Saturday, April 2, 2011


Some time ago, I saw an ad in the local newspaper in the Help Wanted section. The local Historical Society was looking for  a Director.  Part time May to October.  Send in a resume. I thought..hey maybe that is a job I would really enjoy. 

I did not have a resume. So I wrote one.  Not many embellishments..just the owner..retired…(Perhaps I should have added cranky..hates the phone.)

I had an interview. Well the last time I had a job interview was back in 1996 at NDSU..I got that job and loved it. It was part time and I could take care of the green plants in the public areas in between classes. 

A couple of weeks ago, I went in and had my hair done at the “school”..I had my hair turned a little orange.  Stuff least it is not grey.  I was going to go in and get lowlights to downplay the orange..but I never got around to it after Far Guy hurt his finger.

So anyways..I had the job interview orange hair and all..I fixed my orange hair the best I could that day and even wore makeup. No jewelry..just my reading glasses on their string.  I wore a plain shirt and slacks..and my snow is still cold out.  What you see is what you get.

I answered their questions. I told them what I would and would not do.  I am not a Grant Writer and I do not pretend to be one. When they asked me if I would TRY to write Grants for them ..I flatly refused.  It is what it is, I am who I am, I am way to old to change.  They asked me how long I would work for them..I told them twenty or thirty years was definitely out..ten years might be a stretch of all our imaginations. I told them “I am going to be 60 years old this year..I don’t know how many good years I have left.”

I cannot develop a web site for them..but I could maintain one.  I can get them up and running with a blog that could be featured on the homepage of the local newspaper.

They don’t even have a job description..but have been thinking about writing one. Maybe they need a leader..a bossy one that will point them in the right direction, someone with good organizational skills.

They said they would call one way or the other and let me know their decision.  I walked away thinking..I was honest..maybe too honest..maybe I should have flowered things up a bit..they had a whole afternoon of interviews..there was a very young gal waiting after me..I wished her luck..she probably didn’t have a job.  

Why do I want this job?  Most likely because it is a challenge..I don’t want to work full time and I do not want to work during the seems like a good fit for me right now..besides that I have been looking at a new camera. 

I was just staring to evaluate how I would feel if they didn’t choose me.  Would I feel like a weight was lifted from my shoulders..or would I feel rotten..was I too old..too cranky..too straight forward..too outspoken.

I was lamenting to poor Far Guy..he was trapped listening to me patiently..well he is a temporary cripple now..and must be nice and listen because I help him butter his toast and zip up his coat..then the phone rang…the rest of the story..tomorrow.

Here is the snow stick report..

IMG_2080 Sorry Larry in are not the winner.  Larry is taking a bit of a BLOGvacation, hopefully he will be back soon.  It was warmer yesterday and some of our snow melted!! :)

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  1. That is not fair! Here I am all ready to read the rest of the story and I am left hanging. Did she get the job or not? Can't wait to hear the rest of this.

  2. Alright sister, just leave us danglin' out here by the nubs of our nails for the 'rest of the story'. I bet ya got the job, didn't ya???

    Anxiously awaitin'.....

    Yippee....warmer is good.

    Have a wonderfully blessed weekend sweetie!!!

  3. Sheesh I hate danglin' out there waiting to see if you got it or not. I wish I could get a paying job instead of just working for "free"......there's a wish list in my mind too.

  4. Wha... You sure know how to keep folks hanging! Whatever the outcome, I think you did the right thing to be honest.

  5. I bet you got the job! So - are you going to take it?

  6. Here's hoping for you! I think I'd like it myself. A similar job here in Spring Valley requires knowledge and interest in THE WILDER family.... & certain Laura Engels Wilder who lived here for a while with Almonzo. I was more into The Tudors myself. :)

  7. This is a day late for an April Fools thing!

    *giggles* You make quite an visual picture of yourself, orange haired, cranky, "I won't do this or that", snow boots and what have you.

    Well, since you want the job, I hope you got it! The position sounds (from the title since it lacks a description) like it would be just the thing for you! Local history and and maybe a bit of webpage work - toss in organizing things...

    I'm going to be busy this summer, interviewing for a new groundhog...

  8. Okay, all your readers are ready to come after you for the answer. Don't make us wait until tomorrow. Post again - - please?!!
    Either way it goes, it still made for interesting reading.

  9. I hope you get the job Far Side. It does sound like a challenge. And also it sounds like it could be pretty interesting.

    You are very observant, by the way. We are down to nine chicks. One of the brown ones had to find a new home because he was picking at all of the others constantly.

    Kisses for Chance,
    Emma Rose

  10. Good luck on either way it goes ;) Never hurts to be honest!

  11. Hey I want to know NOW ! what happened dont leave us hangin, Honesty is the best policy I say. Good luck either way I hope you have a good day !

  12. Why don't you set a contest as to whether you get the job or not? I hope you get the job. You've got lots to offer.

  13. I don't think you got the job. They want more than you are willing to do (like a webmaster, grant writer, administrator, secretary all rolled into one). I actually hope you didn't get it, you will work way more hours than they want from you, that's what I think...

  14. I love how you did your interview!
    Happy Sunday to you all! :)

  15. I think you were offered the job.
    I loved how you did the interview, you have a lot of panache!

  16. I'm reading backwards because I am I already know the rest of the your description of this interview. Cute!

  17. Okay the question about hours is sorta answered and sorta not, so will you work weekends? and then have a "weekend" mid week? I'm hoping you have enough time to yourself, well not really to yourself but to Chance, oh and Far Guy and all your loved ones, and walks in the woods and all that. But clearly Far Guy has been trainin' in the kitchen for a higher purpose eh?

    Personally, not that I'm a clothes horse or a big shopper person, nearly the opposite, but an excuse to buy a few pretties and necessities, oooh what fun! I would also find my self in the office supply store, I'm not sure why I love getting things from there - must be fond childhood memories with my mom who wa my dad's bookkeeper.

  18. Hi Lanny, I have Sundays and Mondays off because those are the two days every week that the Museum is closed.
    Yes Far Guy has been in if I could get him to scrub floors and clean the bathrooms, I would be set.

  19. What a perfect job for you! I hope you got it!


  20. what else do you zip (giggle) You made me ask.


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