Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer Schedule

It will be a busy summer, with lots of picnics and celebrations. Minnesota people tend to be a bit more social in the summertime. The long winters take their toll, so when summer comes we picnic like there is no tomorrow.

Several couples will be honored on their fiftieth year of wedded bliss. A High School Graduation. Far Guy's Uncle turns eighty. A blogger picnic in Fargo. Two family reunions. An F-4 reunion. The Firehall Fathers Day Picnic. No weddings so far, but today we received an invitation for a "death party" ..or maybe I should call it a celebration of life party. Will we go? Absolutely, we wouldn't miss it.

Sam, what a guy. He was our Jewish friend, he died back in March in St Louis, Missouri. The last time I saw him, I gave him a gentle hug, he was so very frail. Sam was 95 years old. Sam and I had many lively discussions about our faith over the years, me being Lutheran, he being Jewish. What came out of our relationship was a mutual admiration for each other. A friendship that I am much richer for, a friend with whom you could differ in opinion, but still respect the opinion and the friend. I will miss Sam, his hearty laugh and his sense of humor, his kind gentle manner. Sam was a World war II Veteran, a very educated man, he went to Yale, he was famous in his own right as the Director of The Jewish Center for the Aged in Missouri. Sam saw to the needs of and advocated for the elderly his entire life. Sam came a long way from the son of immigrant parents growing up on the lower east side of New York City. I told him one day, "Sam, you are a legend! " He laughed and said "Only in your mind, my dear, only in your mind." His marvelous sister in law Barbara will host the party, and Helen his lovely wife will be there, and Sam's friends..of which I am proud to be just one:)
Helen, Sam and Far Guy August 2008


Anonymous said...

What a fun, packed summer schedule you have. What a rare and special bond you had with Sam. I know Helen's heart will be full of gratitude at such an out-pouring for her husband. Nice to see their pic along with Far Guy.
Wishing you a good weekend Connie.

Unknown said...

I like that idea....celebrate life. I want to live my life for God, so that when I die my friends and loved ones will not only celebrate my life, but also my homecoming. At my funeral no one will question whether or not I made it to heaven. If they know me then they know I did, for sure - without a doubt!

DayPhoto said...

I have a wonderful Jewish friend. She moved here from California and boy am I ever glad!

I have enjoyed learning about her religion, her way of life, life in California just everything.

Good for you!


lilly said...

What a wonderful friend your friend must have been.I think a celebration of life party is approprate (spelling).My neighbor and dear friend just went to a better place to live and I sure do miss her. She was a wonderful friend and neighbor. Take care and have a wonderful time meeting up with friends. Lilly

Girl Tornado said...

A celebration of life party, I really like that. Sam sounds like a super special guy. :)

And it sounds like you will be very busy this summer with all those events to attend!!!