Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wistful Wednesday: The Table Part Two

Last week I wrote about an oak table that had been painted red and yellow, this table belonged to Far Guys Grandparents. 
Jim and His four boys copy
I found another photo of a table..I am not sure if it is the same table..but it is in the same house in a different spot.
March 1965 Evelyn, Marvin, Beryl, Paul on the table
Evelyn, Marvin, Beryl and Paul on the table.
I had no idea when this photo was taken, then I looked closer at the photo..two candles on the cake..and Paul is sitting on the must be March of 1965.  It must have been around Easter time as Grandma has Easter Lilies in the vase on the TV.
Like I said this could be a different table..but note the chairs.
This week more history about the old red and yellow table has surfaced.  Cousin Jay from Montana shared the following:
Wayne forwarded your blog to me about the table.  What a great picture.  It does bring back memories.  I have some additional historical information on the table.  Dad told me many times what the table meant to him.  He described how as a little boy he did his homework on this table.  After he and my mother got the table they refinished it and used it as their main table for many years. 
Dad left this message with the table so his descendants and relatives would know it's history.
This round oak table was purchased by James X. and Tracy K.  in 1914 from M. W. Savage Co., Minneapolis, Minnesota.  It was purchased by mail-order along with 6 chairs, a rocking chair, a bed and a kitchen cabinet.  They were delivered to Park Rapids by rail.  "Jim" picked them up with horse-drawn sled and hauled them to their farm 2 miles south west of Park Rapids.  The following year they were hauled to their new farm one mile west of Osage and were used there in the old original farm house and in the new house built in 1928.
Over the years, the table seen steady use as a farm-house kitchen table where four boys were raised to manhood.  It also saw many other uses such as a work table where home-grown meats and vegetables were prepared for storage and canning.  It saw use as a card table when relatives gathered, Grandpa Stuve would thump it's top with crashing blows when he got "High, Low, Jack and the Game".
The table took on several coats of paint and many colors before being restored to it's original finish by James A. and Esther  in 1978.
I am pleased to announce that the table and chairs made the trip to Montana without a scratch.  I brought it into our house with the help of James X. and Tracy's great grandson and two great-great grandson's.  We all had dinner and admired this and many other memorabilia that I brought from Minnesota.  The table now adorns our dining room.
Jays Table A new beginning for a 96 year old table and chairs.
Photo by Jay.  
Cousin Jay also has the kitchen cabinet and he uses it as a desk.  I wonder where the other two chairs ended up?  And the bed?  And the rocking chair? 
Far Guy and I may have the rocking used to be upholstered in gold fabric and we had it refinished and re is the rocker that when you lean back in it you feel like you are going to fall over backwards.. I know that sounds a bit crazy..but that rocking chair is not for the faint of heart… Grandma gave it to us back about 1980. Perhaps that is a blog for another day..I will take some photos and look for some old photos that may feature that rocking chair. If any relatives remember any other rocking chairs that could be the one that was included in the furniture order of 1914..please share the details. 
Many thanks to Cousin Jay for sharing family history with us!  Now I suppose I have made Auntie Esther cry again..last weeks Wistful Wednesday brought some tears to her eyes…she is my oldest reader! :)


  1. Love the old table story and so glad it is still in the family! :):)

  2. What a fun post! If only that old table could talk :) I hope you figure out the rocking chair mystery.

  3. The table in the B&W either had a leaf added in the middle (it's not round) or it's a different table. Love the story, too!

  4. Well lookey there, the boys are back in town! What interesting facts about the table and I'm just amazed in the condition of it after restored to it's beautiful wood finish. Thanks so much for the 'rest of the story' Connie.

    Enjoy your day sweetie!!!

  5. Great story - and very neat that each individual in charge of the table has had the passion to pass it on!

  6. The table is just beautiful! Love to have a piece with some history to it!

  7. Just a wonderful post and I enjoyed every word about this table and what it has and continues to mean to the family. Thanks Connie.

  8. What a fun story and the old has become new! I love pieces of history that are used in daily life.

  9. The table's in fantastic condition despite all that paint and stripping. Look forward to news on the rocker!

  10. What BEAUTIFUL TABLE - and all the history to go with it!!!!!!!!! Love this post.


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