Thursday, April 7, 2011


Far Guys finger is healing just looks much better than it did.  The surgeon made a zig zag cut down the entire finger.

Warning: Photo of stitches in a finger…just prior to stitch removal. 


It looks good looked much worse..but I won’t share those photos with you. The dots were made by the Surgeon..must have been the road map.

We have been going to therapy..I say “we” because Far Guy is not driving unless he has to. 


I think there are still a few stitches in his finger..he is really diligent about doing his passive exercises.  In a few more days he can begin to move it within the confines of his splint. We used a product called Glysolid Skin Balm on his fingers to keep the skin soft and pliable.  He must still wear his club for awhile yet…till the end of the month. Tendons take a long time to heal.

Chance is still enjoying a few of the snow banks..the snow is melting fast..the daytime temperatures have been near 50 degrees the past few days.


I took these photos at sunset on April 06, 2011.


Remember the rules..when the fluorescent green Smokey Bear ruler is free of snow when it is next to the snow stick a winner will be declared!  Connie Peterson 200 miles straight south of me here in Minnesota  and Liz in PA guessed today…I will take a photo before nightfall…we will see how much more of the snow melts away today.

I have an eye checkup today and Chance goes to the Vet for his annual shots.  Spring cleaning is coming along, I finished the furnace/laundry room and began on the kitchen..I would have gotten further on the kitchen but I needed a nap:)

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Becca's Dirt said...

Naps are important aren't they. My mom would agree with that statement - me not so much. Even if I don't sleep the night before I still can't nap. I guess I'm scared I'm gonna miss something. Glad Far Guy is healing good. The fingers look good with the stitches removed. Take care of sweet Chance. Hope you all have a great day and weekend.

Rae said...

Far Guy's thumb is healing nicely. You are making good progress on getting rid of that snow. Looks like there is finally going to be a winner.

West Side of Straight said...

The finger looks good. You can see the loss of muscle tho. But that'll come back as he starts using his hand more. My back is killin me again, so taking it kind of easy. Steve and I cleaned all the poop out of Odda's kennel this am. Nice and clean and waiting for a nice rain to green the grass up.

Lanny said...

Nice war wounds. And can we all say, "be careful from now on!"

So I woke up thinkin' of you and your snow and wondering if you go around repeating lines from Wizard of Oz only with a bit of a change... "It's melting, it's melting..." I took some of your snow for you this morning, you can thank me whenever. I'm happy to do it, it seems to produce less actual inches of water. So it was nearly a repreve from rain, which we're back to.

Karen said...

Oh wow, the snow stick is almost at zilch!
Far Guy's thumb is looking really good.
Daytime naps, well I find I usually end up feeling worse after one, so they rarely happen here.
FYI - You might want to google 'Jean Dodd's Vaccine Protocol'.

Leenie said...

It amazes me to no end the magic that doctors can do to fix up our bodies. The only thing more amazing is the healing process.

Glad you snow is going. We got a fresh supply yesterday. >:(

Nancy said...

Just from the finger's appearance, I'd say the doctor/surgeon is a definite keeper. Tell Far Guy to keep doing those exercises and to stay away from sharp objects for a few more weeks.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

What's a nap??? I probably need one...Hubs didn't get in from fixin' the pick~up until two this mornin' then we got up a dark thirty for him to get the plowin' done.

Looks like Far Guy is healin' up nicely. Hopefully after PT he will have full range of his hand again. We all need to pitch in and get him some protective gloves!

I had to laugh that Chance choose the snow over bare ground!

God bless you day sweetie! :o)

Rita said...

You'd better buy some of those metal gloves for Far Guy soon! Once he gets those fingers moving with PT... ;)

I am glad his hand is healing so well. Looks like you will have a winner soon on the melt contest. :)

Have a nap for me, too.

DayPhoto said...

WOW! Melt is happening fast!!! YEA FOR YOU!


Linda said...

The finger looks pretty good. I think I could use some of that Glysolid Skin Balm this time of year;)

Red said...

Good to see that Far Guy's finger is progressing. Hope that everything continues to improve. Try to get as much physiotherapy as possible. That will speed up recovery.

DJan said...

Wow, that doesn't even look like the same finger! It's so much better, Connie. Glad to hear it's all getting along as it should.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Glad I missed the earlier finger shot, Connie. This latest one looks like all is healing nicely. Good to read that you snow is fast melting too.

Maery Rose said...

It has been beautiful the last few days. Glad to see Far Guy is healing up. A few people have mentioned spring cleaning in their blogs. I'd be impressed with myself if I got some regular cleaning done. The dogs have dragged my pile of branches all over the yard so I guess I get to pick them up all over again.

Anonymous said...

Hurray for melting snow!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Far Guy's hand is healing - I know this has been so very frustrating. Wishing you both a very nice weekend. Love Chance in the snow!

Lynda said...

Chance is going to miss the snow. He is the one in your family who loves it the best!
Far Guy's finger looks good on the healing but still looks swollen - - which is to be expected for a while.