Sunday, September 19, 2010

Inside a scrappers mind

Today we shall interview the gals that are here with me at the retreat.  Ages 29 to 58.  Most of who are state employees, mothers or soon to be mothers and one grandmother ( I bet you can guess who that is.)  


What brought you here?

A Car.  Opportunity to spend the weekend with friends. Guilt.. so I can show my three year old her scrapbook and  so the girls will know they are loved so they won’t do drugs or be teen moms. Jen. Jen and Highway 10.  I went to a retreat last January and I was talking to Jen and she said she was going to set up another retreat..I told her to count me in! My sister told me I had to come or she was going to come and get me.  My friends.  I came to organize six years of photos. Spending time with family and scrapbooking. Jens birthday.

Are you a digital scrapper or traditional..and why?

Traditional..because it fulfills my need to play with stickers, paper and glue.  That is what I know and because I don’t  want to become addicted to digital.  I spend all day on a computer..I would not want to do it as a hobby.  Cause I am on the computer at school all the time and I like hands on stuff. I like playing with paper and being able to touch it.  Because I like buying stickers.  I am currently traditional..but I am going to cross over, because I won’t have to get out supplies every time I want to scrap.  Because I like to be creative, and I want to leave something for my kids. I like three dimensional and personal touches.

Digital..I never bought the paper supplies, I can share with my family overseas through email or they can view my pages online.  ( In the Netherlands she had never heard of scrapbooking..but learned all about it from my daughter.) I started making a surprise Christmas gift for my husband..and it was easy to hide from him..I have two small children and I don’t need the mess.

How many scrapbooks have you completed? daughter is making a list she doesn’t have enough fingers to count (twenty-seven)..five..eight..three..two..fifteen to twenty, one and three. 

What is your favorite item to use in your scrapbooks?

Decorative papers, cricket, my personal trimmer, computer, black marker, patterned paper, ribbon, tape runner, ribbon (again), the computer and cricket ( again).

What is your scrapbooking philosophy?

You can never have enough stickers.  I am an event scrapper, I must keep up or I will get frustrated and quit.  Just do it!  You must buy all the paper in the free world.  Every page must go through an approval process. I am inspired by the pictures, they lead everything I do, but I am always afraid that they won’t reflect the moment perfectly.  Hmm..boy that is a tough one,  I have to think about that one..hmm.  Don’t think about it too much.  As long as you are telling a story it is worth it.    Trying to capture the moment on the page.  Have stress:)



  1. You are having so much fun, aren't you?!!!!! That place looks delightful and being with all those like-minded women for motivation sounds like it has been as close to a perfect weekend as you could ask for - - - - - if you didn't have to cook and do dishes??????

  2. What a good idea. A retreat is about the only way I'd get caught up on such a project. I wish I could take one to get away from everything that distracts me from my writing.

  3. You know, you just gave me a great idea of a way to use so many of my old photos: cut them up and use them in scrapbooks, and give them to my family for Christmas. Cool! I'll have to catch up on where to purchase most of the supplies in that last picture.

  4. You may never come home! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Enjoy.

  5. Sounds like your having yourself a great time...Scrapper Stress not withstanding;)

  6. Sounds like your havin' a blast and makin' new friends. I'm so glad ya got to do this.

    BTW: since I'm not a scrapper, what the heck is a cricket beside those annoying' little hoppin' bugs??? Heeehehehehe!!!

    You have a glorious day sweetie!!!

  7. What a fun idea to interview everybody! Loved it! :)

  8. I really appreciated their thoughts. It is a release of artistic creativity in whatever form it takes.


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