Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wicked Wanda

Recently Far Guy encountered Wicked Wanda. She might just be summer help at the Pharmacy, she might be a Pharmacist..I have never met her in person. She just happened to answer the phone at the pharmacy. She wouldn't like meeting me..ever.

Far Guy had an appointment with his GP. Since Dr B is a bit challenged with numbers sometimes, and can't do math..prescriptions often end up for the wrong number of pills. Even if you send him a letter with all the math done for him..he can still mess it up. ( I have no idea how he made it through Medical School) His last mess up is our reason for this visit. This time I did the math for him while he wrote the prescriptions. I asked for the appropriate refills..Check..life is good with refills. I double check ALL the scripts..there are three. I hold them in my hot little hand all the way to the Pharmacy. Last winter Far Guy lost one between the Clinic and the Pharmacy, so he is no longer trusted with prescriptions. We wait an hour, finally a big bag of pills..we can survive for a few more days...RELIEF.. big sigh. I am actually smiling..gee that went well!! I didn't even need my hatchet today, you see since Far Guy has Trigeminal Neuralgia, I am his advocate with a hatchet..I use it on insensitive people who make Far Guys constant unbearable pain worse. Since he needs medications(Tegretol and Neurontin) to survive the pain..prescriptions are very important..these pills are what keeps Far Guy with us.

On the way home, I notice that the bottles say "NO REFILLS" I see red.. I want to go back and rip them a new anus. It was a good thing that Far Guy was driving, If I had been in charge at that moment I would have made a U turn so fast my head would have spun totally around, I would have sped to the pharmacy and demanded that they print out new labels, double check their computer entry and print me out a signed and dated statement of their inability to perform simple tasks. Instead Far Guy just said "Calm down Sweetheart..I will give them a call." I have had it, someone is not doing their job. I only have two hands, I hold Far Guys hand all the time, then I have to hold the GPs hand too, and now the freaking pharmacist ? I DO NOT have any hands left. Someone has to let go..and soon.

Far Guy calls the Pharmacy, he has them check the script, they are sorry for the error, they will change it in their computer. SURE I have heard that before, who really trusts a computer anyway? I am really pissed by now.. Far Guy is polite. I am seething.. "What is her name? She better change it in the computer..there better not be another problem..last time we were 270 pills short..we better not be 540 pills short next time.. What was her name?? " Wanda..Wicked Wanda and Far Guy spoke to her at 3:02 PM on June 5. 2009. She better watch out too..I have a hatchet:(

Thanks for listening, I feel better now:)

Here are just a few links to older posts about our on going struggle with Trigeminal Neuralgia.


Ziggy Stardust said...

First I am just a little concerned about your doctor and the math thing. My husband is on kidney dialisys and he is on several medications daily and I do understand how important they are. I have had many mess ups with the pharmacy. Luckily for us they now fill his prescriptions right at the dialysis clinic and since then we have had no problems. I never have to call for refills, he just comes home with them, when he is getting low. I wish you luck and will keep far guy in my prayers.

Liz in PA said...

Use your HATCHET and be sure it is SHARP!
There is absolutely NO REASON for such errors.

I would definately ask for the contact number of the Pharmacy Supervisor for that store's group......and UNLOAD BIG TIME! I worked in a Pharmacy for 21 years.......and believe me.....
heads will fly when you let them know the terrible treatment by that particular store.

They should also make up for all the trouble they have brought you. Maybe some Pharmacy Store Gift cards......Free Meds......whatever they offer you say YES and YES again.....or you will take your $$$ elseware.
Believe me.......Pharmacys today cannot afford to lose even one customer.

Take care....Good Luck.....Follow My Words.
.......ps: Men can be such weiners.....LOL
....Leave it to a woman to get things accomplished!
Liz in PA

RURAL said...

FarSide.....I love that you look after Farguy, and that you are holding his hand, [literally]. And yes, you don't have enough hands to hold everyone elses. They need to smarten up, pay more attention, and realize just how important this medication is to him.

If our pharmacy ever did that....I think the person would be in big trouble. Maybe you should drop off a calculator next time, since obviously they can't add.


Becca's Dirt said...

I just read your article in 08 about TN. Wow I had never heard of it. You are so funny - I was laughing so hard as I read your article.

