:(

  6. Chance is always so beautiful. Someone in my neighborhood lost their BC and I'm grieving for them, and always looking.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  7. You are very welcome for the ball Chance. If you squeak the ball when Farside & Farguy are sleeping they will feel really special. Especially if you get in their face, & there is doggie drool dripping off it. My dog has done that a few times. She has 4 squeaky toys, but mostly likes her tennis balls.
    Chance I think you are very handsome & smart. but I don't think you should take Farsides stitches out. Tell Farside I'm sorry can't get them out yet. Humans have a hard time when they can't use their thumbs. Has her pain gotten better?
    Also will you please tell Farside The pink ornament was from my hubby Doug. He reads her blog or I tell him about what she has wrote. He knows it has been really nice for me to have people that understand this condition. Sometimes it is to painful to talk but I can type.
    We would like to meet all of you some day. Farside & Farguy seem like nice down to earth people. Chance your just incredible.
    I to hate the cold weather makes my TN pain worse.
    Please tell Farside I love her blogs & yours to Chance. please tell Farguy thank you for letting me vent to him in email. It is nice to have a friend who understands. Although I wish he didn't.

  8. Thank you Chance for letting us know about poor Far Side and her thumb, just give her a few licks and she will feel better. Glad you and the family had a happy Christmas.

  9. Hope the thumb gets better sooner rather than later and Chance has some nice toys there, love the Ornaments! Happy New Year!

  10. I hope the thumb gets better soon too. Looks like Chance had as good a Christmas as Notshy!

  11. Chance, I think if you just lick the stitches they will feel better. The ornaments are lovely and imagine, right here in my backyard. I gotta get out more! Have fun with your new hockey stick.

  12. Those are awesome gifts you received Chance. Your very own hockey stick - impressive! Those ornaments are very pretty too.
    I wish I was closer. Far Side could forget that old bossy nurse, I would have taken those itchy stitches out for her in a flash. Grouchy, bossy nurses...there is nothing worse:(

  13. Clip Clip...Chance (you beautiful hairy border collie) tell Far Guy it's time to take out Far Side's stitches... shouldn't have to put up with the pain and the long as it's healed enough, go for it...or you could sneak in while she's sleeping and lick them out like you would if you had some of your own...she would just wake up to them gone...

  14. Chance, you tell Mrs. Sweet Far Side to grab a jar of Vaseline and I'll take those stitches out for her as slick as a whistle!!! I've taken many stitches out for me Dad so I'm not new at it or anything. Poor thing, that's a long time for them to "pull"!

    I sure enjoyed your post today Chance, I think it just may deserve an extra doggie treat or maybe a tennis ball!

    God bless ya'll and have a magnificent day! :o)

  15. You really are a handsome guy Chance. I am glad to hear that you too get to taste the home cooked meals as Barney is polite about it but does appreciate a taste. Tell Far Side that I had to grit my teeth and drove past Menards, to prevent buying any more ornaments. Barney loves to wag his tail near the tree to make the guys swing back and forth. Have a good New Year Chance and take care of the two main humans in your life.

  16. I'm sorry to hear about the stitches :( I think Far Guy should take them out.
    The ornaments are beautiful. We love the Goldfinches in the summertime when they eat from our feeders. They are quite colorful!

    Emma Rose

  17. Happy New Year Chance - it sounds like your holidays have been happy and you've gotten some well deserved treats!

  18. I am delighted to have found your blog, Far Side (via your comment on Troutbirder's). Love your story-telling voice and hope you are stitch-free and feeling super very soon.

  19. Those are beautiful ornaments, I like the gold finch.... And might I just say Chance, you look like you have very smoochy lips!!! I hope that doesn't embarrass you...I just had to let you know!

  20. Chance, you are so good to fill in on those bad days and you write so well!

  21. Well, Chance, it's always pleasure for me to find you have been busy at the computer. What great gifts you got from Lisa. I also live in Washington state and my goldfinches never left for the winter because I feed them all year long. I feel so bad for them getting cold at night, though! It's really cold right now, but we don't have snow on the ground like you do. Bet it's fun to run through it, huh? Well, here's a virtual pet and you can give me a virtual lick! :-)

  22. How many stitches are there???

    those are fantastic ornaments. So thoughtful of your friends...


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