Friday, March 22, 2013

Snow Removal

Yesterday the snow plow guys were on the road.

Tall snowbanks

You cannot see over the snow you have to be real careful and pull out slowly to peek around the snow bank.

Someone let the three musketeers out.

Snow removal one

The grader pulls the snow onto the road.

Snow removal two

He makes a big mess..and then the blower guy blows it off the road.

Snow removal three

This guy is the clean up crew.

Just so you know, Far Guy was driving and I was taking photos!

Seems to me to be lots of equipment..three machines and three men.  A few years ago they had a huge rotary snow machine and one man..perhaps it is broke down someplace.  Most likely our governments way of employing more people to do the same job.

Even with this snow being moved..the snow banks are huge.  From now until it melts every time you leave home you are taking your chances on getting back home again.

March 21

Far Guy and Chance removed some snow off of my garage..Far Guy could just walk along and remove the snow.  This is the first time that has happened since we moved here and built my garage in 1998 :)

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  1. Morning, I thought we had it bad, yours are bigger, snow banks that is, :) Blessings Francine.

  2. Those are some impressive pictures. They do the same thing here, they cut of the bank then the blower comes a long and blows it. They do it at night here when traffic is low. I sure can understand why you would complain about the snow.

  3. Okay, that last picture really says it all. That's a whole lotta snow! Yikes!

  4. DJan is right, that's a lot of snow. The news has already predicted heavy flooding in Fargo when the snow melts. Have a great (and safe) weekend.

  5. Bet you can't wait for mosquito season! LOL

  6. Okay, looking for the positives here.....the sky is blue and it appears to be warm enough that the snow is melting in the sun at least (judging by the wetness on the road). Wow:(

  7. That is wy too much snow for me!!

  8. I imagine visibility is nil when the wind blows, making for very dangerous driving.

  9. Wow! That's a lot of snow. Ours keeps melting and making a muddy mess only to see it come back again a couple inches at a time. Like last night. Ugh. So tired of this...

  10. We got our Easter Flurry last night. Probably six to eight inches, second measurable snow this year. I don't envy you...too much snow for me.

  11. Man...that is some snow...I am stunned at the amount!!!!


  12. Snowplowing? I don't know. We started in the fifties with a community club and snow blower. Our ancient cars didn't move very fast. Today there is more traffic and it's much faster. Maybe they need all the equipment. I think we need better drivers all around.
    Anyway your snow looks great. We sent more snow in your direction yesterday.


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