Monday, June 8, 2009

Spring Snow

It has turned cold here, it froze a couple of nights, and friends in Canada report snow. I would not appreciate a spring snow...thank you very much.. all my Father's tomato plants froze.. ours are still warm and cozy inside Far Guys greenhouse/workshop. Area gardeners are getting discouraged..some have already planted their gardens twice..

Years ago I took a Woody Plants Identification Class. The secret to this class was knowing exactly how to spell all the scientific names..and knowing where the trees were located on campus. Lectures were given outside, trees were identified..the same trees were on the mid term and final exams. I always wrote in my of which was location..this came in very handy. I was always intrigued by the names. I ran across a Flowering Crabapple, Malus X 'Spring Snow' ..well I took the class fall was not until the following June that I really appreciated this tree. As I walked along, I could see the tree in the distance.. and it looked like it was June. I stood directly under the tree and enjoyed the snow, from my view under the tree it was a real "Ta DA" moment.. I now understood it's name. Nice to finally meet you 'Spring Snow'. She is sterile, and produces no fruit, perfect along a sidewalk in town ..instead she produces huge white flowers, and when the wind blows it is just like a snowstorm. It is only a few days in June that she is noticed..

I am sure that there are many other varieties by now. There are so many flowering trees white, pink, rose and red flowered ones.. how do you keep them all straight? I eventually gave up, I just enjoy them for what they are..beautiful flowering trees.

I took some photos up in Bemidji the other day. Maddie and I were going through them. She asked "Grandma when did it snow?" It was not 'Spring Snow' but one of her relatives.

"It didn't snow Maddie, but it sure looks like it did. This is at the end of your driveway." She replied "It is? Way cool. I never noticed that, when I get back home I will have to look." :)


  1. I love your stories and the pictures are beautiful.


  2. We had the spring/summer that you are experiencing, last year. We went around declaring it "the summer that never was." It just never happened, and then finally mid July, it got stinkin hot. I mean stinkin hot!

    Not good weather for gardeners. But maybe things will change, yes that's me the eternal optimist. LOL.


  3. Very pretty.
    We are experiencing a snow fall of sorts here also--except our snow is from the cottonwood trees. We have fluff everywhere.

  4. The fallen blooms really look like snow. I bet it is fun to be under one of those trees on a breezy day!

  5. Very pretty...sure does look like snow...
    Julia ♥

  6. I enjoy the "cherry blossom blizzards" in spring here, too

  7. Hi Far Side,
    We've been gone a few days, so missed commenting. But we are all caught up now and have read all your great posts.

    We have trees that "snow" on us too. It's so pretty. I hope your weather warms up quickly. I'm sure Chance doesn't want any spring snow either!

    Emma Rose

  8. Connie, that last photo was very evocative to me. I think the fact that it is a blossom on its way to becoming a bare branch is what affected me. It's beautiful! Thank you...and I love the "snow" effect. Too cute!

  9. We have some of those snowy trees over here too!

    So sorry to hear that winter is making a comeback. Stinking winter!

  10. Amazing photos! I love looking at them and then glancing outside my backyard, where the sprinklers are going and it's already creeping up to 80 degrees. Thanks so much for sharing.

  11. What a great idea to take a class on the local plants! I love it! We have some trees like this too but they are pink at work. The parking lot is full of them. They have already bloomed but I always plan to park in the farthest lot when they are in bloom to just walk through them and enjoy the flowers and the 'snow'...yep Seattle. Hope the weather warms up for's been unseasonably warm here in Seattle! The roses are going crazy! :)

  12. I love snow like that! Our cottonwood trees and that nasty invasive Russian Olive that has spread everywhere is adding to 'snow'.

    Still I like these kinds of snows.



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