Saturday, June 13, 2009


Iris always look so elegant, and perky. Mine always seem to succumb to the frost heaving, which kills their roots. I had a few large bearded Irises, this year they have totally disappeared. I guess they are gone to the big ole Iris garden in the sky. I do have some of the Flag Irises, both Yellow Flag and Blue Flag is too early for them to bloom yet, but they are alive!!

My sister had some beautiful Iris in her gardens... those Chives on the left are going to drive her nuts next year unless she clips off the blooms soon. Look no weeds! She is a very good gardener.

One of my sisters Iris..up close
My great neighbors also have some ....these are Jo's

These are Barb's

These I found blooming in town, at a garage sale. I find everything yellow cheerful and sunny. Yellow flowers always seem to be my favorites. However I am keeping one eye out for a white Iris, and some red ones too! Do you have a favorite Iris color? :)


  1. I would love to have some like your sisters in that first picture! Those are beautiful!

  2. I naturally gravitate to the common purple ones and stick my nose right in, I love the fragrance! I have many many of the gold ones, not my favorite color, reminicent of diapers, but they have a fragrance that reminds me of honey and vanilla with at hint of citrus. My white one has a yellow beard and shoulders and a delightful sweet smell. In another garden beside a bench I have a beautiful and fragrant blue that was supposed to be Best Bet, it is not but I love it any way, now I have dubbed it Better Bet. It lives next to a lovely one whose bud is purple, yet it comes out muddy mauve and then turns a sweet pink, it is also sweetly fragrant. Unfortunately the show is over all too soon and we are nearly at the end of our iris season until next year.

    I hope you find a durable white iris, that spreads its fluttering wings at your place!

  3. You have some lovely pictures here. I think lavender is my favorite but I like yellow too!

  4. I love a beautiful iris. I used to have the bearded variety at our first home. When we moved they did not survive the journey and I still miss them. Blue and lavender are my favorites, but it is too hard to choose a favorite when you see them all. Beautiful pictures.


  5. I love Iris flowers also. Sometimes my Iris try to bloom very early and frost will get them here also. We will have a long warm spell and BaM! a late frost.
    Beautiful pictures.
    I love all the colors, but the deep yellow ones are special.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Very good Iris photos. I always find them very difficult to take. You have done a great job. Love all colors, but I think I am getting to be partial to those white ones that grow at the nursery where I work.


  7. I have never planted iris, believe it or not. I've planted many things, but not iris. Maybe after I do my research, a few will find their way into my KS garden... but I have a feeling they may not do well in this part of the states.

    All your photos are beautiful!

  8. I love all the Iris...the traditional purple and yellow are wonderful, but I love the "new" colors they are engineering too!
    Mine are just are Waaaaaaaay ahead of us in your blooms!

  9. My favorites are the purple/blue with yellow centers. So lovely!

    Kisses from the Queen :)

  10. These are all so beautiful! I just relaized I haven't been over here in awhile - I always tend to click on the photo blog. Say hi to farguy for me :-)

  11. Love the photos! Had NO idea that irises could be different colours! That's how good a gardener I am... And yes, I definitely need a nap after partying with six small children last night....

  12. This has been an exceptional year for Iris in Northern Arizona where we are still having night time temps in the 30's!! I have had light yellow bloom and now they are gone. Then the maroonish/rootbeer and the butterscotch flowered out, followed by the purple, but they are almost gone. Right now the peach and varigated purple and white have just started to bloom. What at thrill it has been to sniff the different but similar fragrances. Maybe I'll get around to finally blogging so I can share the beauty of these special plants. Most of the starts have been given to me by friends, so it is even more special to have them come back each year. It's like renewing friendships!!


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