Friday, March 29, 2013

Sunset Colors

I needed to see the beautiful pinks and blues of a beautiful sunset…and relax.  What a week.  It seems like all I did all week was squish problems before they got out of hand and go to appointments. AND the week is not over yet.  I had to have one of my three hour stress naps yesterday.  I get stressed and I get so sleepy I cannot function.

Sunset colors

I broke a tooth and it was repaired.  I trouble shooted a phone problem at the museum.  I designed a bookmark for the museum, a task that was added in preparation for the big whoopty do in May.  I accompanied Far Guy to visit the grand girls and to an appointment.

The outside wood furnace sprung some kind of leak in the middle of the night.  It required a trip to town in the early AM for an adaptor so that 140 gallons of water could be transported from the kitchen sink by garden hose to the furnace. (Versus a five gallon bucket) I was fine filling the bucket..until I learned that we needed 140 gallons.


Good thing we have a gas fireplace for backup..and one of those fancy quartz room heaters..a Sunheat.  So far so good..the house is warm..and spring is coming..we were looking at replacing our furnace with electric storage heat anyway…just not until summer.

The Trumpeter Swans are here..I saw them fly over just above the treetops.

The Canada Geese were in a nearby field.

Canada Geese at Sunset

The geese are those creatures in the snowy field. I only had my idiot camera does pretty good..I should have gone home for the big girl camera..but once I got back home I just wanted to stay there:)

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  1. Wow!!! you have had quit a week, hope the weekend is better.......Beautiful sunset, love the colors.....happy the Swans are back, love seeing and hearing them......Spring Blessings Francine.

  2. I hope your week gets better! I hear ya about having a run of problems....

    Those sky shots really are very beautiful!

  3. Busy week for sure ! Lovely photos . It was nice out yesterday evening so Papa worked in his shop and Miggs and I were out playing in the yard and I was taking photos of the sky's as well ! I think spring has sprung now for us finally ! Have a wonderful Easter weekend !

  4. Ouch on that tooth, but it got fixed. And a five gallon bucket isn't going to cut it when you've got a job that big. You are sure a busy person! I love to hear about your days. :-)

  5. What a week! Hope that you're able to enjoy a quiet peaceful weekend.

  6. What a busy week you had. I can feel for you on the broken tooth - had that happen to me last month. Beautiful photos, love the sunset. Hope the rest of your week is better and have a wonderful Easter weekend.

  7. You captured some beautiful sky photos! I hope they helped you to relax. Wishing you a peaceful weekend.

  8. Red sky at night, sailor's delight.
    The next day should have been good, well maybe not snowless, but you'll get there.
    Congrats on a week full of accomplishments:)

  9. Wow it was a busy week. I'm hoping next week is calmer. Beautiful sunset shots!!!

  10. Gorgeous photos! Let's hope all your troubles are now behind you.

  11. Your week sounds a little like mine....busy. Hope you're getting a little taste of warm weather at least...our snow is shrinking and the geese are at least finding puddles.

  12. Your week made me tired just reading about it, but I do think boredom is the worst kind of stress.You don't need to worry about that.

  13. I hope you've run out of problems now. It should be clear sailing for a while.
    Have a great Easter weekend.

  14. I've been having stress naps all this week, Terry has too...the week does have to end soon...I hope!


  15. Sounds like a bad week. I take naps when I get stressed too.
    Thanks for sharing the pretty pics. Looks so serene.
    Love to you and yours this Easter weekend.

  16. I saw one of those luminescent clouds the other day, too. Just beautiful. Amazing that you caught the glow so well in your photo. Looks like a tricky one to me.

  17. Hi Far Side,

    We just stopped by to wish you and Far Guy a very blessed Easter.

    Emma Rose, Sir Bear, Mr. Higgins, The Duke, and The Duchess

  18. Still great photos. I know what you mean about staying in when it's cold. And we don't have any snow!
    Happy Easter to you all. ♥

  19. So I think I learned something because I went on the internet to find out why a wood furnace needs water. I was thinking that the heat from the fire would just be blown into the house like the fans under fireplaces. But it says that the furnace works by heating the water which runs through the house and an "exchanger" takes the heat from the water? It definitely sounds more involved than I knew. You are fortunate your husband knows how to fix that kind of stuff. I'm impressed that you needed only three hours of a nap to recover from all you had going on. Life is definitely feast or famine with problems.


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