Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bum Thumb/ First Day Of Winter

Well welcome Winter! It finally got here..now we can get on with getting it over.   It is snowing here..so the lunar eclipse was not observed or the meteor showers either..both events I was looking forward to. Instead I got this. This was taken yesterday just as the snow was beginning..there is lots more snow now..
I have been treating myself for a trigger thumb.  I don’t quite know what happened. Perhaps I reached the maximum amount of thumb bends, or I am getting old and my body is falling apart bit by bit, piece by piece, part by part..until I am all worn out.  Anyway my thumb was sticky, and it kept sticking  and then the joint would dislocate and jump and stick and it hurt like when you hit it with a hammer, sometimes it just made me say swear word, swear word..other times it hurts so bad it makes me bawl.  So I have been resting it. I got a bunch of red and blue veterinarian tape (which is half the price of people tape) and I tape the joint so it cannot move ..in effect resting the joint and the tendon that is causing the problem.

I have been resting it for a long time..since October.  Lots of people ask me “What did you do to your thumb?”  Some assume since I am a woodcarver and wield a sharp knife that I cut myself.  When in fact many carvers use the vet tape to prevent cuts to their thumbs.

Finally my new Doctor Who Is Fourteen(WIF) who is a GP and fresh out of medical school referred me to a surgeon..I need surgery.  
IMG_9896 This was the reading material in the surgeons office.
I had my physical and passed and even had an EKG and X-rays and lots of blood tests. I did flunk the potassium level part..so I will be irritable and tired until I get that under control. The good news for me and the bad news for Far Guy is ..the surgeons assistant said that It will be two maybe three years until I can cook decently again.  When I told Doc WIF he just laughed and said “Really.”  The other good news is I kinda like Doc WIF.  I am cautious..but so far so good.

When I went to X-ray, I asked them if they wanted to X-ray it in or out of joint..they said “What..you can do that?”  Yup..it is up to you..they decided that they just wanted it normal.  I showed them anyway.. one gal said “You just made my day.”

For Christmas I am getting my bum thumb fixed..by Christmas I should be all better, and if not all better at least partially better. The surgery will take place later today..I am trying to be brave:)

Update at 10PM: The surgery went well, the pain is considerable but with a few handy dandy pain pills and ice bags it is tolerable.  I have slept most of the evening...we didn't get home till 4PM...Chance wants to lick my hand and make it all better:)


Nancy said...

Since October? You have been brave far too long. Glad that you are getting it fixed so you can continue taking your wonderful photographs.

Here's to a speedy and complete recovery.

Jennifer said...

You are brave, it could be worse: you could be paying someone to suck your eyeball out with a vacuum and then force it back into your socket while you smell burning flesh.

You will be out cold, you will be fine! Be brave, wiggle your toes and breathe.

Rae said...

I love Jen's comment - very funny. She is so much like her mother - Wonderful wry humorists.

Wishing you a speedy recovery. Take full advantage and let everyone else do all the Christmas cooking and cleaning.

Rudee said...

Your doctor needs to provide new waiting room reading fodder.

Good luck with your recovery.

Jo said...

Hope it's all over soon and you can get on with the healing-up Bum Thumb. Jo :-)

Becca's Dirt said...

You funny girl - I hope it's over soon and then you are on the mend. Have a wonderful holiday.

Maery Rose said...

I can't believe you've been enduring something like that since October. I hope you are feeling better very soon. I'm sure you made a comment about the disconcerting reading material...

Nancy/BLissed-Out Grandma said...

Vet's tape...who knew? I hope you are feeling all better very soon, even though you may have lost your ability to cook, clean, shovel, etc., for a very long time! As long as you can type and take photos and sustain your sense of humor!

Anonymous said...

Hope the surgery goes well and that you feel better quickly. That's a long time to put up with a bad thumb! Love ya'!

DJan said...

You are so funny! I also will have a new doctor at the first of the year, who has only been practicing for four years! I figure he will look like a teenager to me, but at least he should be up on the latest stuff. I think you can look forward to that part, too. Glad your thumb will be fixed for Christmas! What a great present!

DayPhoto said...

Oh! MY GOODNESS! Since OCTOBER!!!! You are very brave! Good luck, Connie. Looking forward to your progress report.


