Sunday, September 5, 2010

Surprise in the Garden: Yarrow

I watch for the unusual in my wild gardens.  Seedling variations appear in nature naturally.. if you allow your flowers to be pollinated willy nilly and by every insect around..which is sometimes end up with some really cool seedling variations or cultivars.


Such is the case of the Achillea or Yarrow. It is most commonly found in white and yellow.  I have it in all colors. I like this one with peach undertones..


I also love, love love the Firebrick Red one…

Surprizes in the yard one

When this hot pink beauty  took up with the Erigeron or Fleabane ( the purple flower) and a daisy, I thought the match was meant to least for photos.

Surprize in the yard two The surprise..this one it was a very pale green.  I think the color has to grow on you a bit, maybe a couple of years or so.

I had three of these little out of the normal surprises this year. All of which I captured in photos.  Sooner of later I will get to them all ..I have a feeling that we are in for a long winter:( 


  1. I love your blog name and your header is GREAT.....Loved reading your blog...Have a great holiday weekend.
    I have a GREAT HOLIDAY ORNAMENT GIVEAWAY on my blog...drawing on Mon.

  2. Gorgeous. I love wild things. Nature is.....well...awesome.

  3. Lovely flowers and TOUGH too. I've never seen the one with peach undertones though.

  4. What an amazing and lovely variety of colours!

  5. Thanks for the tour of the yarrow. I just moved a bunch of white today. I like having it fill in around others in my border. Your peachy toned one and your green tinted ones are wonderful. The photo of the pink with the asters, nice!

  6. You take the best photos! These are pretty in all the shades, even the green. :)

  7. I think the whitish-green one is my fav. They are all very vividly beautiful. I love wild flowers and had some beauties but this summer I was not able to get out and pull the little elm seedlings out of them. Dang shingles!!! The elms have taken over so as much as I hate to I'm gonna spray...plow... and replant. {{{Sigh}}}

    God bless ya and enjoy this day :o)

  8. I love all the colors but like the peachy one best.

  9. Love the colors and the plants! I try to let things have thier own way also.



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