Saturday, September 4, 2010

Many Summer Faces of Adam

Yesterday I should have written about our youngest, (the baby) grandson.   I was there when he took his first breath, and heard his first scream which brought tears of joy to my eyes.  He was a trouper and struggled through some transitional breathing right after he was born..boys will be boys..his Mother was madder than a hatter because her labor progressed so fast that there was no time for an epidural..she was a tad cranky…and he was so beautiful..scratch that ..handsome.

Adam was nine years old only seems like yesterday that he was born.  He was so tiny when we were all shocked to the core by 9/11.  His Mother and I both held him and cried that day, because we knew that his life would not be at all like ours had been, our innocence and sense of freedom was forever changed.

Adam Many faces five Adam is a character, and Grandmothers are exceptionally boring people.

Adam many faces six We discussed the life cycle and the habitat of Night Crawlers.

Adam Many faces three He likes to swim, and is part fish.  I watched from the shore, he did ask me to join him one evening.  “C’mon Grandma put your suit on, it will be fun!”  I knew he would want me to jump off of the diving platform..and no one should see their Grandma either crying or wetting her swimsuit.

A few weeks ago, I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up.  He replied “ I want to work at Wal-Mart and help people find stuff.”  A little later, we were at our old resort and we explained to him that his Mama grew up there and that there were lots of cottages and a house there a long time ago, and that his Mother hated it there at first..but then she grew to love it.   There is one log home there now.  Adam said “I think I will buy this place some day for my Mom.”  I hope he moves past the Wal-Mart helping people idea.

Adam Many faces four Sometimes he hides from me when I have my camera on him, it is like he can tell when I am focused on him..he is smiling here..I can tell!

Adams Many faces two Sometimes he is easily bored.

Many Faces of Adam OneHere he is asking me “Why do you take so many pictures Grandma?”  I replied..some day you will love all these old photos Adam..Happy Birthday ( baby) Adam!:)


  1. Time sure does fly that is for sure. It is hard to believe that my oldest is 20 and my youngest is 16. They grow so fast! (which is good and not so good!) He is a handsome fellow your grandson! Watch out for those girls when he gets a few more years on him ;)

  2. Yup! same here, my boys are 21 and 15 ,both are straping boys! Its funny cause I am a shorty and both boys just love it they call me little mama ! Both are quite the charactors!

  3. Aww.. what a lovely tribute! Such a happy-looking kid!

  4. He's a fine looking young man. And it's easy to see he will be making more of himself than a Walmart greeter. But he wants to help people, who can argue with that?

  5. I'm throwin' a very happy birthday Adams way. What a handsome little dude he is! Yep, he's smilin' all right, the eyes never lie. Just think of all the pics we're leavin' our kids and grandkiddos to rummage through when we're long gone. Heehehehe!

    You are blessed girl. Have the 'best' weekend!!! :o)

  6. He is a fine young man and he is very fortunate that his grandma knows the value of photographs for telling one's life day his bride and his children will be so grateful for all these wonderful pictures you are taking of his early years!

  7. Sweet Boys indeed, thank you for sharing your family, lots of blessings, Barbara

  8. Oh they grow so fast! My baby boy is 35! He'll get a kick out of these pictures one day. ;)

    Happy birthday, Adam!

  9. Happy Birthday, Adam. You are one lucky boy when it comes to the grandma department.

  10. I LOVE the pictures. He emotions are so transparent. He is a very handsome young man and I can tell you totally enjoy your time with him! Hope his celebration was great!

  11. Happy Birthday to Adam. Your grandma takes lots of pictures of you because she loves you!

  12. I love how you share your life with us! And capturing Adam....well, I just know that I understand that little guy ever so much, but you do!



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