Monday, June 29, 2009

Party Weekend

It was a party weekend, Saturday was a two function day, first my Aunt and Uncle (my Mom's brother) celebrated Fifty years of marriage, it was just a thirty mile trip. Their children put on quite a spread and we had lunch. My Aunt Judy is a scrapper so looking at her scrapbook and all the old photos was very interesting. She is so much a scrapbooker that the guest book was a scrapbook page, as was another page where you could write a personal message!

A scanned copy of the leaflet that was given to the guests.

We came home and played ball with Chance before going to Far Guy's Uncles Eightieth birthday party, they were roasting the hog right there, the potato salad was great! I found out later that it was one of my cousins who does some catering that provided the potato salad recipe. The kids did a great job organizing and planning this party for their father. It was well attended by family, neighbors and friends. Saturday was a fun day, and a no cooking day for us! They did a great job keeping the hot stuff hot, and the cold stuff cold. The cold salads were nestled in containers of ice. They also needed lots of ice for the keg that was on tap. Far Guy cannot mix alcohol and his medications...I cannot drive after even a half of glass of beer..and we had taken two we both skipped the beer. I came home before Far Guy to play ball with Chance and to feed him. He refused to eat until Far Guy showed up.

Do they look related? Far Guy and his Uncle. I make Far Guy wear his hat on windy days.

Sunday afternoon was the birthday party for the twins (our great nephews) who live next door. When we arrived the first question was "Where is Chance?" Yes, we left Chance home again..we had cake and ice cream and then the real fun started. A Pinata! The kids took turns hitting it, I believe the adults had as much fun watching as the kids did trying to hit the fire truck pinata. The little girls were wild women, hitting it with such was funny..they were very aggressive! Eventually the boys were able to wound the pinata..but it took a big boy to deliver the final whack that brought all the candy out! Amid much cheering and laughter all the kids ran to get some candy..just rewards for all that hard work!

Birthday Party Bash

It was a boring weekend for Chance, but with the weather turning warmer, and sun shining into the car..he stays home where he is cooler and safer. We have a super busy week coming up, beginning today, so if I am absent a day or assured that it is only the busy season of summer activities that keeps me from blogging..and maybe a few wildflowers too! :)


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. You must have a large family - quilting cousins, an older uncle, young nephews and happy married couples too. I am sure there are many many more. It must be great to get together for all those special occasions.

  2. I believe you have a new header...very nice!

    Your family get together looked like a lot of fun...espcially for the kids!

  3. Sounds like you had a very busy and fun weekend. Thank you for keeping my darling Chance safe from the heat :)
    I love how you did the collection of firetruck & kids photos! If we click to enlarge they are plenty big enough to see all of them. How creative. I think we will try that sometime too :) (If we can figure out how!)
    If you are gone a few days we will miss you. But we both hope you will be having a good time!

    Kisses for Chance,
    Emma Rose and The Duchess

  4. I love that '59 wedding photo - so very elegant like weddings used to be. That pinata is the cutest thing I've seen - what a great collage of pictures you shared with us. I am so delighted that you two are enjoying all these wonderful get-togethers. Just in the last few weeks, Harriet will only eat if I sit with her - makes me wonder if Nalley has been snitching her food! LOL Have fun Connie and take care - I'll miss you but you can share all about your travels when you return.

  5. Sounds like a busy weekend. Nice.

  6. That sounds like my kind of weekend. Getting to visit with friends & family and getting to eat like a pig without having to cook!

  7. Sounds like a great weekend. We daren't leave Oscar in the car for even a few minutes, so he is either tied up outside, or left at home...

  8. Sounds like you had a great time all around. Love the idea of a fire truck pinata:) Also love to eat a freshly roasted pig...yummy/

  9. Sounds like you had a really good time. And did you get the potato salad recipe?


  10. we have hats like Far Guys. I always wear it and insist on the old fellow wearing his too (sun/skin cancer yadda yadda)


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