Saturday, January 21, 2017


Yesterday I watched Jody my other baby brother’s  crew cut down a huge Norway Pine at my baby brother’s (Carey) lake place.   The crew was like a well oiled machine, they work well together.  They are used to removing large trees safely.

She had to be removed for the new addition to the house.Norway pine to be cut down

See how close it is to the house?  AND she is leaning too.

Tree four

Here it is falling.  Timber…not sure if anyone said that.  Many of her smaller branches and twigs exploded when she reached the earth filling the air with the scent of fresh pine. “She who sees Robins first” and I were glad it was over…so they do this all the time…but we don’t watch all the time. (The person down there is Frank and yes he was supposed to be there…he was half way in between the chain saw operator Josh and Jody on the Dozer.)

Tree is down


Straps, cables and chains were tied off to the Dozer.  It all went off without a hitch…no one was hurt.

Tree going up the hill

Four thirteen foot sections are off to the mill to be made into lumber of some kind to be used in the house.

Norway Pine

When the tornado went through this area in about 1978 many of the tall Norways were taken out…this was a survivor…there are many more huge Norway Pines on this piece of property so they will still be able to hear the long bundles of Norway Pine needles rub together and make a swishing sound as the wind blows.

This 200 year old giant will come back to this property… just differently.

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Cynthia said...

How wonderful that the tree will be reincarnated in their home! I always feel that cutting s big tree down is like taking a life and kind of a sacred moment when a blessing should be said. I hope you wll show us the old tree in the new addition when all is finished.

DJan said...

I wonder if it started to lean like that when it survived the tornado. Glad to know it will be able to stay on its own property. I like the scent of fresh pine, too. :-)

Country Gal said...

We had to have two large trees removed a few years ago due to rot they to were over 100 years old and about 20 feet around and about 60 feet high thankfully our Robins who I see and hear first most of the time yes I have a ongoing challenge with my family members of who sees or hears the Robin first our sign of spring didn't perch much in these trees as they prefer our crab apple tree that has all the berries they love to feast on . I to love the scent of fresh pine and Cedar to . Lovely post and photos , lots of good fire wood and working wood there to make things out of . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

Tired Teacher said...

After a tree is cut down, it leaves a "hole" in the sky. It will take a period of time to adjust to the tree's departure. Thrilled to hear the tree is being used for lumber for the new addition.

Reading this post brought images of the pioneers clearing ground and starting their new lives in the frontier. The tree has seen a lot of history.

NCmountainwoman said...

I know just what you mean. It's routine for them but a bit frightening to watch. We had a huge tree that was dying and too near the house. The way they climbed that thing, power saw in hand was scary. I was glad when it was over, but like looking at a car crash, I couldn't look away.

L. D. said...

They are a wonderful tree. Some settlers have planted two of them years ago in an old coal miners cemetery near here. We rarely ever see them in our area but those two have been growing there a long time. The old town's name was Xenia. I cut down a very old, ugly cider tree before I added my addition to the house. I still have little ciders coming up from those roots 30 years later.

Lynda said...

What a nice heritage for the house that the lumber came from the property. One of our carpenter friends said that the lumber you buy in the stores today is not generally as strong as what a person used to be able to buy. It is because they are harvesting younger trees was his reasoning. The lumber from your family's fallen tree should be wonderful.

Shirley said...

That should make some wonderful lumber!
How I love the smell of fresh cut wood.

Red said...

Dropping trees in a small area is tricky. Now they come in with a huge lift and cut the tree from the top.

Anonymous said...

Look at the size of that log! Wow! I'll be curious to see what it becomes. Interesting operation. Glad all were safe.

Leah said...

Those are some nice logs :) but I am sure a little nerve wracking to watch.

Sam I Am...... said...

Those crews are's a science like imploding buildings is but there can always be unexpected things happen so I' sure they are ever wary throughout the process. Beautiful trees and how neat it is that they will be using the lumber in the new addition! Congrats to all involved!

Karen said...

Some nice looking lumber there! Yes, please show us when that lumber has been made into something. Felling trees is exciting and scary, and there are different ways of bringing those big ones down. I always say Timber! when I see one come down. If Larry is cutting a bigger one down for firewood, I like to be there 'just in case'.