Does the pharmacy have a problem reading prescriptions? I - like you - would have gone off on someone.

L. D. said...

My wife has had congestive heart failure for over eight years. But to get better she needed two scripts to keep everything working and improving. She is fifty to sixty percent better than she was first hit with it. Anyway, the really critical pill that makes her heart not beat itself too rapidly was dispensed to us in a size one fourth the size it was suppose to be. They wanted to argue with me on the phone about it. They, the ones who didn't make the mistake, apologized to the hilt while those who made the mistake hovered elsewhere hoping I couldn['t see them. We now count it all and check it closely every single time. Hang in there, you have a right to hatchet and then maybe vent afterwards.

Girl Tornado said...

Oh do I feel your pain on the refill situation... I've had my fair share of run-ins at the pharmacy, in Ohio and yes, already here in KS. Why do they always want to short us on our refills... do they not realize how important those refills are to us, so that we don't have to make a return visit to the dr just for a freaking prescrip??!! Grrrrr!

But I really feel bad for you as you are supervising everyone including the doctor. That is just too, too sad! If it weren't for women in this world... well, you know. The world would cease to exist as we know it.

My job search sucks too. Eventually, someday, I will have a job. It may not be what I want, but hopefully it will bring a paycheck home. :-)

Girl Tornado said...

And on a brighter note, hope you guys are having a terrific Tuesday! *smiles*

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry Connie. It just gets so old having to do eveyone's job for them. We have the exact same thing happen with either our dr. or the pharmacy - it seems like if I let my guard down for one instance, something goes wrong and we end up having to pay for an additional dr. visit to get the additional pills we should have gotten to begin with. Whil this is fresh in everyone's mind, you should call the drug store and ask whomever answers if there are refills on those scripts. If the answer is yes, you are ok. If it is no, and there is no notation of the mess up, you should start making calls up the ladder immed.
I know you feel like these goof ups take years off your life and all you are trying to do is help your husband and that is what the dr. & pharmacy is supposed to do.

Jeanne Estridge said...

Pain is so difficult to deal with -- for everyone involved.

Julia said...

I am so sorry Connie. It's just not good enough when they stuff up like this...
I was once given my DH's dosage of the same meds i take , but mine are a smaller dose..it really could have made me very sick!
You really have to be on your guard all the time..
Julia ♥

Rae said...

So you have those temper displays also. I have done that myself a time or too and my hubby does the same thing -tries to calm and soothe me.

Not only do pharmacies make counting mistakes they can and do fill the wrong med too. It is good you are observant.

Wicked Wanda better stay out of your path.

Emma Rose said...

Far Side,

I wish there was something I could do to help. I still pray for Far Guy regularly. I went back and read all of the posts you linked to and I want you to know you can “rant” at me any time you want. Anything, if it helps.

The Duchess

demainca said...

Sorry for all that you and Far Guy are going through not only for the pain he must suffer but the incompetence of the people that are suppose to be helping ease the pain. I have had my share of run ins with the pharmacies. Once when I complained to the owner for mistake his staff made he said it was because she was pregnant! How about that excuse! My life in her hands? Not after that not there not ever again.
You keep fighting the battle cause he is worth every battle.

Anonymous said...

Grrrr! Darn those people who want you to turn into an octopus with 8 arms!

As for Wicked Wanda - she'd better be scared.. very very scared...

Andrea said...

I love the line about you holding Far Guy's hand all the time. It's so frustrating when people can not do their jobs properly...especially in the area of healthcare when it can have such an impact on people's lives. Stay tough Connie...you hang in there!

Lanny said...

Just came across a post I didn't publish in January about dealing with the medical folks for a reoccurring issue. Argh!

DayPhoto said...

Connie, call the supervisor, NOW! Customer service is no longer a requirement to do well in any business, even doing your job half-right isn't a requirement. BUT THE BOTTOM LINE SPEAKS VOLUMNS!

Call now!


Carol J. said...

I loooove the way you documented the name/time/date of the woman at the pharmacy! I do the same thing every time I get a "professional expert".

Good luck...you'll do ok as long as you stay on top of all of this. It's a neverending battle, isn't it?