Saturday, September 25, 2010

Old Dishes

I always look for dishes at garage sales.  I look for depression glass dishes to round out either of the sets that we will leave for the girls.  I look for the dishes that my Mother had when I was growing up.  Sometimes I find dishes that I am not looking for.


My Mother started a set of dishes for me before I was married.  She got them as a premium at the grocery store, it was one of those promotions where you could get plates one week, cups and saucers the next week. Back then I think they were 19 cents or 29 cents each, you could buy extra serving pieces every week. Pieces like a gravy boat, salt and pepper shakers, a creamer, a sugar bowl, platters and serving bowls.  I had a five piece place setting for eight back then. (I used to take them out of the box in the bottom of my closet and envision them with stemware on a beautiful table..shining in the candlelight.  Just me and my prince charming enjoying a formal dinner. Me in a floor length diaphanous gown that matched the blue in the fine china and he in a riding suit..and his dashing horse tied right outside the door of a forty room mansion..dreamer.)

Since those dreaming days, little by little I have added to the collection and have place settings for twelve. 

Until the other day.  I was at a garage sale and there was a box of dishes for ten dollars..eight place settings that were almost complete. They were missing the small bowl that was part of the set, but I believe I have extras packed away. Someplace. Now I have almost enough matching dishes for twenty people.

Far Guy looked into the box of dishes and he said “ Are you starting a new set of dishes?”  I answered “ No. This is the same set that we have had for forty years now.”  He does not remember them, although I know that I have used them for many family dinners over the years.


These are Vintage Fine China Japan 6701 Grape Vine and at the replacements website a five piece place setting sells for 32 I think I did pretty good.  Someday one of the grands will hit the jackpot in dishes:) 


  1. I love dishes to, I remember getting them that way in the grocery store.

  2. I have always loved dishes. I cannot believe you found a box full for $10! That's incredible. Such a pretty pattern. I giggled at you and Prince Charming seated at a fancy table! I'm lucky if I can get John not to eat standing at the kitchen sink!!!!!!

  3. Funny how men don't notice such things. Only ten dollars, girl ya did find treasure didn't ya.

    God bless ya and have a great weekend!!!

  4. I got rid of lots of dishes I never used when I moved from Colorado. I don't miss them, and I like to think that somebody like you was thrilled when they found a complete set.

  5. That is what we paid for a complete set that we use now from the flea market over by Silver Bay, Minnesota. It had to be from an estate auction as I have never seen the tulip pattern ever again. You were lucky to find the exact match to your original set. It is a great looking design and reminds me of the Noritake style of dishes.

  6. If you need a horse to tie up outside your door, I think Leah could help you there. You already have Prince Charming!!!!!!!!! Should we dress up some night with candlelite for supper?!?!?! We have a lot of laughs for sure! Waiting for the sun to come out.

  7. I always check the dishes out at garage sales, pawn shops and flea markets. My M.I.L. has an old set that could use a replacement or two and someday I might stumble across them. When I look at my china now it's not envisioning prince charming and a well set table but how much work it's going to take washing the dust off if I DO use them.

  8. Between myself, my Mother, and my Sister, the amount of dishes we have should be outlawed...
    Especially since two of us don't even cook!

    (And that's not counting the Christmas dishes!)

    The Duchess

  9. I have a set of dishes from the Grand Union Grocery Store from almost 40 years ago - - - but have no place to put them! I love that pattern you have pictured.

  10. What gorgeous dishes! Hope you use them on a regular basis...

  11. I'm a new visitor from Nebraska...also on that far side of 50, who very much enjoys your photographs and blog. I remember collecting grocery store dishes, with my Mother and Grandmother...storing them in my treasured cedar hope chest until the day I was married. Your set is gorgeous, indeed...hope you enjoy them as an everyday set!

  12. Congrats on your find, I too love garage sales!! We don't get to many now as we are at the markets in prime garage sale season.
    Thanks for your reply on the spaghetti sqash. I am going to leave them as long as I can, just making sure I harvest them before we get a killing frost. Sometimes that doesn't happen until November, but I won't leave them that long. If we haven't had a frost until late, that means it's been very wet, so that won't help them out either.

  13. Oh! Wonderful! I love dishes although I don't do any real entertaining.



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