Saturday, March 9, 2013

Five thoughts..or what’s in my craw

Spring Cleaning can give you lots of time to think.  I have a few things in my craw…imagine that.

First of all Minnesota’s extreme cold.   Sara Haines of the Hoda and Kathie Lee Show visited the Artic Cat snowmobile factory in Thief River Falls Minnesota.  Sara said “ It was so cold your skin hurt.”  Hoda replied “Your nose hairs freeze.”  It was a measly –4F that day…brrr..poor baby.  Your nose hairs warm the air..that is their warm and filter the air going into your nose.  And take it from me  at –4 F your skin does not –40 F maybe..they should all go to Thief River and do one of their remote location shoots from a snow bank. Oh ya, I forget they don’t go anywhere they can’t wear those short skirts and they would look and walk funny with frost bitten legs.

Second, American Idol really sucks this year.  I watched and napped one night last week when the girls sang..then I napped through the entire boys show the next night.  I like Angie Miller..she sings like a winner.  That weird girl judge with the hair drives me nuts…whoever she is ain’t good…her voice drives me straight up the wall. I cannot imagine what she could possibly sing that would sell records. 

Third, I am really tired of all the gun control crap. Yes some people have guns..yes some people are mentally ill and use guns.  If you want to go nuts and kill a bunch of people you will find a way.  Yes, three people die every hour from guns..two of those three people are suicides.  Secure your a gun the very least buy a trigger lock.  If you come to my door in the middle of the night..I am going to shoot you..plain and simple.  Hopefully if I have time to aim, I will just shoot you in the kneecaps.

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Fourth, If we used our energy toward curtailing drinking and driving we could save lives.  Every 53 minutes someone is killed by a drunk driver. I guess it is more socially acceptable to use a car as a weapon.. and that my friends sickens me. I have zero tolerance for alcohol misuse.  If I were making the laws..I would hang the driving drunks from their necks until dead. There would be no need to have the three four strikes you are supposed to be in jail laws that most judges ignore.

Fifth, I hate the hour change of daylight saving upsets my rhythm.  What purpose does it serve anyway other than to irritate me twice a year:(

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  1. The time change thing is definitely designed to irritate us. I wish they would stay on DST all year long. It not only messes with our rhythms, I don't see the need. :-)

  2. I agree with it all. We woke up at five this morning and just got up because tomorrow we will be forced to do so and call it six.

  3. Amen Sister......I agree with you on all of them too.......those gals don't know the meaning of cold, come spend a day in Winterpeg when it's -30 with a wind chill of -40, that's friggen for Idol. Loved the show but to different now.....guns well, lock them up......and this time change will unbalance me, how unbalanced can I get :) Francine.

  4. Ditto all that! I've only seen 2 1/2 Idol shows this year. It usually is a favorite of mine, but with traveling, sometimes we can not get too many channels. However, I'd like to put in a plug for Candice Glover. She lives where I used to live and I know her family. It would be wonderful to see her win!

  5. Crawl back into bed, and get out on the other side:)

  6. -4 C is practically spring! ;-)

  7. Your craw and my craw have the same contents, except American Idol. I can't stand the show - never could.

    Who are we trying to fool with DST anyway? It irks me when "they" say it is for the farmers. Really? I never knew a farmer that didn't get up before the sun and go to bed long after it was down. Yeah, those farmers, need DST like they need weeds in their fields.

  8. I just jumped over from Muddy Boot Dreams and I am now a follower. I agree with you regarding everything you have stated today. Thank you,

  9. You sure said a mouth full on that one and girl, you are my kind of friend! I agree, I have my loaded gun beside me on my bed stand and believe me, if you come through my bedroom door and I don't know who you are, you will not be alive or you will be minus a limb!

  10. I normally watch Idol but have not had interest this year. The screechy mouthed judge drives me nuts! I'm with you on guns and drunk drivers. Our pets AND us hate the time changes!!!

  11. When you said, "If we used our energy toward curtailing drinking and driving we could save lives," I just have to add something. I don't know how recent the statistic you mentioned is--that every 53 minutes, someone is killed by a drunk driver--but that statistic alone is so encouraging to me.

    You might remember from my own blog how I ran a series on my husband's childhood and why he is a speaker for a nationally-known program dedicated to that very purpose. The name of the program? "Every 15 Minutes."

    Every 15 Minutes is a powerful awareness program done in high schools across the country. Every one is locally organized, so some are more effective than others, grant it. But the very fact that the statistic has moved from 15 to 53 is so encouraging to me! Efforts like this program are worth it!

    Not that 53 is acceptable while 15 wasn't. We still need more effort. But sometimes, in the middle of the day-to-day effort (where it is hard to see any of those microscopic changes), it is encouraging to know that, over the long haul, an impact is being made.

    And we need to keep at it!

    Thank you for letting me piggy back on your hobby horse :)

  12. Never liked Idol because of the judges. I'm glad a new season of The Voice will start soon. And I hate the time change, too. Even in fall when they "give us an extra hour," it just throws everything off.

  13. I have to say that I'd feel completely hopeless about the gun issue if it weren't for the turn around with so many people, maybe just the younger people regarding drinking and driving. My son is 28. When he was in college and afterwards when he was still single, he and his friends either had a designated driver or they called a cab. One time he and a friend went to a shelter rather than drive home under the influence. That was an eye opener in many ways. Sure, there are far too many people who think "
    just this one time won't hurt." And they either hurt somebody or they get caught. See many elected officials, not ha ha. Unfortunately, one has to really plan ahead to do the designated driver thing because in the rural areas, there aren't any cabs. But there has been a societal change. So I am hopeful that there might be some people seeing the light about guns. Maybe there will be more and more people realizing that the right to life trumps the right to own a gun. And the constitution don't guarantee the right to shoot people. The people I know who are responsible gun owners, and I live in a gun culture area, keep their guns safely locked up. How would that help in a crisis? My son-in-laws guns are in a huge safe, locked and stored in the basement. I feel sorry for anyone who is so paranoid that they have to have a gun next to their bed. Too bad that retired pastor in Minnesota, who shot because someone was at the back door, didn't ask questions before shooting. What if the visitor a neighbor who had driven into a snow drift? Turns out it was his granddaughter. Soldiers who have to shoot because they are in war are left with lasting after effects. I'm sure that civilians would be as well.

  14. You do have stuff up your craw! Drunk driving? I'm with you until you want to hang em and then that's over the top. Guns? Why not try something different? There's a whole lot of crap out there about guns. Big changes could be made and I don't think anybody would find that they are losing any rights.

  15. I feel sorry for the kid who has to get shots because nobody had a gun to shoot the rabid skunk

  16. Connie, I was through Osage today on the way to Bemidji and thought of you like I always do. One of these days I'll stop but I was not the driver this time around. Here's hoping the white stuff melts away soon. Roads were not good today and I agree this is getting old!

  17. I hate the time change, too. Maybe I'll ignore it this year. ;-)
    I spent three years in Alaska. I don't remember my skin ever hurting...
    I can't shoot well enough yet to shoot kneecaps. They'll just have to take their chances.

    Have a good Sunday, Connie. Stay warm!

  18. I point and shoot. Depends on my mood at the time where I will point. I do know that 14,000 people applied for CTC in Arkansas in January. Now if every one is arming to conceal in a state where deer rifles are the norm in the back window of a pickup something has people spooked.

    I do not like the time change.

    I do not tolerate drunks nor drunk driving.

    I think we may have many of the same things stuck in our craw.


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