Lanny said...

Love vet wrap, and it comes in psychedelic colors! But it will be nice to not have to have it on your thumb all the time, just when you are super carver! Thumbs up! Funny, young people still look sorta old to me. (any body in authority looks eighty) What is a shocker is the sixteen year old in the mirror looks like she partied all night after playing the grandma in a play!

So.. we only have opposable thumbs so we can cook? Nice try missy.

Liz in PA said...

Fine Christmas present that is...and not even a Surprise wrapped under the tree!
..But I bet Far Guy will make you a super Egg Nog all Sparked up....and that'll get you to smile and giggle!! Hope your "Super Thumb" heals fast!

I want to thank you for my little carved Christmas Church Ornament that I won! It is on a special branch of our tree so I can point it out to my family when they come on Christmas Day!

You have lots of talent in the woodworking department....soon you'll have the plans in shape for your next year's ornaments in the works! I think "CHANCE" should be your model for Woodcarving 2011!
WOOF WOOF to Chance from "Buddy in PA"

Thanks again and you and Far Guy have a Wonderful Christmas {Happy 41st. Anniversary} too, and all the Best in the New 2011 Year!

Liz in PA

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Dang it girl, I hope the only gift ya have all wrapped up this year isn't just your bum thumb. My prayer are with ya all the way sweetie for a complete and speedy recovery. What timing..huh???

God bless and try to keep up updated...or tell Mr. Far Guy to...K???

Take care

Connie Peterson said...

So what kind of surgery? I have had two on my right thumb ... joint replacement. But if you will be "fine" by Christmas, it can't be that .... I also had a tendon cut to relieve a finger that did the popping thingie. Is that what it is? No matter what the surgery is, it's worth the pain, trouble and fear to get rid of the pain. Oh, and my knee surgeon hasn't even graduated from High School yet. They sure grow them young! Get better so you can keep writing your funny, cool blogs.

Gail said...

Thumbs up...you will be able to do that soon, pain free.

Heal quickly. Only one thumb is needed to type.

An English Shepherd said...

Thats a great mag to have in the waiting room...not!

Hope you are better soon :-)


The Retired One said...

wow...that was a fast decision...you will be in my thoughts and prayers for a swift recovery without pain...!
Guess you will be healed enough to hitchhike with that thumb by New Years??? xxoo

Lynda said...

Bummer on the bum thumb. I pray your recovery is speedy and uncomplicated. I didn't know the thumb could trigger. My same finger is triggering again. Before doing another cortisone shot, I am getting a consult from PT tomorrow. However, I have read about trigger fingers and know that surgery is often the only solution. It's great you like your doc though. It helps a lot. I sure hope Far Guy and Chance do a wonderful job of taking care of you.

Emma Rose said...

Oh no! Poor Far Side :( By now you are through with surgery and home - hopefully sleeping soundly. I hope you recover fast with NO MORE PAIN!

Emma Rose

RURAL said...

First I laugh, [at the reading material] then I sigh, Oh Connie.

But heal quickly, and let us know how you are doing. What a great excuse to get out of cooking.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

CottonLady said...

Here's praying you have a speedy recovery from your thumb surgery.

Merry Christmas to you and Far Guy. I've been lurking in the backround for a long time...just don't comment much.

Anonymous said...

Hoping that dang pain goes away! And what a glorious excuse to laze around all Christmas and not have to cook or wash up.. yep - that bum thumb is good for something!

linda m said...

Sending you "speedy recovery" thoughts and prayers. Now you have a great excuse for taking it easy. Just hold up your bandaged thumb and get a look of painful discomfort on your face. Hahahaha Merry Christmas Connie

CiCi said...

Tell Far Guy it is more important that you are able to blog than to cook. You can sit and supervise him in his new cooking duties. Ha.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Get well soon!! Isn't that just like Chance...takin' care of mama. You might as well use this to your advantage....no dish washing for you! LOLOLOLOLOL
Have a wonderful holiday in spite of this. All will be better soon.

Pamela said...

gotta go get WR to read this. he had surgery last year for a trigger finger. He learned lots of weird things about the post surgery possibilities.