Thursday, September 23, 2010

Signs of Fall

Today is the first day of Fall, I did not have to go far looking for it either.  As soon as I step outside the door the fallen leaves crunch under my feet. The main trees in our yard the Burr Oaks just turn a poopy brown color and then fall off..not very exciting..we have a few Red Oaks that turn RED..but not yet..that happens later in the season.

My miserable attempt at growing Spaghetti Squash was nipped in the bud by the first frost ( September 18)  last weekend. Of course I was so late planting them that it would have been a miracle If I had gotten a decent harvest.   I might get one tiny squash the size of an apple, unless the deer eat it. I will have to support the local grocery store for my winter stash of squash. Chance and I do not like just any old squash either it must be Spaghetti Squash.  He knows the nights that I have baked it..and he waits for his taste.

The fireplace goes on most mornings now that Far Guy called for a gas fill..I used the oven a few nights to warm it up in here. I suppose I could have baked something..but I wasn’t hungry..just cold. It is a little early to start the outside wood stove, I would be constantly opening windows because it would be too warm in here.

I can feel the urge to cook a big pot of soup coming on.  With fresh potatoes and carrots..and rutabagas.. I will freeze part of it..perhaps Far Guy can bake some bread..comfort food.

Yesterday Jo and I went for a ride down part of the Hanna Ore Road..

A few more days and we will be peak color, unless it rains and the wind is raining this morning..we have had enough rain.  I talked to a local farmers wife the other day, she said,    “ We have beans to do, and it keeps raining, we have had enough rain to last us until next spring.”  IMG_7690

The view at Bottomless Lake. 


Maple leaves are real show offs!

Yup..Fall is here..I want to take hundreds of leaf photos and then I want to eat fresh vegetable soup and spaghetti squash along with warm baked bread that is slathered with butter and then I want to hibernate till about you? :) 


  1. Love the color. Here in N. Calif, we just have brown and none. They call it the golden state because it sounds better than the brown state.

  2. OH..............AND LOVE THE NEW LOOK.

  3. Your pictures are fabulous! Wow!
    I hate this time of year because of the rain. It seems like once it starts it doesn't stop until June. This year is harder than most because we had the coolest summer in 17 years. When so many were having record heat we were still waiting for summer!
    However, I do love the colors. I call them my silver lining :)

    Emma sends kisses for Chance.
    The Duchess

  4. Frost already? Poor you... that means the leaves will be turning fast now. Gorgeous colours and photos. I love autumn so want to walk out into the woods with Oscar and frosty leaves crunching underfoot.

  5. We just live in a diffident world yet not so many miles apart. Love your new header and your part of the world is beautiful. We are hot dry and no color yet.

  6. Oh baby, frost??? I saw snow on the rooftops on another sight. Lord help me, it's comin' my way isn't it??? (shreaks the hater of all things winter, 'cept sweaters) I just came in from mowin' the lawn and sprayin' half the driveway. (that's a four hour job and I'm toast!) 91 degrees and I'm gonna enjoy every drop I can. :o)

    I just love,love, love your fall header, I do believe that beautiful pic can make even me look forward to a little more color in my life. Our Ozark Mountains are beautiful in the Fall.

    I'm makin' some spicy red beans and rice with a side of cornbread on the Ponderosa tonight...wanna come on down???

    God bless and have a gorgeous day Connie!

  7. Sounds like you two had fun - beautiful pictures. I love the color! Soup and homemade bread sound delightful! We've already had our first pot of chili and yes (oh dear) the furnace has been on.

  8. Oh my! It is so nice to see fall. It is still summer here. 97 today.
    Loved the pictures!

    Have a great weekend.

  9. I want to go on a ride with you and Jo to enjoy the Autumn leaves!!! Such pretty pictures and what a beautiful lake. That's cute that Chance likes the squash too. We won't have frost until mid Nov. so I'll have to depend on you to keep these colorful pictures coming. Love you guys - have a good evening.

  10. We tried growing eggplant this year. Got two very small ones. So I went shopping and bought big bucket at the farmer's market of Thai eggplant not knowing there bitter. So much for planning on sharing. Dave said he'd put them out for the deer. All ready made a pot of chili. AZ

  11. Sshh... don't mention frost yet. ;) We have had cooler nights (41) this past week and cannot believe the Friday forecast of 78 since today it is 63... will wait and see.

    Beautiful country road, lake and photos!
    P.S. my best friend lives in Rochester

  12. I especially like the part about hibernating! Okay, I like the fall leaves, too. And the soup. I like pumpkin and squash soups, which I can't always find at the supermarket, so one of these years I should find a recipe and make some!

  13. I think our trees just decided to skip fall and head into winter...a lot of the leaves just dropped off without a shout of color. Some are turning though so there is a bit of hope. I love your header.

  14. Beautiful fall pictures!

    I hope our first frost is a long way off.

  15. The only store in the area where we could buy rutabagas --WalMart has apparently stopped carrying rutabagas. I could just scream. Fall is just about my favorite time of year -- pots of hearty soup are part of it!

  16. I guess I shouldn't tell you that we are still running our A/C at night (and daytime) . . . . I love winter soups, too. Tomorrow I am cooking corned beef and cabbage - - - - one of our FAVORITE yummies!

  17. Gorgeous photos! Absolutely! Fall makes me want homemade soup and bread!! Funny--I just bought my very first spaghetti squash, so I'll see if I can figure out how to fix it--hehe! I've always preferred the acorn, but decided it was about time to be brave and branch out. ;) Happy Fall!! :):)

  18. Wow, frost already:(
    Your pictures are lovely!
    We won't be getting much colour this Fall, not that we get a lot anyway, but it has been so wet this September, there is not much hope for the native trees to show much colour.
    I have a bumper crop of spaghetti squash. Would you be able to tell me when they are best eaten. I tried a couple of the large ones (10-12"), but they just seemed too wet when cooked. Do I have to wait until the vines die off, and the skin hardens?
    The second one I cooked flesh down hoping that excess moisture would drip onto the cookie sheet below, but the strands were still rather mushy when it was done. Any help would be appreciated, thanks:)

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  20. back to blogging. love your photos, we don't have many trees that have changed color. i'm with you, love t make soup. i can't wait till we get cooler weather. we have 80-90's. rose

  21. Oh you are so lucky!! It is SO HOT here!! It's been 90 plus all week!!

  22. If we dreamed that we could get to Duluth the next month I guess we should go soon. Your fall pictures are wonderful.

  23. I love your header! And I love your last photo. Would you care if I painted it? I wouldn't sell it or anything...I would love to paint it though.



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